death march

funeral march

rolling to the beat of death

rolling over in my bed

rolling over in my grave

drum beats roll a steady rhythm

dying to the smooth staccato beat

sentenced-living out the death sentence

aching with no pain left and only dying

the march rolls on

the band plays on,

but they're not playing sheet music.

there's no preset tune

so you don't know when the music ends

but i'm certain it will crash

a violent spasm of a thousand waves breaking

on jagged rocks where skeletons lay

or a slow dying out

but it's better to burn out than fade away.

i don't know what to think.

my mind is reeling, rolling

the drum beat is rolling

i'm not sure where it'll all stop

but i'm not sure where i want it to

where and when and why.

why is the most important question of all.

i roll it over in my mind

still unsure,

but without certainty i cant really take the first step

uncertain of success or failure,

or whether now failure is really success-

and in the eyes of the world

or just my own?

a sigh, confused, unwilling to keep thinking

at least for the time

not permanent, probably.

but like i said, confusion.

rolling, rolling, smooth staccato beat

like a stone, though im not sure how big,

rolling and rolling and rolling

a march

with a lack of an adjective,

but not too meaningfully.

hopefully there's meaning here.

though that could take it

it rolls and rolls

the drumbeat

beat beat