Imagine if,
All you could see,
Was a world
Of fantasy.

Picture the fairies,
Picture the knights,
The damsels in distress,
And the fires burning
Throughout the night.

The singing teapots,
And the whispering trees.
The beautiful princess,
With a prince proposing on his knee.

Oh what a world it would be,
So beauteous and defined.
I'd imagined this land,
In a dream of mine.

But what if the world we knew,
Was really a hidden fantasy?
We have all we need,
True love, hope, faith, and destiny.
What more could there be?

We have our knights,
Just dressed in blue.
We have our princes,
And evil stepmothers too!

Fairytale Stories,
Why can't they be true?
Because they're just,
Twisted stories of me and you.