Hello… This is my first piece of work that I have been mulling over for some time now. I'll try my best to make this the best it can be, as I have been contributing a lot of thought to this. I hope that you can enjoy it. I probably won't update too much, because I work in bursts of speed. Hope you enjoy!



A beautiful sunset looked on by a couple. A girl of sixteen. With beautiful blonde hair and deep blue eyes. A boy of seventeen. He had spiky blonde hair that seemed to turn reddish in the sun. As well as brilliant blue eyes that were lighter than the girls, but equally as deep. They sat at the top of a hill, as the butterflies below flew around to rest on the flowers. The sun started to sink quickly. The two watched the beautiful sunset, barely noticing that it was almost out of sight. All they knew was that the other was there. As the sun sank, the fireflies started to come out, each dotting the night with it's own radiant symbol. The meadow underneath the hill seemed to light up, as the couple's lips met.


Shining Pendant

Chapter 1

Our Last Summer


The pair walked back along the dirt road, hand in hand, both of them barely registering that the moon was already revealed in the blank sky. They enjoyed each other's company as they walked back to their small town. "I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow," The boy muttered.

"You know we have to…" The girl replied. "I hate school just about as much as you do, but at least we will be able to see each other."

"Yea," the boy said as he lazily regarded the girl. Suddenly, a thought popped into his head. "Hey, Sarah."

"Yes, Alex?" Sarah replied.

"You think we will always be together like this? I mean, we can't be like this forever, can we? It has to end someday, right?"

"I don't know," Sarah thought out loud. "I guess we can just enjoy what time we have right now. Don't worry, it still won't be for a while."

"I guess you're right," Alex said. "Thanks. I guess I do worry too much."

"It's ok." The rest of the stroll was walked out in silence as each of them was contemplating their own thoughts. Soon they arrived at the site of their small, sleepy town. "See you at school tomorrow!" Sarah yelled as she ran off to her home. Alex waved back and walked back to his own home. Alex creaked the door open, and saw a note on the table. It was from his mother.

Dear Alex,

Had to go to sleep early. I hope you enjoyed your night with Sarah. Please remember to wake up early tomorrow. It's the first day of school, after all.

With Love,

Your Mother

Alex sighed and tip toed slowly up the stairs, taking care not to make any unnecessary noises. Alex managed to get into his room without causing too much of a disturbance. He threw himself onto his rather hard bed. Living conditions were kinda tough, but still, Alex couldn't be happier. He had a good life, a wonderful mom (who worked too hard, but he would eventually fix that), and a wonderful girlfriend… Wait, girlfriend? Did he really see Sarah as a girlfriend? Alex thought it over and eventually came up with an answer. Yes, he did think of her as a girlfriend. Alex smiled as he dove under his sheets, immediately succumbing to the darkness within.


The girl ran through the streets as she headed for her home. 'Hmm…' the girl thought. 'The moon is round and bright tonight… An omen maybe?' She wasn't really paying attention as she stopped in front of a house on instinct. She walked forward and opened the door, careful to not let it creak. The girl slowly walked forward, warily, as if she was expecting something to jump out at her. As if on whim, an old man walked out of the shadows. He had a long beard and an air about him that showed he was wise. "Samantha," the old man asked, with a hint of anger. "Where have you been?"

"Relax old man," the girl shot back. "Just had to get the crap you ordered me to get you. I don't understand why you needed this so badly though…" She tossed a jar filled with a pale silver powder that seemed to turn all the more paler in the moonlight.

"Hmph," the man grumbled as he caught the jar with expert dexterity. Samantha could barely see the other man identifying it, shifting his glasses and scratching his beard. Samantha watched the old man for a while, before she grew tired of waiting.

"Well, I'm going now," she said, as she turned. She was about to walk off when a, "Wait!" caught her ears. The girl sighed and turned around to face the man who furthered cloaked himself in the darkness. "What?" Sam asked, annoyance evident in her voice.

The man hesitated. After 5 whole minutes of nothing happened he finally said, "You're going to school tomorrow." With that, the man shrunk back into the darkness, not even looking back at the girl.


Alex opened his eyes to the light that flooded in through the hole that was supposed to be his window. He looked outside and saw the sun shining brightly. Alex smiled. He didn't know why, but he felt today was going to be a good first day of school. Alex quickly changed, and ran down the stairs, only stopping for enough time to grab a loaf of bread. As Alex ran out of the house, he saw his mother already working on the fields. She was a frail woman whose body was slowly succumbing to the toll of time. However, she was as stubborn as a mule, and still as prideful as an eagle. She would rather die than accept held from her friends. And she always said that Alex should get a good education. So there she was, slowly tending to the plants, one-by-one, all by herself.

Alex sighed and walked on to school. His teacher would surely scold him if he was late on the first day of school. Alex walked through his small town until he reached the one-room schoolhouse. Alex took a breath to calm himself and slowly walked in.