Loneliness is a bitter lover

But it's safer than obsession

When you know that he will never be your priceless prized possession

Open your eyes and see the path is closed

Turn around before you run right off the road

His love lies in only one direction, and that one direction is me

I know it's hard to live without your one dimensional delusion

I fear you'll never see there is but one plain and simple solution

Take away the blindfold from your eyes, look into the mirror look deep inside

His love lies in another dimension, and that other dimension is me

I see how easy it can be to become entangled in your web

The more he tries to struggle free, the tighter your hold gets

But force is not the key to keeping control, there is one thing I think you should know

His love is locked inside a sacred fortress, and that sacred fortress is me

Now can you clearly see the choices you will one day come to regret

The consequences will be such that they'll be impossible to forget

All you wanted was someone to fill the void inside your heart

But your heart-webs and your spider-strings are all falling apart

And the one thing that will always remain true

Even if his bright red time with me should ever suddenly run blue

The one you love so desperately, so relentlessly, so maniacally

Will never feel the same way about