No One Else

For the girl with streetlights in her eyes,

For the boy who holds his head up as he cries,

For the girl who knows you're fucked up but still wants to understand,

For the boy who holds a future on each finger of his hand.

For the girl with starscapes in her head,

For the boy who dances on the edge,

For the girl who collects forgotten words and feelings from long ago,

For the boy who builds a fortress in his arms to keep you close.

For the girl who lives for all she's worth,

For the boy who dreams beyond the earth,

For the girl with the Sea of Tranquillity in the bowl of her embrace,

For the boy who beats the rising sun to throw music into space-

This is just a ploy

And today's a way to not say

Those three little words

That you won't make me say

And no one else means more to me than you do.