She woke to complete darkness lying on a cold, cement floor with the sounds of human whimpering

She woke to complete darkness lying on a cold, cement floor with the sounds of human whimpering. Her first instinct was to try and escape, but as she stood a wave of nausea filled her head. Reaching out for an exit, she found herself tapped within a small rectangular room. As her eyes adjusted slightly, she tried to piece together what had happened the night prior and how she got here, but she couldn't remember anything. Next, she began scanning her body to make sure she hadn't suffered any tragedies, but to her disappointment and horror, she could feel a long incision between her stomach and pelvis. Standing naked—the light source was terrible in here—she was able to see the cut on her body that was lined with stitches.

Someone, maybe something, had removed her uterus! She was sure of it, and knowing that many animals of Earth were given this procedure, that is exactly what had happened to her. She tried to scream for help, but her cries were muffled like the many voices she heard calling out into the dark. Reaching up and touching her face, she felt a strange nylon material wrapping itself around her mouth and to the back of her neck, but when she tried to find a way to unlock the piece, she found nothing.

Looking outside of a glass door—that earlier proved was locked—she could barely make out the similar cages that also kept her prisoner. There was no mistaking the figures that stood, lied, crouched or cradled; they were undoubtedly human. She banged on the door and then decided against it. Others had tried many times before her, so why attempt what was obviously futile? In the distance, there was a loud bang followed by a brief glimpse of something bright and there was no mistaking that sound; somewhere a door had opened and brought with it her captor.

Frightened, but curious, she lingered by the glass door and peered outside to get a look as loud footsteps thundered her way. It was hard to tell what she saw, but huge, lanky figures with heads abnormally larger then their bodies was the best description she could use to identify these creatures. Their faces were hidden in the dark and the color of their skin almost blended with the shadows. Even when one of them stopped in front of her door—which resulted in her retreating back in fear—she could hardly make out what they were.

She could see a large, cylinder pole rising above the cage and to her terror; the object had pricked her arm. If only she'd been more aware. If only. Now she began to feel light headed and stumbled to her knees, a loud buzzing emitted and the glass door opened. The misshaped figure walked inside the cage, and with one quick movement, it picked her up in one of its hands and carried her out into the hallway where several noises erupted around her causing her to become quite disoriented.

She wasn't a heavy person, but not light either, so it was no surprise that something much larger than her could lift her with ease, but her shock was that such a lanky body could support a head a quarter of a size bigger than its body without a problem. With her vision blurred, and feeling like she had too many drinks, the creature placed her head down on a steel table and a light above suddenly grew brighter. As the heat radiated off of it on onto her fair, naked body, cold hands began to touch her skin, and though she could hardly feel them, she shivered.

Head turning sideways, she caught a glance at several figures with their facial features now visible. Two pairs of gigantic eyes stared back at her with a tiny mouth and two slits where she assumed a nose should be. Her eyes grew wide and though she thought she were making this all up in her mind, she remembered that she hadn't been drugged when she'd made out their figures in the cage, and so their facial features matched perfectly with that of aliens described in TV shows, movies, or even books talking about UFO's and abductees. Sweat dripped down her face as she discovered that soon there'd be a book about her alien encounter.

She saw, in their hands, another cylinder object with a needle twice the size of any normal one. This needle was something you'd see out of a horror movie, complete with mad doctor laughing maniacally with blood-stained scrubs. Only, there wasn't a mad doctor, just aliens from outer space, which given the situation, this was the worst of the two. As they came closer, she squirmed, but to her dismay, the movement was so slight that she had no chance of escaping and a sharp pain suddenly jolted from her neck as the needle dug into her flesh.

A cry escaped her voice, but due to the material on her mouth, only a mutter was heard. The pain slowly cascaded, but she couldn't drop the suspicion that something lingered just under her skin and her theory was right as the gray aliens handled another device that beeped immediately as it passed over her neck. She began to cry, but to them it was nothing more than muttered sounds, and ignoring her, they continued with their work. More sweat escaped from her pours and she felt herself unwillingly turning upright with her head facing the light that instantly blinded her.

Squinting and gasping from fear, the creatures adjusted the light and once again she could see, but in all honesty, she'd rather have stayed blind. Fully exposed to an out of this world audience, they began to point and touch the incision and speaking in a strange language she'd never heard. Granted, this only made things worse for her, but to her surprise, she was certain that the drug they'd induced her with was beginning to weaken. She could start to see things more clearly and her drunkard mind was beginning to sober up. She could put two and two together now, almost function properly, given that her predicament was surreal.

Several minutes passed as they continued to examine her, but little did they know, she was growing stronger as the medicine wore off and once their backs were turned, she sprung foreword and made a run out the door. As they reached for her, their efforts were worthless as she'd successfully dodged their attempts to grab at her. Though the effects of the drug were still within her system, though miniscule, she'd easily been able to maneuver her way around and what she saw surprised her.

The exterior of this place was much like that of a Doctor's office; white walls, white floors, even white furniture—which strangely resembled furniture that human's used—but once she'd been able to exit through a large metallic door, she'd found herself unlike any place to which she'd been before. She was within the premises of a genuine spaceship. Vast, spacious, and glowing with dozens of colored lights on the walls, it was a sight to bedazzle. Her fascination didn't last long, for doors began to open and those same creatures she'd encountered from the hospital wing had appeared. Running, and not caring that she was unclothed, she took off within the perimeter of this strange vessel and took the route that deemed most plausible.

She didn't know where she was going. A part of her hoped she'd magically reach some escape pods, but even then, what now? How would she be able to decipher their scripture and fly back home safely? More running and her hard breathing told her body that it was tiring. Even worse, her incision began throbbing irritably and looking down, she saw seepage between her stitches. The wound needed rest, and she wasn't allowing it to rest. A lush smell filled the area, and she soon found herself in some environmental green room where the trees seemed to reach up into the endless sky.

She'd have stayed longer in this forest if it weren't for the fact that she were being chased—it was so peaceful here, so tranquil—but she took off once again. She hadn't gone far when she was suddenly pushed back as something had blockaded her path. Stumbling to gain balance, she looks onward as one of the grays had cut her off. She takes back what she said about wanting to stay longer; she shouldn't have stayed at all. Backtracking, she turns around to escape, but her chasers have caught up with her. She's trapped.

As they approach, she yells at them, but they precede foreword until she's soon forced to attack in a means to defend herself. Even when they grab and wrap their arms around her, she's still screaming and using every means possible to free herself. Kicking and struggling with all her weight she eventually tires and stops fighting, the aliens are just too strong for her. She begins to sob again as she recognizes a very familiar object coming toward her and once again she feels a quick pain and then falls limp as her world becomes disoriented.

Once again she's picked up by the arms of something much bigger than her and as she's carried off through various sections of the ship she'd just run through while attempting escape, she recognizes a familiar white room and because of her intoxication, she cannot react. She's placed gently on the cold operation table—but the effects of the drug cause her body to feel nothing but a numbing sensation—and the creatures begin speaking their foreign language. Lying face down, she glances to her right and notices another steel table directly next to her and the body of a man—stripped of all his clothes—face up.

Alive, but heavily sedated like her with hands strapped down to handles on each side of the table, he stares horrified at the ceiling above, afraid of what's to become of him. There appears to have been a struggle just minutes prior, for both patient and doctor have a set of wounds on their body, though the man's is far more visible then the creatures standing above. She swears she sees their heads shake in a motion of displeasure and to her shock they present a clear container with purple liquid. There is a symbol on the bottle and any species capable of recognition would be able to identify the deadly insignia.

As they proceed to slowly take out the contents of the liquid through a large, sharp needle, she can only hope that her fate won't end the same way that this man's has. She was considered nothing more than a domesticated animal in the eyes of the sentient beings—the way we perceive and treat our own pets—and she truly had never felt more alone. She wanted to scream help, scream to anyone who'd be willing to help her, but knowing that it was useless the last time, all she could do was watch as the man started to die and wait her turn.

Help me. Help me. Help.