Thirteen-zero. The home team, her school's team, had won. Happy to have been there to witness the first game of the season Kali walked to the front of the school, pumped up for the welcome back dance her school was throwing. She could hear the dim beat from the music played on the dance floor.

"Kali!" She felt arms sliding around her stomach and she felt nauseas. She turned around and saw Alan. Alan was a freshman who seemed to think that he and Kali were madly in love with each other.

Quickly she slid out of his scrawny arms slightly shuddering. He seemed to notice and said, "Do you want my jacket, honeypoo?" Kali tried to ignore him and began to walk more quickly, but Alan just matched the pace with her.

"Alan. Stop this. Honestly, you'll have more luck with someone your own age!" Kali said and quickened her pace even more. Alan still matched it. After a few minutes she stopped walking, they had reached the front of the school, also the entrance to the dance.

"Alan," Kali began and then saw a lonely girl standing in the corner, obviously a freshman by the way she was looking at people dancing. "Alan," she said in a sweet voice, "Do you know that girl in the corner?" He nodded his head affirmatively. "Oh well she just looks so lonely! She must be new, you should go dance with her!"

She watched him walk off and ask his fellow freshman to a dance. As soon as she saw them together she ran into the crowd of people dancing, trying to look for her friends. She spotted her friend Jessie and started to walk over to her, but was finding it more difficult to maneuver herself through the crowd of people than she thought.

She was almost there when she tripped over someone's foot. She was surprised when she didn't feel the smack of the ground against her face, instead, she felt herself being lifted up and suddenly she was staring up into the green eyes of a tall, handsome football player.

"Are you okay?" He asked, "You almost took a nasty fall." Suddenly aware that they were basically pressed up against one another Kali's cheeks began to burn red. "Umm. I'm fine, thank you." She said nervously. She felt him reposition his arms to where they settled slightly around her waist. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She could feel his warm breath against the shell of her ear as he leaned over and said, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm trying to ignore my ex." She felt a shudder run down her spine and he wrapped her closer to him. She stood on her tiptoes and said, "I don't mind, I am trying to ignore my freshman stalker." She looked over his shoulder and saw Alan dancing with the same girl she had pointed out earlier. Apparently he had gotten over Kali quickly.

"My name is Kali by the way." She said then lowered herself back into his arms and continued to sway with him to the beat. He leaned over again and said, "My name is Brent." The rest of that song they remained quiet and continued dancing. The next song started up and Kali began to regretfully remove her arms from his warm neck.

Quickly Brent grabbed her hands and placed them back around his neck. "Do you mind?" He asked. Quietly she shook her head 'no' and then relaxed against his chest. She laid her head on his chest and the couple swayed quietly to the music.

Kali could hear his heartbeat and found she was swaying more to the beat of his heart rather than the music. She felt warm and protected, it was perfect. Before they knew it, the last song was upon them and soon the music had ended.

Slowly, unwillingly Kali removed her arms from his neck. They stood there staring at each other. Most of the other students had departed, and it seemed like it was only the two of them.

She saw his head slowly come down towards hers, quickly; she closed the space between them and met his lips with her own. They stood there for several minutes relishing in the taste of each other when suddenly Kali ended the kiss and said, "I'm sorry."

Quickly she detangled herself from him and ran out of the school, confused beyond belief. The rest of that night she thought about what had happened and realized she had acted like a slut and a tease. Monday, at school, she would apologize to him.

On Monday morning she saw him surrounded by his friends. She stuck to the promise she had silently made him, took a deep breath, and walked up to him.