They were the alpha males. There were six of them. Each guy had the perfect girlfriend. Then another alpha came along. It was obvious the six alphas would become seven, and the six girlfriends, would become seven. But the question is, just who will that seventh girl be?


There were six of them. Well, twelve really, if you count their girlfriends.

The rest of us were the insignificant to them. We were just the pawns in their never ending game.

It was like a cycle. Six guys, seniors, would rule the school with the trusty help of their…sidekicks, so to speak. Nearing the end of the school year, each alpha would choose a junior, who in turn would become their successor.

I watched it happening as a freshman, then as a sophomore student, next as a Junior, and now, finally, as a senior. I knew even when I left school it would continue. The cycle never ended nor did it change.

Until my senior year that is.

Another one came along. Yes, another 'alpha'. He was bound to join them; flawless skin, perfect teeth, sculptured body, silky brown hair, and beautiful hazel eyes. It may have taken a week or two to decide, but they did decide, and he was in.

Not that any of us were surprised. We would've been surprised if they didn't let him join, and he did want to. I mean, who'd give up the opportunity to be one of them?

But that wasn't where it ended. No, the circle was still not complete for there was an odd number, seven alphas and six girlfriends? No, that would simply not do. The new alpha would have to choose a girlfriend eventually, and boy, did this cause havoc.

For us normal students, this was our golden opportunity to maybe make it big. Well, it was for the female population of the school. They pranced down the hallways in their short, tight skirts. They flicked their hair every chance they got. They lowered their tops every time a teacher wasn't around. They went wild.

It was madness. And just so you know madness and me…well, we just did not mix.

Oh, was my life going to be turned upside down.

And just because of that seventh alpha male.

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