Onward, Downward

We press towards the future
As we spiral down to earth
Falling and feuding,
Must have the last word,
The dying declaration
Of dominance…

For what?
For what is any use
Of it?
To be better than one
And strive to be on top,
But yet we die—
Yet we all die—
All become the same,
No one better than another
Simply bodies in the dust.

You claim to be
Better than me,
To be a ranking
I cannot achieve.
But I laugh at you
See me smile?

Look at you,
Wrapped up in gold
It's not a shield,
It makes you not
To the limits of mortality,
To the blows of Father Time,
To the feelings
The "rest of us"

Look at your peers,
Drinking black, thick champagne
They drown the rest
With their drink
Watching us writhe
Sitting back on plushy thrones
Admiring the view,
Laughing at the weak.

And while you trudge onward,
I watch you fall downward.
Your elegant fall from grace…
It has such a bitter taste…

Because when you fall,
You take us all along.