A/N: Hey everybody! I'm back! Okay, so progress with Confessions has been slow lately, I'm sorry to say. Work is completely bogging me down, and edits have come to a standstill. But rest assured I'm not done yet. Yes, there is still plenty to come, but in the meantime, here's a preview of what I'm thinking for the sequel, Dead and Kicking. This particular passage is not guaranteed to show up in the actual book, but I think it might make it, depending on where I take the story. Anyway, enjoy!



Selena crouched silently on the rooftop, staying perfectly still and out of sight. It was nighttime – her territory. The darkness was an old companion, one she had utilized many times. Yes, Selena was a creature of darkness, and just by looking at her, one could guess.

She was beautiful, of course. Slim and lean, she had a pale complexion and her silver-blonde hair framed her face perfectly. Dazzling white teeth shone whenever she smiled, which was rare. And dangerous eyes shone bright as she stared fixedly at the house across the street.

There were three people in the house, a boy, a girl, and… him. They were all talking casually, two of them holding steaming mugs while the third had nothing. Selena watched as something was said, and they all laughed. She could have gotten closer to hear, if she had wanted to, but didn't bother to. There was no point in listening to the useless conversation going on inside the house. No. She was more interested in the people having that conversation, one of them in particular.

The lone woman scanned the street briefly. It was empty. Everyone was asleep, of course. That's what humans did during the night. Selena let herself grin before turning back to the house, angling herself so she could study the face of her target. How long had it been since she had seen him? A very long time indeed. Yet still she remembered him perfectly, every little detail she scrutinized matching her memory exactly. He was the one.

Selena slid down the roof and landed in the backyard of whoever's house she had been perched on. She briefly paused and adjusted one of her fingerless gloves. It had been a while since she'd had a bite to eat. Should she go find Drew before she went for dinner? After a very brief debate in her mind, she decided against it. It would piss him off, but Drew could wait.

"See you soon, darling," she said quietly, stealing one more glimpse behind her shoulder.

And then Selena melted into the shadows, off to find her prey.