Okay, I personally like this one better than the last one, because I get a chance to get a bit more aggressive with this. Again, I'm not going to apologize for what I believe in. I believe in an afterlife where we are treated fairly, not one where we burn simply for doubting a God. But if there is a grand butcher God, and he does cast us into the pits for doubting, then I would rather go to Hell than appease something like that. That's where the name of the song came from, clearly. Which burns more, standing strong to your beliefs, even if they lead straight to below? Or caving to the masses just to achieve some selfish salvation?

Burn In Heaven

Just mass delusion!
Heaven a figment!
Of a simple mind!
Religion only brings confusion!
How can this be alright?!

How can you, live your life!?
Condemning those who think you lie!?
Have you heard of opinion?
I don't fucking want to see the light!
I'd rather fall into hell!
Than burn inside your heaven!
Rather be myself!
Than supposedly created!

It might be something less than faith!
When you deny the fucking truth!
If God exists he's a disgrace!
For what he's put his children through!

How can you live your life?!
Screaming out follow or die?!
Are you aware you are a minion!?
Of an organized lie!!
I'd rather risk going to hell!
Than burning inside your heaven!
I'd rather be myself!
Than something that's been created!

Like a machine, or a monster!!
Dragged along this path!
Bloodstained butcher for a creator!
Your belief will someday crash!
The fist of God won't crush me!
I renounce his fucking hand!
I'll find my own eternity!
If he was really there he'd understand!

Can... You hear me dying?
My last breath won't be for you.
Thousands of nights spent crying...
Just what the fuck did I do?

Legions, of the dying!
(We'd rather burn in hell!)
We bleed but not for you!
(For what we believe in!)
It's for the night we're crying!
(Won't burn inside your heaven!)
What the fuck did we do?
How we have lived is not a sin!
Even though you say it is.