love's a cycle that doesn't exist

if my mind's always gone it can't really be missed

selfish girl with greed to consume

prepared to meet and match my own doom

guilty and always the one to blame

playing with food but it's not a game

trappedi nside my own sick mind

doomed, defeated, and resigned

a pair of dark sullen narrowed eyes

suspicious in the truth and believing all lies

anger screams inside in red

color bursts a ball of lead

perpetuating total illness still

against even an iron will

i love control but pains just burn

wishing desperate for life but it's not my turn

circle, circle, circle the merry go round

dirt and blood and hungerbound

fucked up and bleeding to cause my own pain

to keep myself breathing im going insane

wanting always to just simple be

while the chains and the shackles in truth set me free.