Eric Evergreen woke up in his bed with a massive headache

Eric Evergreen woke up in his bed with a massive headache. He looked miserably at the calendar and cringed. It was the 11th anniversary of the day his foster brother, Clark Tenerwood, raped him and turned him into his permanent sex slave.


Eric was 6 and had been living in the Tenerwood house for a little over a year, after witnessing the vicious massacre of his family. The tragedy had scarred him and he made an oath to himself, swearing to never speak again.

Clark was 10 and had been left in charge of babysitting Eric while his parents went to a party.

About an hour after Mr. and Mrs. Tenerwood left, Clark cornered Eric and stripped him before brutally raping him. When he was done, he put a cat collar on him and locked it tight, branding Eric as his property for 11 years.


Eric heard the door to the room next to his open and heard two pairs of feet scampering down the hallway.

He sighed and got out of bed with the realization that his younger foster sisters, Amber and Jacklynn, were awake.

Clark was on the couch watching movies on Demand when Eric tip-toed past him. Sneaking into the kitchen, Eric turned on the stove and began making pancakes.

Amber and Jacklynn sat at the kitchen table and chattered animatedly as Eric gracefully flipped two large pancakes, nervously glancing at Clark out of the corner of his eye.

Eric served the girls their pancakes and started making his own.

"Eric! Can we have syrup?" Amber chimed.

Clark looked into the kitchen at the mention of Eric's name.

"Mm." Eric turned and got the syrup out of the cabinet and handed it to Amber, trying his best to avoid eye contact with Clark.

Clark smirked at Eric's caution and took a seat at the end of the table.

Eric quickly flipped his pancakes onto a plate and sat timidly at the table, across from Clark.

"Hey! Where're my pancakes?" Clark huffed.

Eric looked up at Clark briefly from under his messy hair.

"Chop chop!" Clark folded his hands under his chin and grinned at Eric.

Eric quickly chugged down his orange juice and went to the stove to make more pancakes.

Clark grinned even wider and stood up. Looking over Eric's shoulder, he pressed his body against Eric's and watched the pancake-making.

"Can I have them in the shape of hearts?" Clark whispered into Eric's ear.

Eric shivered against Clark's breath and shifted his weight in the uncomfortable position.

The girls finished their breakfast and left the kitchen to go play games in the living room.

Clark quickly took advantage of their being alone together and forcefully pushing Eric's head to the side. Eric gasped as he felt Clark's tongue caressing his pale white skin.

"Aah…" he tried his best to concentrate on making pancakes, but couldn't seem to keep his vision in focus.

Clark switched from licking to sucking.

Eric lost grip of his spatula and the feeling in his knees. He felt himself collapse to the ground, bringing Clark down with him, and found himself in an even more uncomfortable position than before.

He was laying on the marble floor on his back, with Clark perched lightly on top of him.

"Well, well, well…" Clark droned.

Eric tried to form a sentence but soon realized that his lips were moving, but no words were coming out.

"Happy anniversary, love."

Eric's eyes widened in terror as he remembered being beaten and stripped before being held down on the bed and violently raped of his virginity.

His widened eyes welled up with tears as he remembered screaming out for help, despite his oath to never speak again. He remembered Clark hitting him in the face for screaming and trying to convince Eric that he was doing it all out of "love".

Eric's lips trembled in silent protest as Clark's hands slowly slid up his shirt.

Clark looked down at Eric and sighed.

"Maybe its too early for this." He rolled off of Eric.

Eric sat up and pulled away from Clark.

"I'll get you later, though." Clark stood up and patted Eric on the head before leaving the room.

Eric scowled bitterly and stood up. He looked at the stove and turned it off.

"Oh right. Can I have my pancakes now?" Clark game back in.

Eric quickly dropped the two pancakes onto a small plate and thrust it at Clark.

Clark took the pancakes and grinned at Eric.

"I like it when you're feisty." He snickered.

Eric blushed furiously and stomped out of the kitchen, trying his best to make a dramatic exit.