Author's Note: Something I came up with while doing math homework a few days ago.

Summary: It all started with a calculator message...

Disclaimer: I own nothing you notice; I do own things you don't.

Calculator Messages



I sit back in my seat, grumbling because math was just so hard. With a sigh, I take out my graphing calculator, (Texas Instruments, TI-84 Plus), and look at it.

"Ooh," I whisper softly, softly because I didn't want attention to draw to me, and also because I was just naturally quiet.

Lightly, I press the "ALPHA" key in the upper left hand corner. And then I press the green "L" just above the parentheses ) key. And then, I was "texting" to myself on my calculator, smiling slightly as I peer over at the person I sit next to.

The guy I've been crushing on since the beginning of sophomore year. I'm a senior now.

His shaggy, mocha brown hair falls slightly into his eyes as he concentrates on his paper, and my fingers itch to brush them back, but I resist. I bite my lip. Usually, I would never do this, but… but this was just a wonderful use for the calculator (other than math).

My heart beats fast as I type in an "O", and then a "V", "I", "N", "G". I gulp; press the decimal point two times, before typing in "Y", "O", "U", with another two — —, before I put the simple smiley face using the "ALPHA" key and pressing the decimal point, resulting with a colon, and then the parentheses key.

"Oh, God," I whisper softly, as I see the simple LOVING..YOU—:) blaring in my face. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

And then I slip the calculator to his desk, watching with slightly wide, anxious eyes as he reads the message. He blushes slightly, but types a reply in a matter of moments.

And then he slips my calculator back to me, and, my heart still ramming against my ribcage, I read the message.


And then it's my turn to blush, because he took extra time to type out the TOO instead of simply using the number.

My eyes meet his own dark brown ones. And he smiles, forgetting his assignment in favor of taking the calculator from my fingers, and typing another message.

He gives it to me a minute later.


I blush again, typing in a YES.


After that, he'd give me his calculator as he passed by me in the halls, lightly brushing my hand with his as he smiled, bent to kiss me, and then left to go to his next class.

I'd read his message with a smile on my face before the bell rang, safely in my seat.

And that was how it went.

And, to think, that our relationship all started and kept going with calculator messages.



Author's Notes: Hope you enjoyed! (Yes, it's short.) I really liked the idea; calculators serve this purpose better than I would've thought. :D

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