Sticks and stones may never break my bones

But your questioning stares may kill me

Black widows may never possess my bed

But your webs may likely consume me

I never know what to say

Because everything I say is wrong

I refuse to let my spirit break

Though my will is not that strong

The tempting apple begs me to pierce its flesh

The devil will most likely have the last laugh

It's hard enough to save me when I want to be saved

And the devil's words will most likely be all that's left

I see right through the glass house

The insides seem so pure to me

But I can't seem to get my foot inside the door

I guess success was never meant for me

Your sticks and stones will never break my bones

But your cutting words will always make me bleed

The devil will most likely always have the last laugh

That's most likely all there will ever be for me