A small note from Ben: This was not proofed and it's short. I didn't have anyone to read it so uh…sorry. I wrote this for a creative writing project. Somehow I got an A oO Who knows. But it was also written as an early-now-very-late birthday present for SerialXlain.

Damien sighs wearily and kicks another stone down the side of the road. He'd been walking for hours and hours, not really too sure of where he was going.

Another car passes by and he shoves his cold, left hand out of his pocket, with his thumb up. For a second, the car slows down, but just as Damien gets a slight hope of being somewhere warm, the car speeds back up and leaves him yet again, alone.

He shivers and turns up the collar of his red and white varsity jacket. I should have worn something warmer. Danm, I'm stupid. His hand wanders down into his pocket and re-surfaces with his cell phone: 1:30 a.m. It vibrates again, reminding Damien that he's missed, or rather ignored another call from his mom for about the seventh time. She's probably worried sick about me and I don't even fucking care. I swore to her that I would leave if he ever touched me again. I swore to her and she didn't listen.

"Screw the both of you!" he screams and throws his phone into the pavement as hard as his arms would let him. "I fucking hate you!" He screams it once, twice, three times, and with each, slams his foot as hard as he can in into the remaining pieces of the phone.

It was thoroughly destroyed and he looks down at it satisfied, almost as if it were his "father" as him mom made him call the man, broken into tiny fragments. Damien laughs once more, looks at it a final time, and walks away.

Another set of headlights flash in the distance, a blinding white, halogen beacon through the snowfall. Damien sticks his arm out again, hoping for somebody, anybody to stop and let him hitch a ride for even just a few hours. This time his wish came true. The car tries to stop and skids on the thin layer of snow covering the asphalt but finally comes to a complete rest a few feet from his shivering body.

The window rolls down and heat pours out into the air warming Damien's face as he walks up to the vehicle.

"Need a ride, kid?" He doesn't recognize the voice, but something in it tells him the man is friendly.

"Y-yeah, if you wouldn't mind," Damien grins through chattering teeth.

"Get in then."


The clock on the radio says 3:27 a.m. It's playing a half-tuned radio station and Damien can't even figure out what kind of music it is. Sounds like rap and… country? What the hell?

"You sleep okay kid?" The man asks and takes another drag from his cigarette.

"If you want to call it that…where are we?" he sighs. Damien looks out the window, only to see trees flying by at an immense pace, and dark. Nothing but trees and dark. Wonderful.

"It doesn't matter," the man says. His voice that makes Damien worry.

"Everything's going to be just fine, it always is."

"Wha- what's that supposed to mean?"

The man takes a hand off the wheel and stretches it out toward Damien and rests it on his thigh.

"What are you doing?" Damien whispers, and tries to hide the fear coursing through his veins.

"Have to pay up somehow, don't we kid?"

"Please get your hand off of me." Shit, what have I gotten into? This is bad, Damien. Bad bad bad you stupid fucker.

"No one's gonna find out. Just you, and me will know." The man pulls off to the side of the road and shifts the car into park, locks the doors, and leans over Damien.

"I think I'll walk now. Thanks for the ride, mister," Damien whimpers.

"I don't think so. A ride for a ride."

"Get away from me you sick fuck!" Damien feels for the lock but the man is trying to pin him down, making it harder for him to do so. Please just open please just open.

The door finally swings open and he tumbles out onto the pavement, slamming his head in the process. The world stops short for a moment in a foggy blur. I need to run. Damn it Damien get up and run! Come on get up!

On wobbly legs he takes off but doesn't have much luck since his head is spinning. I need to get away. The car starts back up and tires squeal. He's leaving! Oh god he's going away! But the car whips around and soon the headlights are behind him, shortening the distance between Damien and that damned car.

I'm going to die…

The car slams into him, pulling the boy onto the hood with invisible arms, squeezing the very existence out of him, and dropping him onto the windshield, shattering it into a million spider webs.

The man stops the car, gets out, and examines his handiwork. "I told you kid, you'd pay one way or the other," He laughs and opens his trunk, pulling a can of gas out. He sets it down and drags Damien's near lifeless body into a murky ditch on the side. Slowly he pours the fuel on the boy, inhaling the acrid smell and smiling.

With Damien completely soaked, he lights a match, widens his smile, and drops it. Flames engulf the boy, consuming him with insatiable hunger. They burn his hair, his clothes turn to ashes, skin bubbles. And all Damien can do is lie there, unable to scream or move.

The man watches in satisfaction until the flames die out and nothings left of the boy's identity.

He gets into his now battered car, turns the ignition, and drives away without another thought.

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