It's too late to apologize. What you did back there was unforgivable.

Unforgivable? Really?

He leaned in close to my shoulder and I could feel his warm breath against the shell of my ear.

Would this too be considered unforgivable?

Then, before I could get out his grasp, he tightened me against his body and began to kiss the conjunction of my neck and shoulder. Shamefully, I moaned in pleasure, his lips were working a dark kind of magic on my body. Suddenly hands that were holding me prisoner before became a lover's embrace, and I turned my body to meet his. His hands held my back and started to slowly rub circles on my back in a massage type of fashion. His mouth moved from my neck to my jaw line and from my jaw line to my mouth. Just as I was about to open my lips and allow him further access, he pulled his head away from mine.

Am I forgiven?

Without even thinking, my mouth opened of its own accord.


Then he captured my opened mouth in a sweet kiss, working his magic over my body, bidding me to his will.