The nights were long untouchable evenings, dancing in the sand with my friends, celebrating our senior trip to the coast line. Though none of us were allowed to drink I am sure some of the jocks had manipulated some college girls into getting them stock.
My head was buzzing with newfound nostalgia, so far things had been good and soon we would be heading home and go back to our lukewarm lives of being a graduating class. The sun would hopefully still on our skins to create a more pleased and vibrant look than we already had. We all wanted to shine.

I sat down on the sand and laid back and stared up into the baby blue sky, glittered with clouds that were almost opalescent from the sun.

I heard sand moving and I turned my head to see the only boy I ever liked walked by with a few of his friends, he didn't look at me at all like normal, even in my cute bathing suit. Pouting I looked back at the sky, why should I care... he is wasting his time not noticing me.

Later that night my friends and I were watching tv in our designated hotel room, the guys in the one next door were causing a racket and the teacher had to come and settle them, lights out was at ten but we put a blanket over the bottom of the door so we could have the lights on just a bit longer.

We would talk those nights and talk and talk. I had brought my laptop and each of us would take turns with movies we had brought. We tried to stay quiet through a lot of them but some were just too scary or funny for us to stifle the correct responses. We had gotten in trouble the first night but it wasn't entirely too bad of a scolding we got, and we weren't the only ones either, more than half the hundred of us got in trouble.

"It sucks we are leaving tomorrow." I heard one voice say to the right of me.

"Yeah but some students are getting homesick, I am ready to head out of here." Another voice, behind me this time.

"I don't wanna leave, just have them leave me here," there was laughter after that.

I decided to add my own opinion. "I am about ready, we graduate next week... I just hate having to fly back is all."

"Flying isn't that bad." the voice behind me said. I turned to face her rolling my eyes.

"Sorry but having a chunk of metal flying through the sky and being in that chunk is a bit unnerving."

Another fit of laughter. Even if my laughter was forced I was still always nervous about flying. The turbulence had nearly thrown me into a fit of hysterics.

Not much longer after that... we were asleep.

I don't remember much of being woken up but we were running late when we heard the pounding on the door in an emergency wake up, apparently the teachers had slept through the alarm and we were already late, the floor below us had already gone and didn't wake us up. We had taken up three floors of the hotel, three to four students in each room.

There was hustling and bustling as we frantically pulled together our belongings in hopes of not forgetting anything. When we rushed out into the hall I ran right into one of the guys and to my divine horror it was the one guy I liked... I gave him a pained smile and he rushed past me. Groaning I lugged my two bags and followed the stampede of students down the hall. Half of my friends would already be at the airport by now. We piled into the charter bus and headed to the airport finally.

After that it was just a blur, a daze of dark streets and muted lights as we were ushered into the airport and into the security line, I could barely see but the foul looking faces of adults as we were rushed through an express security line and given our tickets as we rushed through shoe less through one by one with our one bag of carry on. I had to take my laptop out in which in the state of barely being awake it was a harder task. A pair of hands pushed past mine and pulled out the electronic and set it in another bin, turning my head I turned a shade of red noticing the same guy who I ran into with a perturbed look on his face, he was anxious to get me going. I slipped off my shoes and sent the two bins through and walked through and groaned as it went red and beeped. I was ushered back through and i took off my necklace and watch and rings and set them in a small bin and sent it to the security guard and walked through again.

Success... I was through and within seconds I had my shoes on and shoving my laptop in my bag and stuffing my jewelry into my pocket. And running with the rest of the students down the terminal to get to our gate.

When we got there we watched as the first plane that held a good 30 of our pack on it, already in the sky

They had actually just loaded the next flight and it was pulling out, we all moaned and groaned when we found out we had to take another flight later that morning.

Something caught my eye and everyone was rushing to the windows as everything went silent.

"The plane is landing really fast.." I heard.

I walked over just to see the large explosion of a plane crashing to the ground.

Seeing something like that on tv was different than seeing it in real life, everything was silent for a moment and then when it caught up with everyone it was shattering glass for everyone. Some screamed out and a good portion of us didn't know or could guess what was going on.

A teacher came to us and pulled us away from the window and sat us all down the last 20 of us.

Her face was white, and her eyes were blood shot. She was a large tremble of mass, her voice even shook.

"The plane that just went down... it held 37 of your class..." She started. "The floor of students that had... left on time... was just lost..."

The terror as my mind searched through the countless faces and names of the students who were on the floor below us, tears came to my face and I began to repeat over and over and over "Oh God."

I heard crying all around me, some screams as a few jumped from their seats and ran to the window as if trying to go to their lost friends.

Three of my friends had been on that flight, and I tried to push away the feeling of breaking down, I dropped my bag to the ground, not caring about the laptop inside and curled up into a ball in the seat and cried with my friends from my room.

Parents were called and of us who didn't board a flight we had been ushered back to the hotel and our parents drove to come get us.

Graduation was more of a day of mourning than a day of celebration, a good chunk of our class had been lost.. there were more tears of loss than tears of happiness of being done and being free..