Chapter 1: JUST LIKE ME.


The room was huge and packed with no teacher. I let out the breath I didn't even know I was holding as I spotted a free seat in the back. I eased into the hard desk and looked forward.


I looked over, "Yeah?" My voice was uncool and dorkishly light and sweet.

"Can I get my seat back?" Woah baby...he was beautiful with green brown eyes and the whitest teeth ever. I promise, my jaw dropped and I started salivating.

"Oh!" I squealed. Grabbing my Invader Zim pencil case and bag I began to move. He smiled hugely as he watched me scamper about.

"Ha. Just kidding, ya know breaking the ice with the pretty new girl." He held out his hand, "Tye."

"Valli." I said as I took it. No sparks, currently.

"Like what, hills, valleys and mountains?"

No one ever got it. Though, in my mind it wasn't a very complicated out there guess. "Short for Valerie." He nodded, plopping down in the seat next to me and leaning onto my desk. I could smell TAG all over him and I melted.

"That's cool. Why'd you come so late into the school year?"

"My mom forced me. I lived in NY all my life so this is kinda wierd for me."

His eyes got wide, "I can't believe you lived in New York! You come off as a total-" sho

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up." The booming voice of my large make teacher came causing Tye to sit back, sending me one last wink. Total what? What?

The halls were terrible and dingy; crowded and loud. I figured myself blessed to be right across the hall to my next class.

My heart stopped beating and then began again, Petey. He was seated with his legs propped up on one of the long black lab tables, the girl from before tucked under his arm, kissing his slightly exposed collarbone.

"Oh crap..." The bell rings. I run straight for the only available seat, right next to him and his punky girlfriend.

He pulled away from her, turning his body towards mine. Slowly he scooted his chair closer.

I felt his hand toy with the end of my frilly tennis skirt and then a light feathery touch that lingered on my thigh, "Nice skirt." The movement was smooth and fluid. So much so that I knew the moment he pulled away that he had done that many times before. I kept my eyes on his long, blunt fingers.

"Thanks." I finally looked up. Hurricane blue eyes looked straight into mine and hanging perfectly into his left eye was red almost burgundy hair, with hints of black sprinkled everywhere. Sticking straight out his eyebrow was a noticeable silver ring.

"Petey." His girlfriend gave an un-noticed huff. "What's yours frills?"

"Let me guess. Frou Frou." Sam snorted. Unfortunately, no. Though, I did enjoy a couple songs by that particular band though I'm sure that's not what was implied.

"Valli." His smirk was scary. Almost evil but laced with such good humor and mystery that it was lovable. Our eyes never broke from each other despite the mandatory blink every couple of seconds.

"Short for?" My heart literally shoke with admiration.

"Valerie." I breathed, utterly wind less.

A book dropped. A girl flashed her boyfriend. Petey's eyes were gorgeous.

A/N: first chap&prologue up. : erm, I mean, that only matters if u liked this so far and intend on reading it other than that why would any of this matter but I suppose if u take the time to read all this then u musta enjoyed the story.