Fences by:-YourShoesDon'tFit-


He pushed past me, causing my breath to catch harshly in my throat. His head was thrown back in unattainable laughter which I now know was because he was extremely high at the time, "Get your ass back here, Sam!"

"Fuck you, Petey!" Her voice unlike her words was high, soft and squeaky which in actuality could very much so be a dangerous combination. My eyes shifted towards her tight black jeans and then to her v-neck shirt covered slightly by a form fitting red hoodie. She was gorgeous.

At the time, they were just people, faces, voices I'd overhead or passed by who knew Petey would have me, all of me, in a matter of weeks.

A/N: that's my prologue. Like what 70 words? : Erm, chap 1 is up too. So…