Hello, KenyakoDivination again with another story of man love. This story was originally written as a gift for a friends, Repsychus', birthday and includes her character and my own. So, I'm posting it as a fun read. Feel free to review or just read. Either way, enjoy.

Contains the following: Sex between dudes, slightest hint of mpreg (don't ask, lulz) and just general torture and douche-baggery from both sides.

Beautifully Cruel

To start, the sun was far too hot today. Perhaps if the day had been a bit cooler, the heat not so sweltering, I might have enjoyed my shopping trip in the North a little more. In this blistering temperature the market place seemed to wreak of stale sweat and flesh, a mound of rotting waste baked far too long.

However, I had a certain important cause for traveling the entire length of a day from dawn to dusk, a cause that had the most sinful parts of my mind and soul set aflame. This market place was no normal spot for vendors of fruit and beaded jewelry, but a bazaar to purchase the finest quality of flesh.

I was a collector; a man fueled by desire to posses unique and savory treasures from around the world. In my long life I had come across many glorious pieces such as the golden eye of a griffin, the finest scales of a mermaid's tail, and even the first spell ever written on parchment. All of these treasures were kept within my castle in the tallest spire of the estate, an endless museum of splendid riches. If there was something unnatural and rare out there, I would find it.

"Master, what are you searching for today?" my servant, William, asked, his excessively bothersome presence making me wish that he would find a corner and become lost for a few hours. Regardless of my wishes, he lingered close, his body uncomfortable against mine even at a distance. I hated to be touched, to have another's hands against my body. They had no right nor should they even dare to lay one finger upon me.

William's gaze lingered on me, awaiting a response but I would not yield my answer. He was a servant and I his lord. He would treat me as such and obey like a good dog. No, I was far too busy searching around the numerous cages all lined up for my viewing pleasure, the contents of which all quite different, all so rare.

"Ah, my great lord, what an honor it is to have a man as fine as yourself here today" a vendor suddenly said, a bloated carcass of a man with little hair on his head and perhaps too much on his body. Ugh, repulsive and he smelled of rotted egg. "What are you looking for today? We have many beautiful additions. If you'll come this way…"

What a pathetic man he was, trying to tell me, Lord Kakia, ruler of the Darklore region, to follow his command. The sun must have surely baked his rotting mass to the brink if he dared think he could order me around. With a well placed grunt of annoyance in his direction, I took my own path to view the tantalizing and naked flesh behind the cold, metal bars. Oh, there were so many rare creatures; elves of dark and fair skin, beautifully strong-legged centaurs, rusty eyed, bloody fanged demons, and so many other different beasts. It would be impossible to choose just one.

"So, any of them to your taste?" the smelly vendor man asked, his greasy hand falling on my shoulder. I snapped at him, my fist quickly finding his jaw to knock the beastly, pig faced man from my personal radius. "Ah, f-forgive me, my lord. I didn't know my place"

"So it would seem…" I growled, wiping my hand upon William's chest to rid it of the unwanted filth of the man's blood. Still reeling internally from the awful sensation of those fatty mitts upon me, I opted to cleanse myself with viewing the caged treasures. So many jewels to choose from, it was becoming difficult to pick. Naturally I could possess all of them, but I had no need for a dozen unwanted beasts in my home. No, I was looking for the rarest.

"If you look this way, my lord, you'll see we have some forest sprites from Abigor. Over here we have some Anaharaki, even a pretty young thing with feline features" the vendor said, his voice a croak of noise as he lumbered about, looking as stout and round as a stuffed pig.

"Cease your babbling, you imp" I hissed, looking to William then, my supposed guard, for protection against this filthy man "Keep him at a good distance from me, understand?"

Nodding obediently, William left my side to distract the portly merchant, while I finally had some quiet time to select a new pet. As I walked by the cages, I felt the frightened eyes of the captives stare at me, their naked flesh trembling in fear as I approached closer. One such little creature with wings like that of a butterfly nearly had his heart explode in his chest when I advanced upon his cage quickly, laughing then at his panic. Such simple monsters these things were.

And yet still, not even a butterfly could satisfy my need for something new, something fresh. Their eyes all looked the same, dull and without a sliver of life left. How could I hope to find something original and unique if they all looked so similar? I felt about ready to give up, to curse myself for coming all the way out here just to leave empty handed. That, however, changed when I found a cage further back against the wall of a building. It was such an unusual place for a cage, while the others were all out in the open, below the sun so the light could properly illuminate the contents. This pen, however, was rather dark inside, almost impossible to see anything.

Cautiously, I peered into the eclipsing shadow and searched for movement and listened for anything. It was quiet, the only noise coming from the background and the whistling of wind. Yet I waited, the breeze picking up steady and the clouds slowly moved aside to let the sun truly shine. It was at that moment that its rays shifted the shadows, allowing the cage to become lit a little more. As if following the beams of light as they slithered past the bars and across the floor, my eyes stopped when they came to rest on white, pale flesh.

Such a delectable colour it was, a rich cream not unlike the center of a pastry. As the light began to move further, more of the body was exposed. Just like the others, the creature laid there, all signs of clothing since torn from its body in exchange for some fine shackles and bare flesh. Already I could feel my smirk widen, confident that this creature could be the one I was looking for, the perfect addition to my collection.

It did not turn once the entire time I stood there, making me impatient enough to quickly rap my knuckles against the heavy bars of the door. The resounding noise began to tremor through the bars, eliciting a noise akin to that of bells bellowing in a tower. The heavy din was enough to rouse the creature inside and I watched as a shoulder twitched and an arm at last fell from its side against the dirty floor of the cage. Upon the repositioning of its form, the imprisoned creature's body could clearly be seen in the light now.

I heard myself gasp as my eyes widened with amazement. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen such a captivating sight that both excited my heart and chilled it. Etched into the surface of the enslaved creature's back was a glorious image of a lion, the black lines bold and crisp to show the true strength of this particular piece of art. The lion was fierce in appearance, its green eyes like burning emeralds seared into the flesh of the one before me. The feral beast looked hungry, its massive paws crushing the imaginary earth now inked into the skin as it stalked its prey, ready to devour and conquer.

"Ah! My lord, here you are!" the merchant cried suddenly and yet my attention towards the awing tattoo did not waver. I did, however, allow my gaze to shift over to the foul man next to me, if only for a moment, before focusing back onto the content of the enclosure. "Oh, this one is not part of the display. I have yet to inspect him properly. If you'll come this way, young master…"

"No, make it face me" I commanded, turning my gaze to him, being most certain that a hint of poison danced in my eyes. I wanted to view the face of this artwork still sitting in front of me, as rooted to the spot as any tree.

"Uh, yes of course, my lord" the sweaty vendor said, his heavily fatted hands gripping a long metal pole as he slammed it against the bars. It startled me, this abrasive action, but I reeled little and waited. The slave trader began to yell in a foreign tongue at the caged creature and once again slammed the blunt object against the metal poles in some hope that it would make this tattooed critter move. "Stand and turn!"

"What is it exactly? What gender?" I asked, watching as the heavy trader growled and approached the front of the pen. I stepped back quickly, terrified of being touched by that perspiring form as it fumbled about with a set of keys before opening the door to the cage.

"Its gender is male, my lord" the portly purveyor stated as he swiftly gripped the chains bolted to the ground and unlocked them. Yelling again in a tongue I could not identify, he heaved heavily on the chains, forcing the captive to rise and be propelled forward on strong legs. "He's an angel as far as I can tell"

"You lie! Angels are scarce, there is no way one would get so easily caught" I gaped, watching the trader shove the angel forward until he fell to his knees, the golden colour of his hair gripped roughly by lard laden fingers and jerked upwards to show me his face. My legs felt weak and trembled under the exposure of this man's countenance, the very visage not appearing fair or feminine like I had thought, but rather strong, defined and so gruelingly handsome. Despite the awing, chiseled beauty of his face, it was his eyes that captivated me so. Just like the proud beast upon his back, he too possessed the same molten jade gaze, the searing liquid of this angel's eyes threatening to ignite me in flames. His gaze was so heated, so vicious and wild, that he was indeed like a caged lion ready to strike.

"They are scarce and usually quite dynamic so they're not easy to catch. This one, however, I found in a field bleeding from a mortal wound" the portly ogre said, forcing the angel to stand before me. I took a moment to drink in the sight of him, my eyes traveling all along the expanse of his muscular, firm body from his strong neck, down perfectly sculpted chest and stomach muscles to the delightful prize firmly secured between his thighs. If I was a weaker man, I would certainly be salivating at the sight of this almost ethereal creature.

"…I'll take him" I said, William quickly coming to my side, my travel bag opened by his rough hands. Smirking, I reached in and produced four evenly sized bags of gold and held them out to the vile pig beast in front of me. "I trust you have no objections?"

"Ooh, not at all, my lord, not at all" he purred, grabbing the extended parcel with a throaty chuckle, his sunken eyes dancing with mirth. "Such a generous bounty, young master; you shouldn't have. Please, allow me to thoroughly examine this creature for you. It would not work well if he has diseases".

"No, I will take him as is. Though make yourself useful and provide adequate transportation to bring him back to my kingdom" I ordered, the greedy little imp nodding vehemently as he quickly rushed off, leaving the chains to my property in William's hands. The angel merely stayed stone faced, refusing to show me any other expression than just muted disgust. His hands were bound, his neck sporting a heavy band of metal, its chain securely held in William's grasp. I couldn't help but smile at him.

"Your name, what is it?"


"Give me your name, boy" I ordered through gritted teeth, and yet he refused to acknowledge me, his gaze fixated on mine, so cold and calculating. "Stop staring into me"


"Your name! Tell me at once!" I seethed, grabbing the metal band around his neck and pulled him forward as harshly as I could until our faces were inches apart. At the intimate distance, his eyes only seemed to haunt me more, the glowing shimmer of earthy green gazing intently into my own eyes, as if the emerald wished to corrupt sapphire. A small, barely noticeable smile found its way across his lips, a cruel, twisted upturning of his mouth destined for me.

"What makes you think you deserve my name?" he asked softly, his voice a deep, penetrating rumble of such sensual proportions. My breath hitched in my throat, the combined onslaught of his searing gaze and pleasant voice making my loins stir superfluously.

"Insolent whelp" I growled as I curled my fingers around his face, wishing to dig out those blazing, scrutinizing emerald orbs and be rid of such a piercing gaze. Even as I dug my nails into his flesh, his expression remained the same, so stoic and unmoving, and it irritated the living soul out of me. "Tell me or face consequences"

"No. For a lord you certainly don't know proper etiquette. I believe you should state your name first before so rudely requesting it from another" he said with a twisted, mirthful tone meant to ridicule and belittle me. That smug smile on his face was quickly wiped off when I struck him with the back of my hand, hoping he'd teeter. His feet stayed grounded, the hard slap not even making his head snap back, a sight that angered me even more. He smiled at me again, the same arrogant grin from before, such warped confidence on his face despite the fact that he was dirty, naked and chained like a dog.

"You have no right to know my name. All you need to know is that I am your master now" I seethed, turning when the sound of a horse and carriage met my ears. The merchant had returned sooner than I expected as he drove a medium sized prisoner's carriage perfect for housing my new piece of property on the way home.

"Tell me, my lord, does this suit your needs?" the merchant asked, hopping down on his stubby legs before the barred wagon. I merely nodded and turned back to my new slave and William, a knowing smirk upon my lips. This golden lion could bark out insulting remarks all he wanted, but it would soon end. I would break him and tame him to fit my needs just like the mongrel he was. "Ah, wonderful, then I'll lend you a driver to escort you back to your kingdom at no extra cost!"

I watched as the driver, a little rat nosed man, and the merchant grabbed the chains from William's hands and pulled my new angel out of the cage. Even though his neck was trapped by the dense metal coil, he still did not falter when so roughly pulled around, his foundation deep rooted and firm. He was a strong willed beast, so sinfully cruel in his choice to keep his name to himself.

"Master, come along now. We will retire to the royal carriage" William said, touching my shoulder softly. With a grunt, I swatted his hand away and followed the path towards where we left my transportation. Despite myself, I turned around swiftly to catch a final glimpse of the golden haired lion. I was shocked when my eyes fell on him even at this distance as I could clearly see his lips turned into a cruel smirk and eyes burning with malice. Almost horrified, I turned away, my mind quickly trying to dispel the image. It was most likely the work of the heavy heat caused by the sun and nothing more. It was merely an illusion.

Once at the carriage, William quickly opened the door for me, allowing the cooling of the dark cabin to relax my weary mind. He entered soon after once all was secure and placed my bag under the seat. With a gentle knock on the roof the carriage lurched forward to return home. I did not bid the merchant farewell; he did not deserve it for being such an unholy nuisance.

"William…do we have any water?" I asked, peeling off the top robes damp with my sweat. He nodded, his large, rough hands fetching the desired liquid for me. I sighed, peering at him through a slit gaze as he held the rawhide canister, his curious green eyes observing it for any leaks. Hmm, he had such bright green eyes that they thoroughly contrasted against my new treasure's eyes. "Come over here"

"Yes, Master" he said gently, his tall, stalwart frame soon resting against me. From his breast pocket he produced a heavy cloth and poured a generous amount of the cool liquid into his palm until the cloth was damp. "Your face looks quite flushed, my lord".

In my more vulnerable states, I did not mind William's constant need to coddle me, his presence although somewhat bothersome, could still help soothe me a little. I sighed softly as he began to run the cold cloth across my face and down my neck, the small droplets teasing as they slid beyond my collar and disappeared beneath my shirt.

"Mmm, much better" I moaned softly, my head falling back against the padded seats while his strong fingers erased tension in my flesh with the help of the cooling solution. My eyes fell on William's face, his expression one of concentration as he massaged the cloth against me. He was quite an attractive man, his years in service to the Darklore not altering his youthful appearance at all. I felt hungry at that moment, but not for bread or meat, but for a different kind of flesh. Without his permission, -not that I needed it- I grabbed his chin in my hand and brought his face down to mine. "Give me a moment of passion, William."

"Of course, Master" he replied, putting the cloth aside for a second until I felt the gentle press of his lips against mine, his tongue quickly going to work to deepen the unusual kiss between the two of us. It was not uncommon for me to request such a thing from him, his kiss always able to preoccupy my mind and make me moan. It was the delightful slithering of his tongue inside my mouth that managed to make such a sound in the back of my throat, a deep groan of satisfaction always following his skillful treatment. My lungs began to ache and burn for air, forcing me to break the kiss by shoving William away softly.

"Ahn…enough of that" I said, licking my swollen lips of William's flavor before placing my hands on his shoulders gently. I was not one that liked to be touched informally out in the open around others, but in the private chambers or within this very carriage I allowed my servant to touch me within certain limits. My fingers curled in the fabric upon his shoulders, my competent chamberlain understanding my request. I smirked into my hand as I leaned against the side of the carriage to peer out the window. Groaning softly, I let my free hand fall against the soft, wheat coloured tresses of William's head resting in my lap, urging him softly to do a good job.

I watched as the verdant fields seemed to flow by like a river of green, the same rich colour as those eyes that still felt as if they corrupted me. Why did that man possess such a hypnotizing gaze? How could is so easily alter my state of thinking? It was truly a twisted thought that a mere angel, a low level creature, could beguile me so quickly. Whatever, it wasn't worth focusing on too intently. Soon enough I would extinguish all the defiance out of those eyes and make him obey only me.

Content with this frame of mind, I turned my attention back down to William. He was as skilled with this particular job as with many of his others. He never ceased to please me, his talented tongue finding all the right places to send my body to utopia and back. Sliding my fingers through the other's hair, I cupped the back of William's head and drew him further into me. With a shallow grunt, I released my seed into my servant's throat, William obediently swallowing all traces of my essence until I was spent and quite satisfied. He certainly was a dedicated vassal, so eager to please even when doing such a degrading act. However, since he was pleasuring me, he should have been honored to consume any part of me as far as I was concerned. Not many had the pleasure of being this close to me.

"Are you satisfied, Master?" William asked, his face still in position if I wished to command more of him. However, it was still quite warm in the day and I was already exhausted from the day's events even if it was rather short. I nodded to William's question, giving him the opportunity to once again sit at my side where I watched him take a quick drink of the water from earlier to clean his palate. "Do you wish to rest then, sir?"

"Yes, I believe I shall" I replied, watching as William found a pillow from an above compartment and placed it gently on the seat. Plucking the pillow up, I found it a better change of plans to drape it across William's lap and situated myself in the most comfortable position I could. Hearing a soft chuckle from my servant's lips, his fingers were quickly within my hair, pulling and teasing the stands gently like a physical lullaby until I drifted to sleep.

And in my dreams a lion with hungry emerald eyes tried to consume me the entire time….

"Master? Master? It's time to wake up. We are home, Kakia."

When my eyes opened and my body became aware once again, I could feel the cold of the night try to dig its way into my bones. Thankfully William was there, my robes from earlier quickly draped around my body to stifle the chill of the night air. It was well past midnight I could tell as I exited the coach and stepped out onto the fine white stone of my castle path. From behind me, the squeaking of rusted wheels greeted my ears and I turned to see the prisoner's carriage carrying my new pet. Knowing that the insufferable angel was in there reminded me of my dream, a dream better left to the dream world.

"Master, you should go inside. It's quite cold out."

"Nonsense, I'd rather be certain my new treasure is safe and see to it with my own eyes that he enters the estate."

"Very well, Master" William quickly shed his coat, the doting servant placing the warm cotton jacket around my shoulders as we walked to the barred wagon. I watched as the little rat faced man jumped down and skittered over to the cage which kept my new prize safely contained. It was difficult to say at this point what the change in weather had done to the creature inside, but I was certain that he was well, if not a little put in his place.

"Time to wake up, vermin" I commanded while the rat-faced man unlocked the door and gathered the chains. William went around back with him and gripped the metal shackles to assist the other in pulling out the wild beast within. Much to my distaste, the angel refused to put up a fight as his dirty feet landed with unnatural grace upon the white stone. It had been an entire day since I saw him last, but I could not forget the snide smirk upon his lips, the same perverse smile from before now accenting his features even in the dark of night.

"Good evening, prince" the angel said, intentionally using such a demeaning title to refer to me, a king of all things. I had not been a prince since I was a child! "Oh, your flesh is chilled, you should be inside, you delicate thing"

"Hmph, you cheeky bastard; act out all you want, you'll learn your place soon enough" I threatened, turning from that spiteful face to avoid looking into those haunting eyes one second more. I needed to have him alone, to instill in his heart some respect and hopefully terror. It would not be difficult; I was a Darklore, the ruler above all those in Aethelwyne and the eastern region, my power greatly understood and feared. This angel would soon come to understand just how much authority I would have over him.

However, what I truly needed at that moment was a strong drink, something to calm my mind even in this late hour. The burning sensation of fine liquor would help my body feel hazy and relaxed to help me think of suitable punishment for that insufferable angel. Yes, perhaps a small bought of whipping the artwork off his back with a chain would be a good option, or perhaps removing his lower extremity to make him even less of a man. So many things I could do, which would I chose?

"Welcome home, Lord Kakia" the servants all announced in unison, their pathetic frames bent in a respectful bow. I regarded them with little interest as I stood in the main entrance, awaiting my new prize. William and the rodent driver followed soon after me, the angel neither forced forward nor dragged, but walked at his own pace. Many of the staff members were aghast at the sudden arrival of the blond angel chained and naked, but none would dare question it, especially in my presence. In fact, they would all be wise to not even speak of it to each other in private.

"William, come" I ordered roughly, my confidant handing the chains to one of the larger servant Mongrel's before following me. My house was full of the Mongrel kind, the short and fair haired imperfect Darklore that to this day still lingered about. They were better suited for servitude than anything more. Such unwanted beasts, but it was normal in this domicile to cater to the hybrids. It was a custom that my father, Cellach Darklore, laid out years ago when he was brazen enough to have an affair with one of the male Mongrel's that served him. Those two, ugh, so openly stupid with each other the entire length of their abnormal love which nearly resulted in the birth of a new heir. It was not a loss in the least when Dios had been harmed, having lost my father's bastard child. It was merely setting things right again.

"Master, what do you wish to do?" William asked, his soft, smooth voice directing my thoughts away from unpleasant reminiscing. I looked at him, another of the Mongrel kind, but I never quite had a problem with him. William had been serving under my family for more than three centuries and was with me from the time of my birth to now.

"I wish to drink actually" I said, finally arriving to the second floor of the estate. Stopping at the top of the stairs, I turned to William, offering him a smile "and I think that I will enjoy that drink while watching the angel bathe."

"Of course, Master" William said, leaving my side to speak with the Mongrel holding the angel's chains. In the meantime I returned to my chambers, the large lavish room housing a massive canopy bed, exquisite wardrobes full of the finest of Aethelwyne silk and satin garments, and a small sitting area surrounding a fireplace with the carved faces of vicious lions.

…Lions again? Just casting a simple glance at the mantle was enough to drive me mad as I remembered the same grand beast carved into the back of that impudent angel. I had never met an angel before in my life, but there was something far too unusual about him to be normal. This demeanor and the way he carried himself were different from the stories I heard about the most notable angels. So why was he so peculiar? I couldn't think of that right now, it was too problematic, forcing me to distract my mind with trivial things such as getting changed into something more comfortable. Removed were the heavy royal robes worn for travel and in their place a suitable, loose flowing yukata. Chilled from the lack of layers, I quickly grabbed the deep violet robe from my bed and felt the heavy fabric once again bring warmth into my bones.

Once looking relaxed yet presentable in the late night, I exited my room only to see William waiting for me. Without exchanging any words, the two of us walked down the dark hall to a door slightly ajar, open just wide enough for warm light to spill out. Stepping inside the entrance of the large bathing chambers, the smallest sounds of splashes could be heard, those sounds most likely belonging to the angel.

"Has he said his name at all?" I asked William, my servant shaking his head negatively. Grumbling at such insolence, I continued my way into the room with William at my heels. Inside the porcelain chambers my eyes quickly traveled to the sight of the angel being held firmly in place by shackles suspended from the ceiling, his naked body pulled taut, allowing me to see the rippling muscle beneath his pale cream flesh.

"This position suits you well" I said, entering the room to see his head lop to the side in my direction. Upon seeing me, his face cracked into the same arrogant smile from before, those jade orbs trying to torment me once more. I would not allow him any consolation of knowing that his presence galvanized me. "Of course, I'm certain there are many other more suitable stances for you to be in."

"Do you intend to place me in those positions then, my prince?" he asked, his lips curled into a depraved smile. Smile all you want now, cretin, you'll know the impact of my wrath soon enough.

"Hmm, you're so audacious" I chuckled, stepping over to a small canopy day bed set up for lounging or, in my case, to view an interesting little show. Finding a comfortable position on the soft mattress, I allowed my eyes to travel over to the angel's body and anticipated his cleansing. "Enjoy your bath."

I couldn't help but laugh when a large Mongrel grabbed the sassy angel and plunged his head under the water, the chains still attached to his wrist clamoring loudly as he struggled. It was quite a show, one that had me entertained the entire time. The display was made all the sweeter when William returned with a fine bottle of wine and poured a generous amount of liquor into a glass. Sipping the delightful brew, I watched as my Mongrel pulled the angel from the depths of the soapy water, my heart becoming elated when he sputtered and coughed painfully.

Smiling into my glass, I heard the angry cries from the angel's lips to cease the torture. Each time he would argue against the other, his face would once more be pushed into the bath and drowned like a rat. Unsure of how long his lungs could stand being so ruthlessly submerged, I stood and approached the edge of the massive in-ground pool.

"That's enough, bring him back up" I commanded, watching as the silent Mongrel did as he was told. The angel's head was thrown back in a loud, gasping breath as air filled his lungs instead of the murky water around him. "How is your bath? Relaxing?"

"Ahn…yes, actually. You should join me" he snidely remarked, spitting into the water to rid his mouth of the soap. I gave a curt laugh at his situation, but stopped, the sound of chains rattling harshly and a grunt of pain as the angel struck the bath attendant. I had barely time to react as the wet chains found their way around my neck and I was pulled into the watery depths. The chains were jerked roughly, forcing me above the surface of the water again and quickly in the arms of the angel who held both me and the cuffs tightly.

"You're quite vile, little prince, but rather beautiful from this distance" he hissed, tapering the chains around my neck until I had to cough from the pressure. Through the pain I managed to look up into the other's face, seeing the cold, twisted grin on a normally stoic visage, his eyes wild and thirsty for blood; my blood. "Cry, go on, it hurts doesn't it? Your eyes would look wonderful full of tears."

"Release the master at once!" I heard William suddenly growl through the pounding in my head. No matter what I did, regardless of how hard I tried to fight against this man, it was impossible to push him off. There was an overwhelming strength from this angel that pushed against me, stifling my powers and made me weak. As if draining the very life out of me I felt my body almost turn limp in his arms, and was made as defenseless as a newborn.

"That's a good boy" he whispered into my ear, his breath hot and sensual against my skin. I felt myself tremble softly, the rough pads of his fingers suddenly sliding up under my shirt to press against my damp flesh. I gasped softly as the sensation of his fingers rolling one of my nipples around teasingly made it difficult to focus. The chains still clung around my throat, but I know longer felt them as my body became enraptured with the presence of this man, even when my mind screamed to shove him off. I trembled again, this time out of shame.

"I said, unhand my master! NOW!"

"Alright, I understand. Unchain me and I'll do just that."

"No negotiations! Released Lord Kakia now or I'll kill you where you stand."

"Lord Kakia, eh?" the angel said softly enough that only I could hear. The sound of his voice, the smooth, sensual resonance of my name uttered by those cruel lips caused my cheeks to become enflamed. I was blushing, my face red in blistering shame. How could this be? How could I even react this way towards such a despicable man?! "I know your name. I guess I win."

My head snapped up at those callous words and I made myself ready to scream at him. However, my voice became lost, swallowed within the hungry jaws of an irate lion. The angel, who minutes ago, had so senselessly mocked me now held my face in his hands, his mouth hungrily nipping and ripping at my lips until they bled. I winced when his teeth clamped down on my tongue, my lips being forced open more for him to rape my mouth brutally in an alarming kiss.

I struggled against him in vain, his fingers digging into my face much the same way I had done to him earlier in a painful homage to my own cruelty. The kiss was horrendous, one meant to inflict pain and mar my spirit, but despite this my body reacted on its own as a small moan escaped my throat. I wanted it to end, to cease such a disgusting and bitter attack, but the unknown power that this angel had continued to keep my own abilities at bay. I could not, for the life of me, push him away.


There was a loud, resounding noise in the bathing chambers that quickly echoed with William's sudden cry. My lips were torn further as the angel's teeth ripped at them when his knees gave out and I fell back into the water for the second time that night. When I managed to rise to the surface, I witnessed my usually quiet servant and bodyguard swing the broken poll of the canopy bed into the angel's face until he fell back, blood gushing from the open wound on his forehead.

"William, stop!" I cried, my heart panic stricken when my gaze fell upon the blood slowly spreading with the water's currents. Hearing my words, William released the heavy wooden pole into the water and approached me, concern etched into his face.

"Master, are you alright?!" he asked, gripping my arms in a rough, upsetting fashion. So unlike William, so full of fear and erratic behavior; I wondered if he could have killed the angel under this influence.

"I'm fine, don't cling" I growled, shoving his hands away. I knew that he was concerned, worried that the vulgar angel had destroyed me somehow, but I wouldn't allow that loutish lion to see any further vulnerability in me. I would not allow him to know I was scared of his advances or for him to see in my eyes that I wished William would hold me to cleanse the unnatural, wild emotions burning through my body.

"Forgive me, Master. I was too rash, but he…with you…uh, forgive me" William stuttered, turning from me to approach the angel laying face down in the water. Grabbing a large chunk of the angel's hair, I watched the angered version of my ordinarily passive guardian roughly heave the other man out of the water and give his back a rousing kick. "Wake up! You should thank Lord Kakia that you aren't dead."

The angel's only response was a pained groan as William gripped the golden mane of the now subdued lion. I was overcome with confusion at how easily William could restrain this angel when I faltered so easily in his presence. I felt unnerved, my mind swimming with the possible reasons for my sudden weakness. Had I begun to fall to some illness just like my father had? Was this creature a supreme being capable of destroying even me? But then why could a low level Darklore like William keep him at bay? Or perhaps it was merely weakness from the long, summer day?

Yes! That had to be it! The harsh sun was to blame, that insufferable sphere of fire the excuse for my unusual behavior tonight. Indeed, things were clear once more. To think that I, Kakia of Aethelwyne, could be losing my power when it was merely exhaustion; I was still a warrior, damn it! Yet, somehow, regardless of my reassuring thoughts to myself, it did little to appease me. I was still concerned with the situation and the effects of the angel's hands and lips still lingering on my skin.

"Master, what should I do with him?" William asked his grip still rough and cruel against the angel. The vicious creature did not fight back, his eyes almost blank from the concussion that he most likely was suffering from.

"Put him in the tower, place him in a cage" I said, watching William pawn the naked, barely conscious beast to the large Mongrel from earlier. The impact of William's thrashing made controlling the angel easier, but even injured they took little pity on him. Chaining his neck, I watched the blond, wild treasure be dragged from the room before his legs had a chance to understand what was going on.

"Master, your colour is awful. Are you well?" questioned William, his hands upon my face in slow, stroking motions as if to rub some hue into my cheeks. Even the ruckus inside this chamber did not alert the rest of the staff, leaving only William and I alone. Had another person been in the room at the time I certainly would not have allowed my servant to touch me in such an intimate way. However, within the quiet of the enclosure I felt my body fall against his and tremble softly. It was not my finest moment to be so weak and distraught, but the lingering feeling and impression left by that insufferable man was too much.

"…I feel so strange since I've met that man. I can't fight against him and when I can, there is no strength behind it. I feel like fly swatting at a mountain side."

"Kakia…you're merely fatigued from today. It will pass and you will be your normal self soon enough."

"You have so much confidence in that, William. I thank you" I said softly, placing my hand on his chest as I pushed him away softly, not wishing to be embraced by his arms. The problem was that William was so comfortable, his voice soothing and gentle, the same voice that used to pacify me even when I was a child. Yet, I had to push aside this unnatural clinging feeling I had whenever threatened. It was not healthy for either of us and I felt no romantic love for William. He was merely a beloved servant and confidant, nothing more.

I couldn't offer William anything further in terms of appreciation or reassurance for my worries, but merely looked at him one final time before I slipped out of the bathing chambers. My body was wet from head to toe; the smell of soap absorbed into my skin and of course the taste of blood and the angel's mouth upon my tongue. I made no effort to spit out the unusual combination of flavors, finding the mixture to be somewhat pleasing. Cursing myself for thinking such a thing, I entered my room and closed the door to keep the world out.

Disrobing completely, I slid into bed, allowing the silken sheets to caress my naked body. Vaguely, within the deepest parts of my mind, I affiliated the touch of the sheets like that of the angel's hands. Shuddering at the thought, I quickly covered my head with the blankets in some childish hope that the cloth would stop the annoying thoughts, but alas did nothing.

Sighing softly, I felt my body become heavy and my heart beat become shallow as sleep began to take me. As the living world began to fade, I swore I saw the burning gaze of a proud lion above me.

"Kakia…Kakia, wake up. It is past noon already."

Distantly, through my hazy mind, I heard someone call me, but could not bring myself to wake. The bed held onto me, embracing me like a lover and kept me warm in the cool afternoon chill from the mountain region. I felt the bed shift slightly under me, as if a person was crawling onto it. Blinking the sleep from my eyes, I turned over quickly until my face pressed into warm, fresh scented skin.


"Good afternoon, my prince. I trust you slept well?"

My heart froze, the voice suddenly sounding far too familiar to my ears and the uttered title was much too demeaning. Daring to look up, I was horrified when the stalking, piercing gaze of jade eyes greeted me, the blond beast from before smirking cruelly above me.

"Now lie back and be a good boy for me."


"Don't worry; I'll try not to tear you apart."

"Tear me apart?! What are you doing!?"

"Nothing much, I just plan to fuck you raw."


"…I'm not on you, Master"

At the sound of William's voice my eyes shot open and I nearly screamed when another pair of green eyes peered down at me. Backing away from the fair haired creature, I grabbed a small statue from my bedside table and readied myself to strike.

"…Lord Kakia, are you alright?"

"William? It's just you…"

It had been a dream, no, a nightmare so vivid I could still feel the angel's hands on me. Yet if this moment had been a dream, then surely it was all a dream perhaps triggered by illness or even poison for all I knew. With William's eyes consistently following my movements, I left the bed to get dressed.

"Master, are you well? Perhaps you should stay in bed today" he suggested, but I would hear nothing of it. I needed to see the angel for myself, to be certain that he wasn't just my imagination. Dressed in a fine yukata, with patterns of elegant cranes stitched into the fabric, I left the room quickly without informing William of my destination. I didn't require his help further; in fact, I was positive that after the nights rest that my strength had returned to me leaving me capable of taking care of myself. Hell, the thought alone that I even needed someone to knock an angel off me was disgusting enough.

Regardless, I could not allow such trivial thoughts to hinder my quest down the long hall to a stone stairwell. The long, winding upward path led past the additional four levels of the massive estate and to the sixth floor where I kept my museum of treasures. Climbing the stone steps, I focused only on my trek while occasionally looking out the narrow windows to see the sky bleed fierce with rain. After a few moments of climbing, I approached the heavy wooden door of the final floor and pushed it open.

At this height, in this more hollow of areas, only the sound of rain could be heard beating against the solid rock of the castle walls. Even as I wandered down the hall, the occupied rooms were silent; indicating that sometime during my restless sleep people had left for the day. My brother would be gone until ungodly hours to roam the forest or seek out some sort of fun in the neighboring town, or perhaps just get drunk at the local tavern with Dios.

Grumbling at the idea of wasting time with incompetents, I stopped before the tallest door made of the finest wood that Aethelwyne's trees had to offer. The large door stood as high as the walls themselves, its outer exterior painted pure white and gold, indicating to all that it held important treasure within. Yet, the only question was did it hold that fierce angel behind?

Pushing the door open slowly, I held my breath as I entered, my mind swirling with the possible outcomes of the angel being within the room. Inside was dark, illuminated only by a sliver of light from a small part in the drapes and like the rest of the floor, it was quiet. Knowing this room as well as the shape of my own body, I managed to navigate well through it until my hands felt the rough material of the drapes. With fumbling fingers, I gripped the draw line and pulled, watching as the muted light of the dreary day illuminated the room in a quick, blinding current.

Blinking away the spots, I turned from the harsh light at the sound of a small chuckle. When I was able to focus at last, I saw him, my dreams seeming to be reality after all. Despite his injury from the night before he seemed well, his flesh warm and healthy, the wound on his head non-existent and body clothed softly with white cotton. I had always thought somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind that he was incredibly handsome without clothing, but now seeing him swathed in crisp, pure white I felt my face flush with lust. He certainly was beautiful this proud, vicious lion.

"I was wondering when you'd arrive" he said calmly, sitting in the very centre of the cage with his legs crossed so casually. This suave creature barely had to put any effort into seducing me even at a distance, his eyes penetrating through me so intensely that I had to wrap my robes tighter around me.

"Who gave you clothes?" I asked, approaching the bars of the cage. It was an astonishing structure, the bars crafted out of the scales and horns of a dragon and was nigh impossible to break, as if coated with diamond.

"A pretty little thing with long, black hair and aqua eyes came in here and I talked him into getting me something to wear. He was quite beautiful, but then again he's one of your kind, isn't he?"

"No, not quite. You have a lot of gall to order my servants to do your bidding, angel."

"It's my charm of course, but then again, you know all about that, yes?"

Growling at such impudence, I walked to the bars and wrapped my hands around them, nearly tempted to break them to pieces in rage. I knew I was capable of destroying this cage seeing as how it was I who slain the dragon it was made from. However, I could not do that, to ruin a perfectly good cage just because of the mocking creature inside. He was so snide even in his situation, leaving me to wonder where all that confidence came from.

"There is nothing charming about a dirty beast like you. Stop making it sound like you're even remotely important to anyone!"

"You hurt me, Kakia. I thought maybe I was important to you" he said scornfully, his seated frame rising to approach the bars. I felt my body tense as his hands overlapped my own upon the bars, those seething green eyes once again looking deep into my soul. I suppressed the shiver that came after the hypnotizing gaze of this leering beast and tried to remove my hands. The angel kept me locked in place, however, refusing to release me "Don't run off just yet, my prince, don't you want to know more about me?"

"I have no interest knowing anything about a lowly pet!" I growled, ripping my hands from his, hating the warm sensation they left. He gave a dry chuckle and lazily leaned against the bars, the side of his face pressed to the rough flesh of the scale cage as he observed me.

"Such an entertaining temperament you have, Kakia. You're beautiful, yes, but you would look even more alluring if you would stop scowling" he warned, his smirk widening when my face began to warm with embarrassment. "My only regret about you is that you're taller than me. How unfortunate but I doubt it will matter later."

"Of course my stature is higher than yours, cretin. I'm a Darklore" I growled as I tried to focus my attention on something else to rid my face of the shameful hue. His words penetrated me so deeply as if there was truth behind them. I heard every day that people thought I was beautiful or attractive, but those compliments meant nothing to me nor did they have any impact.

"Hmm, Darklore are interesting creatures, so dark and elegant. I'm quite curious about your kind" the angel said softly, his gaze following every single movement I made. "I should even be so bold as to thank you, Kakia."

"Thank me? For what?" I asked, my face free of the crimson splash from before as I approached the angel. Keeping my hands to myself to avoid any unwanted touching, I at least had the decency to face him.

"Well, if you must know, before in that cage I was on the verge of death from poorly treated wounds" he said while opening the front of his shirt to show a large, yet fading scar, across his heart. I was surprised at it, having not even noticed it before now. "Yet as soon as I managed to come in contact with you I've felt my strength return. You're quite a potent curative."

Hearing these words I felt my body become rigid with anger and even as far as humiliation that this creature was healing himself from my strength. He must have been an incubus! There was no other explanation! All made sense now in his presence from the weakness I felt to the odd sensations brought on by his seduction. Ever since I came across him he had been poisoning my mind. Knowing his tricks now, I wouldn't let this cheeky beast any further advances.

"And you're really a demon in angel's skin, aren't you?"

"Demon? Do I look like one to you? My teeth have no point nor do I have claws, so please emphasize a little more."

"You are, don't lie to me! A creature like you that gains strength from my presence is right on par with an incubus; a soul sucking beast!"

"Really now, Kakia, you hurt me with such accusations. You know little of demonology it seems. Incubi only gain strength through the act of copulation, not just standing in the same room. Or, perhaps you wish to try it out since you seem so intent on the subject."

"Enough! How dare you speak to me in such a brazen way, you miscreant! To even suggest that I would want to do anything with a creature like you dishonors everything about me!"

There was a smirk upon the pale lips of this demon's face, one so forcefully belittling that it wracked my body with fury. Every little thing about this man was mocking, from his words to his body language and I could heed no more of it. Charging over to a chest in the corner of the room I threw it open and huffed at its contents. During a routine travel in the West I learned of a fabled pair of platinum chains so fused with ancient magic that they could bind any supernatural creature, no matter how powerful. Carefully gripping the rattling metal, I approached the cage where the angel's eyes seemed to light up with mischief at my return.

"Orenthal's Chains? You wish to bind me for eternity do you?"

"Silence, cretin; pet's can't talk" I growled, unclasping the latch to the cage as I stepped in, ready to wrap and enslave the mocking creature within. As I approached him, the eyes of the cornered beast turned dark and twisted, the unsightly expression chilling me just long enough before I felt a wave of energy knock me back. I cried out into the heavily treasured room when my back collided with the wall, the impact causing a surge of pain to crawl all throughout my body. I felt as if I could not move; my legs were heavy and my arms felt as if they had been bolted to the floor. The only form of movement I could make was to lift my head, seeing the side of the dragon scaled cage now shattered from the blast that I too had experienced.

From the dust and debris that still clung to the stale air, I saw the angel approach, looking like some grand warrior ready to strike down his enemy. Trembling visibly, I now had no idea what this creature in front of me was. No angel or demon could hope to shatter such a structure or throw a Darklore back with such ease, yet somehow he managed to accomplish this. The closer he approached, the more in vain I tried to struggle to move, but my body would not obey, leaving me paralyzed on the spot.

"I believe I've had enough for your petty name calling for today, Kakia" he said, his hands reaching out quickly to end my life. In the face of my demise I closed my eyes and awaited the swift blow. However, my heart still continued to beat and my soul was still well intact with no pain at all. Cautiously, I opened my eyes slowly and peered up at the other man looming over me. His face was a stony mask, cold and expressionless as if a statue made of flesh and bone. "I am Rowan Adonis Valen, an angel prince from Valendale and rightful ruler over my kind. If it wasn't for you then I'd still be in a cage or dead."

"Rowan is your name…? W-Why are you telling me this?"

"I wanted you to know…" Rowan started, leaning closer against me until I could smell the rich scent of sword steel and lilacs from his body. A look then crossed his face, one I could only classify as demented as he pressed his body to mine and whispered into my ear to finish his thought "…I wanted you to know my name so you know what to scream while I ravage you."

Rowan didn't give me a chance to reply to such a heinous comment before his hands gripped my arms roughly and I was shoved to the floor before the open window. I was terror stricken, my eyes wide and confused as this man held me down with his own weight. There was a wildness in his eyes that I felt tear into me like hungry teeth, my bones feeling as if on fire and my flesh was scorching with fever against his fingertips.

"What do you mean?! Let go of me!" I bellowed, managing somehow to get my arms free in the hopes that I could push him off. Rowan laughed at my attempts, his body crushing into mine to lock me in place, his strong legs like a vice around my hips. As I floundered around on the hard tile of the chambers he merely chuckled, the strength he was eluding so potent that I could not bring myself to continue struggling. "Why…? What are you?!"

"I told you; I'm an angel and nothing more."

"Lies! No normal angel would be able to keep me like this, not even a demon. You must be something else!"

"No, just an angel, Kakia and you are my current desire" Rowan purred as he brought his face down to mine, allowing me to stare into the jade pools full of such arrogance and….lust? No, it couldn't have been, right? I gave a startled gasp when I felt one of his hands snake between the folds of my robes, his fingers questing for something to torture. A second gasp escaped my lips being closely followed by a moan when my chest became a playground for his hand. Regardless of how I thrashed under Rowan, he continued to pinch and fondle the hardening flesh of my nipples. It was beyond disgraceful; my face engulfed in shame as whimpers fell from my mouth softly, much to his delight.

"Such delicious sounds you can make, Kakia. Your body is so lewd" Rowan chuckled, his arms dropping me softly to the floor in order to rip the cloth from my body. With the yukata pulled down from my shoulders I shivered, the cold floor chilling my already trembling frame until I felt Rowan's warm hands caress my throat. "I will make you scream and succumb to me, Kakia. You might try to deny it, but I'm certain you'll enjoy it."

Rowan said nothing further to me as he grabbed the sash around my waist and began to unfurl it. This unnatural power he had over me made it impossible to do anything but lay there, my heart throbbing in fear of being violated by this monster. Uttering a soft moan of displeasure when he used the sash to bind my wrists, I stared up at him, hoping in some way my pleading gaze would make him stop. My heart sank when his eyes suggested otherwise and the only shred of dignity I had left was pulled open, exposing my naked body to his hungry gaze.

"Uhn…stop" I begged softly when Rowan dropped his head against my chest and began to lap at the sweat dappled flesh. I was not surprised when he refused to listen to my request and instead bit down rather hard on one of the swollen buds of flesh upon my breast. The sudden cries of elation that managed to burst from my throat repulsed my rational mindset, while another part of my mind told me to lay back and just allow the pleasure to take me. I could not though, as I still continued to struggle even a little to remove this man from my body. With his lips and teeth still pulling at my skin my mind became hazy as more moans wriggled their way out of my mouth and vaguely, through that haze, I cried for William's help. Or, at least I wanted to believe that's who I cried for.

"Beautiful…" Rowan murmured against my throat, his breath hot and damp against my jaw as small kisses were trailed along my face. The kisses were ardent and direct as if Rowan knew the exact perfect places on my body to torture me into submission. Eventually, through the onslaught of passion, his mouth came to rest against my own and like last night his tongue pushed past my teeth into the heated depths.

Perhaps it was the hold Rowan had over me or my own body that decided to give in, but whatever it was, the heavy, pleasured moan that fled from the back of my throat was too real to deny. Realizing that the heated touches and occasional, breathy words of desire were affecting me more than I wanted, my body gave in to the sensations. When Rowan had at last released my lips from the passionate kiss, I was already poisoned by him.

"You're being quite compliant now, Kakia" Rowan teased, his teeth traveling to my ear to nibble upon the soft flesh. Twitching against the tender nips, I lamented to him in a heavy moan against my own shoulder which seemed to amuse him further. "We should put those sweet lips to better use."

Confused at his meaning, I turned my head towards him only to have Rowan pull me to my knees in one swift, jerking motion. It was strange but since my body had abandoned my mind for the pleasurable feelings, I had been able to move more freely, my legs able to support me without difficulty. However, I remained perplexed as Rowan stared down at me, his expression hauntingly unsettling before bringing my head down into his lap.

"What are you doing?!" I demanded roughly even in this awkward position. Rowan kept silent but the smirk on his face spoke volumes. Still bemused by his actions, it was suddenly clarified when Rowan undid the buttons of the white cloth around his waist and allowed my eyes to fall on the large, engorged shaft of pulsating flesh. Blushing at the sight of this man's endowment, I suddenly felt the apprehension that William probably experienced when I pulled this kind of stunt on him.

"Open your mouth" Rowan commanded softly and despite myself I obeyed. I was beginning to wonder if I liked this treatment, to be tied up and ordered around against my will. Then again, my supposed will was rather yielding and I found I shakily parted my lips, prepared to accept the length before me. "Bite me and you'll regret it."

I huffed at his request, trying to lift my head to bark an insult at him, only to feel his fingers grasp my hair roughly before he plunged his large organ into my mouth. The sudden impact of his thrust nearly caused me to become sick, but I managed to resist such a thing and merely coughed at the rude entry. There was a chuckle from above, Rowan clearly enjoying my torment.

"You yell so much I suppose I thought your throat could take anything" he teased, his fingers lazily threading through my hair, causing a pleasant shiver to run up my spine. I gave a soft moan as he continued to pet me, the sensations making this strange moment somewhat bearable. With the soft caresses seeming to urge me onward, I gave in to the feeling and attempted to make Rowan feel some pleasure. After all, the most I could do as revenge was make him moan as well.

Unsure of what to do, having never done such a thing before, I tried to recall William's technique. Shifting my body out of the awkward position Rowan had put me in, I settled gently between his legs without letting his member slip from my mouth. Once situated, and with Rowan's fingers still combing through my hair, I began to softly slide my lips over the heavy flesh, tasting him in a way quite different from a kiss. Strangely enough, the flavor was savory, like a fine wine and I eagerly wanted more. Tossing aside all royal standards, I quickly bobbed my head around the hardening shaft and relished in the fact that Rowan was responding. I felt empowered regardless of my situation that I could make him hard and to hear him pant softly each time I teasingly ran my teeth just barely across his manhood.

"What did I just tell you?" he asked, smacking me gently on the head.

"I-I didn't bite you, idiot!" I growled out from around him. Rowan gave an exasperated sigh at my argument, even if it was borderline true. It wasn't a bite, but if he kept dictating my actions doing THIS of all things then I would bite it off and make him a eunuch.

"Actually, that's enough. You're terrible at this" Rowan grumbled bitterly, removing his fingers from my hair. I felt my blood boil at the comment that I, Kakia of Aethelwyne and ruler over the Darklore, was bad at anything. I was a horribly vain man and would not give up just because of what Rowan said. Even without his nimble fingers to encourage, I attacked the hard flesh in front of me and swallowed the length abruptly before Rowan could say anything against it.

There was a strange noise that followed my sudden action, perhaps either from Rowan or the surrounding area. Uncertain of the strange sound I continued to suck and lap at the quivering member that seemed to swell every time I allowed it to slip back in my throat. Again the same sonance became present, a dragging, drawn out squeal noise I couldn't quite place. To be sure it wasn't Rowan, I peered up at his face, seeing his jaw set firmly in place and eyes staring forward even as the squeaking commenced. His face was a marvelous display of scarlet tint, his chest heaving every so often when my tongue flicked playfully over the head of his erection.

The situation had become rather outlandish and almost laughable had anyone been watching. Before Rowan was a strong, forceful beast that held me down without mercy and I a scared pup nearly sniveling in cowardice under him. However, things had changed drastically. Now, with my mouth alone, I had turned the proud lion into a taut, panting creature intently focused on his release, while I was left in charge of said pleasant eruption. Truly the two of us together in the same room, doing these things, was the strangest sight of on-and-off-again dominance.

Delighted in the power that finally returned to me both physically and sexually, I coaxed the throbbing arousal further back into my mouth to the point that I was wincing whenever Rowan would unintentionally jerk his hips upwards. Struggling with my arms still pinned under my body, I managed to wriggle them free and placed my hands on Rowan's stomach to keep him still. While focusing on inhaling Rowan's impressive length, I barely registered his hands around my wrists as he removed the soft belt.

Again the sound of broken squeaks met my ears and I turned around, wanting to know what it was. Rowan gave a pained groan when I turned away, but I was determined to find the noise. Pressing my fingers to his erection, for the time being, I looked back and smirked upon finding the source of the din. Rowan really was an interesting creature, a proud man that refused to acknowledge his own pleasure to the point that his bare feet were sliding across the floor in an attempt to brace himself every time I touched him.

"Ah, you're rather adorable after all" I chuckled, deliberately squeezing the thick arousal in my hand to make Rowan moan softly. "I could crush you, you know?"

"The hell you could" he retorted, his hands grabbing me sharply until I fell into him, his body hot with sweat collecting on his muscled chest. I debated with myself if I should lick at the moisture, but had little time to think as he hoisted me up over his shoulder like some barbarian and found a suitable, horizontal plain to throw me down on.

"What are you doing, Rowan?" I asked, though I knew the answer, I just couldn't bring myself to accept it. Besides, the sick part of me wanted to hear him say it.

"I told you before that I gave you my name so you'll know what to scream when I ravage you" he said, his expression cold yet still maintaining the red hue from earlier.

"You think I'll just lay back and let you do whatever you want?" I smirked, sitting up to face him. He tried to shove me back down but I wrapped my arms around his neck and refused to be laid flat. Rowan's rough actions in the bathing chambers and now within the museum had ignited a strange side of myself I assumed never existed and I enjoyed the struggle for dominance. It made me feel quite alive. "I won't let you play with me like that."

Years of excavations into brutal territory to retrieve relics for my personal collection, warding off massive beasts to gain exquisite treasures, all these exciting ventures were still not as intense or as gratifying as this moment in my life. I had Rowan in my clutches at last, the willing pet obeying me as I kissed him deeply, our tongues entangled together in a sensual dance of passion and vehemence. In our enthusiasm, I felt the dull, blunt nails of Rowan's fingers dig into my back pleasantly, the long digits occasionally trapping themselves in the length of my hair and pulled softly on the stands as if testing my threshold for discomfort.

"Mm, I really like your hair" Rowan said softly when our lips parted, his fingers tangling further into the now messy stands. Darklore traditions forbid me to cut it, the length of it touching just below my lower back in what my father strangely dubbed "chocolate curtain". The kneading of his fingers against me was heavenly and I felt shivers of delight cascade over my body at every tiny, gentle tug.

I couldn't help but smile inwardly, having never experienced such unique intimacy with another person, and a man of all things. I had never liked women, their soft curves and shapely bosoms having no effect on my senses. No, I rather enjoyed the strong, jagged shape of a man, the heavy, masculine scent and the power they had in their hands alone. I had known strong women too, but I enjoyed the hard body of a man against me and I had that just now.

Rowan's body not only looked strong, but felt it. As he crushed me to him, our lips sealed in a burning kiss, I was able to feel the firm, and muscular arms hold me tight against an equally sturdy chest. Sighing into the kiss, I began to claw at his back, knowing that upon it was the work of art engraved into the warm, cream flesh.

"Ah…I like the etching on your back" I murmured through our parted lips, but Rowan said nothing else about it, much to my displeasure. I sort of wondered about its origins. Instead, Rowan's interest was in my body, his rough palms trailing between the two of us until firm fingers gripped my own eager arousal. I jerked forward, my head throw back in unbridled elation when he began to pump my sex quickly, the calluses on his hand making the friction unbearable. I moaned heavily into his neck as he pleasured me, the quick snapping of his wrist driving me insane until my fingers clawed his shoulders and drew blood.

With the scent of blood lingering in the air I purred, allowing Rowan to do whatever he pleased. I didn't know this man, had never met him before last night, but already I was pressing myself willingly to his sultry frame like an animal in heat. Perhaps that's what it was. Perhaps I had neglected my kind's mating season and this sudden bout of raw lust was nothing more than my body telling me to rut with another. It wouldn't be the first time it happened. My younger sibling had succumbed to his instincts with some little mousy brunette with awkward glasses, and the two of them lived in the second Darklore estate.

"Kakia, your body smells so good. I'm getting drunk" Rowan chuckled, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I heard him inhale deeply, seeming to be as equally stimulated by my scent as I was with his. I half expected the lingering aroma of Rowan's skin to smell stale and of dirt regardless of his earlier drowning, but instead he smelled sweet, a unique bouquet that was neither like flowers or pastries. It was simply Rowan.

Rowan's soft words disappeared as his mouth latched on my throat, the heavy, panting breath making my body shudder as it washed over my sensitive flesh. With my arms still wrapped around his neck and his fingers strongly gripping my member, I allowed Rowan to push me back onto the horizontal surface. Even though I was a king and a man that normally hated to be touched by outsiders, I still allowed Rowan to spread my legs apart and boldly expose the quivering unseen regions of my body to the world.

The moment that I allowed my body to relax against the cool stone of the obelisk that Rowan had thrown me on, I abandoned all my misconceptions of this man. He neither forced himself into me the second I was laid out nor in any way strike me harshly to emphasize his force. If anything, he held me down with little strength as I became his equal during this intimate exchange of heated breath and passion.

"You're letting me mount you like this so easily, Kakia? Where did that defiance go?" he asked, his hand removed from my aching need for the moment as he focused more on my face. Anger and stubbornness had since taken its leave for the time being in my heart and mind, and I found myself unable to be enraged by his words. I could not be defiant against something I now wanted. "And what are we lying on anyway?"

"It's an Abigorian obelisk that I stole from the demon king, Sarus" I replied, hearing Rowan give a simple, curt laugh at my thievery. With his expression still one of mild amusement, I watched in wonder as he began to lick his fingers sensually, the very sight of it making my body quiver. In an instant my legs were pulled apart as wide as they could go, allowing Rowan to press his wet digits to the threshold of my body. I tensed, unsure if I wanted this now that it was happening and he felt my anxiety.

Rowan didn't speak a word to me about the sudden tightness of my body, nor did he question if I was alright; he merely leaned in to capture my lips in a torrid kiss. Moaning into him, I relaxed subconsciously from the sensual dance of our tongues and was not prepared for his next action. Having used my lapse of judgment against me, I screamed into the stale air of the room when Rowan so unceremoniously shoved his fingers inside my body, the sudden intrusion wracking my frame with remarkable sensations.

"Ugh, so sudden…" I gasped, gripping his shoulders tightly as he made it a slow torture of sinfully sliding his digits from the wanton opening, only to stab me harder each time. I screamed every second he fondled me so cruelly, my very life blood and veins feeling as though they had been lit on fire.

"I didn't think you'd have such an eager body. Then again, this flesh is still young and beautiful" Rowan said softly, his free hand squeezing my thigh for emphasis. I merely laid back, my head swimming with the enrapturing ambiance. Rowan truly was a demon, a hellion bent on ripping away every shred of my once pure body. Yes, I had never allowed anyone to ever place their hands on me like this, nor had I ever allowed anyone to speak to me the way Rowan did. I had lost my mind, my shattered intelligence greedily plucked dry by this man's ravenous talons and I could only wonder what he planned to do with me after this all.

"I'm going to hurt you" Rowan uttered suddenly, catching my attention. Even through the haze in my mind I lifted my head to look him in the eyes, seeing that familiar glint of crazed lust that he had from earlier, yet this time, it held traces of a more subtle, calming emotion. He would hurt me yes, but my years of sensual exploration had led me to believe that no matter how much it might ache painfully, that same ache would soon blossom into pleasure. I had nothing to fear from Rowan Adonis Valen. "Kakia, I'm going to enter you, please endure."

Regardless of the Rowan's warning, I still cried out, my voice broken and foreign to my ears as the head of my strange lover's erection impaled me. Panting between screams, my body trembled harshly against the rough exterior of the stone as Rowan's pulsating appendage was pushed forward in a single, smooth thrust. The quick entrance left me twisting in pain while my hands found the only means to ease my suffering by digging into the arms of the man responsible for my anguish.

"It hurts, t-take it out!" I cried, my once unharmed orifice unable to totally accommodate the large girth shuddering inside me. It was excruciating, the heated length now throbbing inside me like a pillar of scalding metal intent on melting me from the inside out. Looking to Rowan for some pity, I felt my eyes dampen with tears, praying he'd release me from this awful moment. However, the only emotion to cross his face was desire as he forcefully drove back into me and my throat opened in a startled scream. This twisted angel was right, I would scream and did. "R-Rowan! Ngh…s-stop! Ahn!"

"No, it'll get better" he reassured, but at this point I was not willing to believe his candor. Surely if it hurt this much now there would be no way that it would feel better.

"No! Get the hell off me!" I demanded, twisting my leg so that I might kick him in the face and remove him from inside me. However, upon the awkward flailing and twisting of my legs, it only served to help Rowan thrust into me once again, this time resulting in a loud, hard moan to fall from my lips. I was utterly shocked, my mind blank as flickers of pleasurable phenomena seemed to flow through me and I was surprised at my own reaction. Gone was the pained groans and antagonizing cruelty of Rowan's arousal, and instead it was all replaced with the strange sensations of perfection.

"There, see? I wasn't lying, Kakia" he chided as his cooling hand came to rest on my face, and the skilled digits of this beastly angel threaded through my hair, enticing me further. What would I do with your now, Rowan? You gave me so many different emotions and physical reactions that I had no idea my body could experience. Rowan was certainly a prize I could not remove from my treasury nor remove from my side now that I had been indulged in his desires.

"It…it certainly feels otherworldly" I whispered to him and only him. No one else needed to know of our secret moment of bliss or question it. Whether it was the last time Rowan would ever touch me or not, I wanted to keep it private. I heard a soft chuckle then, as if Rowan could hear the endless banter of my senses in my head, my thoughts running amuck with no outlet.

"You think far too much even during this" Rowan smirked, his hips jutting forward to thrust himself deeper into me and elicit more ardent cries of need from my mouth. "Just turn your thoughts off and simply feel."

Nodding sluggishly at this request, I stopped my erratic thought process of pointless questions of the soon and now. I tried to feel with my entire body and soul, to truly experience the driving force that was Rowan Valen, this prince from some strange land. I sighed, my mind desperately trying to hang on to my notions as Rowan gave a rousing thrust forward and I had to bite my lip as the pleasure washed over me like a bucket of scalding water. The heated blessing was earth shattering, Rowan's manhood seeming to fill me to the brim each time he would thrust home, shaking the very foundation we laid against.

Vaguely, through my own cries, I picked up on Rowan moaning heavily into the air, his face splashed softly with red from the exerting work out and his eagerness to lose himself in the feeling. I too felt it as Rowan's length continued to pound into me, every inch of the sultry heat striking the very center of my body to make me scream from that cruel, cruel pleasure. He was quite skilled, I had to admit to that, as his hands gripped my thighs and pushed them into my chest for a more suitable angle. This change of pace had completely changed the way I felt everything, as Rowan used me to brace himself in order to plunge hard and long into the welcoming heat my body offered.

I gasped suddenly, unsure of what had transpired when I felt warmth against my stomach and a satisfying shiver seemed to crawl all over my skin. Lifting my tired head from the stone I stared in wonder at the white puddles of my essence now pooled against me, the proof that Rowan could stimulate me without so much as stroking my member. Yet, I was embarrassed, my body soiling itself like some immature and inexperienced youth! It was pitiful, and from the sound of Rowan laughing, he too believed I was a fool as well.

"Shut up" I growled, unable to look at the other man as he continued to thrust into me, my lower extremities becoming rigid again every time the head of his remarkable length would stab the jangled nerves inside my passage. However, Rowan's soft lips pressing to my own were all I needed to quell my worries about my premature release and opted for a new idea. Sitting up quickly, I wrapped my arms around his neck and forced my body to collide with his, startling him enough that he fell back onto the floor with a loud grunt.

"What are you doing?!" Rowan demanded as I now straddled him, my legs trembling on either side of his body. I hadn't expected the sudden crash to the floor to make such an impact between the two of us, but Rowan's length skewering me like it had nearly forced my body to ejaculate again.

"It's my turn to be on top" I said shakily, though I was determined to still my trembling voice. It was not my original intent to ride the vile angel like some wild beast, but in this position and with the handsome face of my untamed pet beneath me, I wanted this more than ever. Rowan's lips parted in response to my demands, but I silenced him quickly with the rotating of my hips and shivered with delight when Rowan's snark voice came out in a pleased moan. "Oh, that's wonderful, Rowan."

"Heh, you're quite a tease, aren't you?" Rowan asked, his finger gripping the soft mounds of my buttocks. Again our positions in dominance changed and although Rowan had a slight upper hand in this sexual relationship due to being the one penetrating, I knew that I held some power. After all, gratification would not be possible if Rowan didn't have a place to stick his cock.

I chuckled at his question and the fingers trying to pester my unyielding erection. I felt the need to slap his hands away, but ignored it for now. Instead to seek vengeance on him for making me scream so much and release so soon, I lifted my hips until I was certain that Rowan's arousal threatened to slide out before slamming my weight down upon him. The affirmative action resulted in the response I was hoping for as Rowan's head fell back and his hands gripped my thighs as hard as they could.

Smirking at the new development I began to ride Rowan's muscular body with steady, hard downward thrusts, hoping to milk the cruelty right out of him. Within the quiet of the room I listened intently to the sounds exchanged between the two of us. Underneath me Rowan would groan softly, while I could hear my own panting whimpers over the sounds of our bodies connecting heavily with each other. Our moments of bliss could only truly be classified as some warped enchantment, to think that a Darklore and an angel could become one for a brief moment of time.

It was a strange thought indeed, but somehow it fueled my desire to give Rowan the best treatment he could receive. Although I hated his advances at first, I realized I was merely trying to deny shameful things about myself that really weren't as disgraceful as I believed. There was nothing wrong with giving in to one's desires. That thought alone made my heart swell as I placed my hands on Rowan's chest and felt his heart beat erratically under my finger tips as we both pushed up and down to meet each other's demands.

"Uhn, Rowan!" I cried much to the angel's enjoyment; after all, it was Rowan that told me from the moment we began this bizarre sexual encounter that I would scream his name. It was not surprising since even beneath me Rowan still managed to make me tremble and weep with pleasure. My rigid member was already turning an awful, swollen red colour during these events and I could only conclude that Rowan's was probably in worst shape.

As if reading my mind, a trait which I was now certain Rowan possessed, he gripped my legs tightly and before I knew it I was on my back again, trembling from the sudden cold. Rowan smirked, clearly liking this position best as he leaned down to give me a soft kiss. I accepted his mouth tenderly enough, my teeth biting down on his tongue to draw out some hungry purrs from the self-indulgent lion.

"Looks painful…" Rowan chuckled when our kiss broke, his fingers tweaking the head of my weeping member. I growled at him, smacking his hands away to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Yet as much as he teased, I knew for certain that based on the engorged flesh pulsating inside me that Rowan was on the verge of exploding. Although it would be most entertaining to wait until Rowan passed out from the pain, I would be setting myself up for an awkward situation. I certainly wouldn't want a man of Rowan's build to suddenly lose consciousness while on top of me. Not that he would.

"You're in no position to talk, Rowan" I smirked, intentionally tightening myself around him. He gave a surprised grunt from the constricting heat, his face quickly burning scarlet at the cruel torture. Licking my lips at his torment, I pushed my hips into him, hoping to make him scream for me. However, he certainly wouldn't bless my ears with his beguiling cries out of sheer defiance. He was that sort of man, one that wouldn't let go even in the throws of passion. I suppose it was fair to say that I was the polar opposite; I had no problem, apparently, letting my voice out during fornication.

As Rowan insistently began forcing me to ride atop him, I placed my hands on his waist to better anchor myself. He was clearly holding back from reaching climax, his face contorted in an expression of deep concentration as he looked up at me with his searing emerald gaze. I felt it bore into me, his feral eyes penetrating me deeper than even his endowment hoped to accomplish. Just by him staring at me was more pleasurable than the actual immaculate length being thrust inside me and I was certain that he was trying to shatter me to pieces like the weakest of glass.

Originally I had wanted to claim him, to break every part of his mind and body in order to mold him into the perfect slave, but things always have a way of changing. Now as I fell to his chest, my face pressed against the broad plain of his body, I knew that despite the fight I had, and would forever put up, with him would eventually lead to accepting everything about this man, even the worst. He had already demonstrated to me that even if he was an angel, he certainly wasn't a pure being. Rowan was rough, nearly cruel in his actions and a horribly strong creature that held little regard for treating people like living, feeling beings. That is, except for me as far as I could see. Rowan Adonis Valen and Kakia Darklore were, in fact, each other's shadows; we seemed to be made for each other.

"What's wrong?" Rowan asked, his fingers lazily combing through the sweat dappled tresses upon my head. I felt myself purr, loving so intensely this intimate action that was beloved by most Darklore.

"Mm, I-I can't…it's a bit much for me…" I admitted, my body becoming exhausted and overwhelmed with the sensations. Perhaps I was delicate after all, at least when sex was concerned. I could still easily tear apart an enemy, but this particular enemy was something else entirely.

"Don't worry about it" Rowan said softly, his arms winding around my body until once more the cool tile met my back. More comfortable than the obelisk, it made for the suitable place for us to finish our moment of bliss. Rowan wasn't kidding around any further as he gripped me tightly to himself and I felt the plunge of his thick manhood spear into me like a thousand daggers. I gasped into his collar, my eyes wide at the sudden, forceful driving into my bruised orifice. My voice was wailing, the sound now echoing through the entire room as Rowan killed me with pleasure. The shrill cries of elation could certainly be heard, I mused, five stories below us as anyone outside or even inside would hear our actions.

"A-Ahn! R-Rowan!" I cried, my arms wrapped around his neck and my fingers tore into his back with every brutal pierce of Rowan's length. My lover was getting close, I could tell, his face damp with his sweat while his breath was coming out in heavy, grunting pants. He was determined to finish, but I knew that despite my earlier release, he was holding back again maybe so that we could reach our peak together. It was a silly thought on my part, but I truly believed it.

While I gripped forcefully to Rowan, I felt his hands slide over the sides of my body until they came to rest on my waist. The agile, elegant fingers of my lover found their way between our bodies and I could not suppress the shudder when his fist enclosed around my heated sex. Rowan's intentions became fevered, his hips ramming forward into my silken channel and the hand around my erection threatened to crush the essence out of me.

However, before it could come to that, Rowan gave an abrupt, feral cry like the untamed creature he was and his pace increased. The smooth strokes became erratic and I clung to him, my lips parted in unvoiced screams as he pumped my arousal to mirror his powerful thrusts. When his hands had pestered me endlessly my body went rigid and I once again felt the familiar splash of heat against my stomach. However, this time there was another blistering heat that seemed to radiate from inside as I watched Rowan tense above me, his head tossed back gently as he released his seed into my awaiting body.

Neither of us cried out, we merely panted and twitched as the last of our essence spilled forth while we held to each other, ultimately spent. Rowan remained silent, his head resting comfortably against my chest as he tried to control his breathing in small, nearly inaudible gasps. I too laid like that, my legs locked around Rowan's waist in an attempt to keep him in place. I feared that if he pulled out now the strange warmth would escape and I'd lose a part of him.

"So, my prince, what do you plan to do with me now?" Rowan questioned softly, his voice cutting through the long silence.

"I'm not sure. You're still my pet, aren't you?" I smiled as I gently played with the golden strands of his hair and I swore I heard a purr from this cruelly gentle lion.

"No, I will never be your pet. Instead I'll be your lord and you beside me. Either in your kingdom or my own, you will belong to me, Kakia."

"Will I? Then I certainly hope you're prepared to deal with me" I chuckled, knowing that a life with me will be difficult. I was a spoiled, angry king and it would take much to please me. However, since this man, this ruler from another country was so successful in satisfying me, I was certain I wouldn't have any issues.

Rowan merely gave a quick laugh at my proclamation, but it was soothing enough knowing that this man planned to keep me, and covet me, for himself. Perhaps I was loved. It was a silly thought, but a nice one nevertheless.

With Rowan's lips softly devouring my mouth in a sweet kiss, I laid back and allowed myself to become prey to my feral, beautiful lion in the room full of my selfish collections. My eyes slid closed as exhaustion stole me away, and I fell asleep, the face of my beloved angel the last thing I saw.

"Master? Master? Wake up, we're here."

My eyes opened to the world after a soft touch to my face and the gentle scent of fresh fields of open green met my senses. Shifting from my comfortable position against a firm, strong frame I yawned and peered out the window.

"Where is this place?" I asked, turning to the man beside me. There was a smile upon his lips, a gentle, softness that made my heart flutter wildly in my chest.

"It's a bazaar known for exotic and rare finds" my companion said softly, his hand taking mine gently and a smile once again graced his lips as he kissed my hand. "Come, Kakia. This place will be perfect for you."

Obediently I exited the carriage and held close to Rowan, my beloved mate and fellow king of Aethelwyne. We walked hand in hand, our presence intriguing the eyes of many around, but none would dare take us from each other. Within this vast market many seedy traders pawned off their wares, while some legitimate merchants offered great finds for a certain price, but none could dare compare to the treasure walking with me.

It had been four years since our fated meeting, Rowan's strength and profound intelligence having made Aethelwyne a greater kingdom overnight. I had released my reign as leading king over to him, knowing my country was better suited in the hands of the rightful leader. Yet I held no qualms about it and never would. Aethelwyne would become greater than ever with Rowan and I ruling over it.

"They say that the staff of headmaster Gemini Menelaus is in this very lot" Rowan said softly, his lips tantalizingly close to my ear in a hushed whisper. I trembled, feeling his arms hold me close and his hand come to rest on my stomach. The life inside me seemed to acknowledge the touch and I smiled. Our kingdom would strive for millennia more, ruled over strongly by our family of Darklore.

"Then let us find it and be gone from here, Rowan. I'd sooner be home with you" I said softly, my lips finding his in a sweet kiss. The impudent angel from before had become so much since our first meeting; he had become my lover, my king, but ultimately, my soul mate.

And the best part?

He was still so beautifully cruel.



Kakia Darklore, William Ormond, and all other mentioned characters © KenyakoDivination

Rowan Adonis Valen © Repsychus