Don't you know?

As usual I forget the umbrella;
the first raindrop falls on my palm,
it's like a little kiss from the blue bright sky.
Yeah, now I know how heaven tastes.

My heart beats rapidly before the unexpected joy,
I know I felt like that when you brought your lips
closer to mine, an electricity went through my body,
the damn good sweetness of the kiss made me shiver.

I smile a bit at myself and I start to walk;
I don't want to stop since I'm headed to a place
where surely you wait for me,
though you aren't a knight in shining armor,
can I say I love you?

At least I want to think so, because...

Though we're apart…
Don't you feel our love's stronger
than that day we met each other?
Ok, ok, you aren't the kind of guy
who says "I love you, I love you."
Believe me, I won't ask you to say it.

So my friends wonder...
How do I know your love's true?
Easy, you always surround me with your arms
as the rain never seems to stop.

Listen, I fell in love with wrong guys until I found you,
what the hell if my heart had been broken a lot,
here with you I can't remember why I cried.

To me even the saddest day is a wonderful day,
what you do for me, it's the only proof I need
to know nobody can love me like you.

Don't you know, I never gave up believing in love?
I trusted in you to rescue me from this heartache,
maybe when one's born, it's already loved by someone,
I'm glad you were that someone for me.