The following story is rated K+ for some fantasy violence. Enjoy!


In a time when dragons ruled and the humans were their pets, a young hero was born. His parents named him Hograma, which in their ancient language meant "Ultimate."

The young Hograma hadn't the faintest idea of what he would become. He was a lowly peasant living in the middle of nowhere. Then, one normal day in Autumn when he was at the age of five, the hero-to-be's life changed forever.

Hograma had decided to take a hike on his own. He managed to withstand the protests his parents peppered onto him. The boy won out over them and they let him go.

It was a normal stroll. The trees were as tall as usual. The sky was as blue as can be. The grass's green did not amaze Hograma. Then he reached a large clearing. There, he saw a dozen adult dragons just sitting. Some had their heads turned to each other, and sounds were coming out of their mouths. Hograma thought they were communicating somehow. Nevertheless, Hograma was instantly entranced by this remarkable sight.

That was the day that Hograma's destiny was determined.

Years went by. A darkness arose. Hograma set out on a dragon he had hatched and trained himself to vanquish the evil. After bloody battles, in which many humans died and many dragons were lost, Hograma managed to finally defeat the evil that threatened to end the world.

The hero lived a king's life. After he died, the many dragons that followed him, that became known as the Hograma dragons, left for some unknown place, where they would never be found. Until now.

The following tale is a legend of the Hograma dragons.

Author Note: This is the same prologue that will be in every story in this series.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between the characters in this story and real people is entirely coincidental.