"Just An Ordinary Girl Or Used To Be"

Chapter One

I was just an ordinary girl. Nice friends,family,and mostly got along with everyone. I had been on the honor roll since pre-school. Today was my birthday. All of my friends had given me money or presents. I couldn't wait to get home to see what my parent's got me. Maybe a new phone or a laptop I thought. I was thinking about all of the possiblities when I bumped into Dominick. Dominick was in my biology class and he lived next door to me. " Hey Marie, where have you been I've been waiting for you". "Oh I forgot. Let's go". As I stepped inti Dominic's car the street lights went off. Dominick got in the car and started the engine." Hey Marie" he asked." What" I said" What kind of car did you want for your birthday?" " Um a Ferrari I think" " What color?" " Duh Red , Mr. Smarty Pants. "What other color?" " I was jus asking" he said ashe pulled out of the parking lot. " I thought you could read minds?"

" I can but I told you that I just can't read yours." "Sure" I said sarcasticly. "Where are your brothers and sister Dominic?" " Their away hunting" " I thought they went last week?" They did but you you know how Samia is. Always to careful you know just in case. Plus Ant got thirsty again." Dominic and his family had a big dark secret and I was the only one who knew it. His family and himself were Vegetarian Vampires. " Oh yeah I forgot again you know never to careful" " Whatever."

How are you supposed to know a secret if you keep forgeting it." "Isn't that good thing." "That means that I'll never tell any one." Dominic rolled his eyes at me. " Hey, why didn't you go hunting. I could've walked home? "Marie? Do you honestly think that I would let you walk two miles home? You're crazy love" Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Dominic and I were dating, and that's why I knew his secret." Overprotective fool" I muttered. He heard that " It pays to be too careful" he said."Whateva" I said. At last he pulled into his drive way. As I pulled on the door handle he suddenly stiffened and locked the doors. " Pull down you hair Marie" I pulled down my hair and asked" whats wrong?" " Are you parents home Marie?" Not yet. Why? Is something wrong?"

" Shush." I think that someones there. "Stay put, don't move and I'll be back." "Okay" I whispered hoarsely because my voice was full of fear. I winced as he got out and shut the door. I didnt have to be scared for long because he flew back so fast that he was there in a blink of an eye. He jumped in quickly and revved the engine." What happend" I whispered hoarsely." I don't know. All I know is that there's alot of blood in your house. I think it's your parents." "What" I said my voice barely audible. "We have to go and see Keith immeadetly."

"Can't I go and see?" " No" he said with authority" someones still there and their not human." "Ahhh" I gasped as a saw a figure look out my bedroom window." It's a hunter Dominic?" " I know" he said as he drove down the street. " Hurry up go before he catches us" Right ahead of you." As the speedometer reached 120 he had his phone open and was talking so fast that I could barely hear the words.

As he parked his car he told me to put on his sunglasses because I was crying and to wipe my face. We walked to Keith's officed in silence. Every now and then he would rub my shoulder to comfort me.

Chapter Two

As we walked into Keith's office he looked up startled by our apperance. He closed the thick encyclopedia as he got up and placed it on the desk. "What's wrong?" asked Keith.