Well, the theme to this song is pretty obvious. The ultimate debate, is there, or is there not, a God? As you can see, this song leans towards no, but I'm not saying no, if you catch my drift. I just point out a few of the flaws I find. If there is a God, and he loves us so much, why do people like me, who have never raised a hand to hurt anyone in our entire lives, suffering? And furthermore, why do people who live their self-indulgent fucking lives just to tear other people down, living in luxury? What kind of God can merit that? Certainly not one I want to bow down to. Anyways, if you read this and are pissed off, I'm not going to apologize. These are my opinions, and if they bother you, ignore them. I'm not trying to make people angry, I just want to make a point. Anyways, enjoy, or not. It's up to you. By the way, there will quickly be a follow up to this in the form of a second chapter.

Amen To That

If I'm to die before I wake,
I'll leave this world, consumed by hate!
Will I find a better place?
Escape this cage that, I'm encased inside!
We're all dead inside...

If you are there, what are you thinking?
Do you care, or are you amused?
Do you sit and watch us sinking?
Do you laugh as we're abused!?
Or are you as existant as world peace?
Never a reality!
Amen to that!
I won't eat what you feed!

You told us, what to believe in!
And listening's our only sin!
Our inner selves have been taken!
I won't let you win, this time!
Even if I pay with my eternal life!

Didn't die for us, we fucking killed him!
And we'd do it all again!
A messiah we have never needed!
He's better off dead!
Can I hear you say amen?