in the guise of a man he lives
trying to make a break
in the realm of popularity
and on streets of fame

but it's all crashing down from here.

a jack in the box
unwanted on doorsteps
little wealthy children
with their pretty smiles and lace
don't need useless toys

but he thinks he can blend in
with the colors of the sky
and walks the wealthy road with a sense of pride

i feel his pain as he walks
in the shadows of the valleys i've built
but he's numb to a sense of feeling.

and there's an atrophy of reality in his life
it's his dreams that he's walking in
and look good through the lens of the camera
and the pretty posters on his walls.

his cleats kick up more dirt
and he runs further away to a place of love
living comfort and joy
- only the grass is now dead
and the sun is setting in the sky.

another game over
and the sunset bleeds through the glass
shadows of the night begin
as the cheers of the crowd lull him to sleep

in his mind the battles, won
in his heart the victories coming.
the lies of his humanity
bring contentment and peace.