I stared in terror at the beautiful dark brown eyes that I had grown to love. This couldn't be happening. This wasn't happening. This was all a bad dream, wasn't it? Yeah, it was. It had to be. Otherwise…

I wasn't supposed to die. I was the main character, right? Main characters don't die! They get close, yes, and that I'd done a lot of times. But now, here it was. Death was finally staring me greedily in the face in the form of the one I loved. This was all wrong. I was supposed to find my happily ever after, wasn't I? For crying out loud, I was the good guy! I was supposed to find someone I loved, that I could stay with forever. Instead, the only person I'd ever had feelings for was trying to shove a cross in my face and a stake through my heart.

Oh my God, this really is happening.

"I'm not like them," I whispered. "I'm different, and I love you."

"Lies!" she spat contemptuously. "You're one of them. There is no difference. And you are going to die like the rest of them!"

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.

"Please, just give me another chance."


It was hard to believe that we had been good friends just a few hours ago, going after a powerful vampire coven to rescue her little brother Riley, whom they'd kidnapped. With a lot of close calls and a few, dare I say it, romantic moments, I would've though she'd cut me some slack. This just proved how much she hated vampires. Me.

I backed up a few paces. Maybe if I could buy some time…

My back brushed up against the wall, and she was still advancing. This was not good. Not good at all. Just because I wasn't human, it didn't mean I was bad. Somehow, I had to make her see that.

"I didn't hurt anyone, I swear! Please believe me!"

Something in her eyes glinted dangerously. Things were rapidly spiraling downward. Shoot! I had to do something, and quickly.

"You have to listen to–"

"No! I'm through with you!"

And then she tried to kill me.