Chapter 3 – Genesis




Chris shifted in his bed, his head pounding. He gasped at the pain, his eyes closed. What did he do last night? The last thing he remembered was grabbing the case of beer and plopping down in front of the television, hoping to drown out his misery and sorrows. What happened next was all a blur of visions, noises, and sensations. He knew something big happened last night, something that was irreversible. He just couldn't remember. Sighing he shifted his body over to leave his bed –

– only to fall on top of his father.

Chris froze. His eyes slowly opened up further and discovered not only his last remaining parent was in his bed with him, but upon further inspection so was his brother behind him. Chris didn't move, not even a muscle twitched. What exactly happened last night?

He saw that while he was tucked under his bed sheet, Jake and his father where above the covering and had wrapped themselves around the youngest member of the family. Chris shifted subtly, trying to escape the hold his family had on him without waking them up. His bladder was practically screaming at him and his head felt like he had one of his father's jackhammers inside of it. He felt sticky and dirty as well, which he attributed to not showering before he went to bed. Slowly, ever so slowly, he eased himself out of the intertwined arms and legs around him and slide silently to the floor.

Chris looked back his bed. His brother and father were sleeping peacefully still. It was hard to imagine that he had actually managed to fit between the two of them comfortably. It was almost as if he was meant to be between them…

Shaking his head, Chris stealthily moved out into the hallway, closing his bedroom door. It was foolish to think such thoughts. His family didn't like him, and that wouldn't change anytime soon, despite their recent actions. He padded down to the bathroom, shedding his grungy clothing along the way. In the bathroom, he put his clothes in the hamper and begins to search for some headache medicine for his apparent hangover. Locating some, he swallowed a few pills and quickly brushed his teeth afterwards. He stepped into the shower, settling the knob on cold. That's what people did when they were trying to recover from a hangover quicker right?

Finishing up, he stepped out of the shower shivering. Drying himself, he wrapped a towel around his waist and, without a sound, went back into his bedroom. His family was still in the same positions as before. He looked past them at his alarm clock. 8:30 a.m. glared back at him. Damn it, he slept through the school bus and half of his first class. Moving to his dresser, he began putting on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Winter was approaching and he got cold easier than most people with his thin frame. After putting on a sweater and some ratty shoes, he went back to the hallway, closing his bedroom door behind him one last time.

Walking downstairs, he saw the pillows on the couch had been thrown off and were stationed randomly around the nearby floor, as if they had been thrown off the piece of furniture in desperation. The television was still playing, silent images shining back at him. Odd – he thought he turned it off. Something just wasn't adding up.

The kitchen was next. He went in, shuffling through the cabinets for a breakfast snack. Finding some granola bars, he snagged a cup as well and poured himself a glass of water from the sink. His headache was lessening a bit since taking the pills and that cold shower. He was never drinking ever again if he had his way.

Finishing up his meager breakfast, Chris rinsed out his cup and placed it in the dishwasher. He moved to the trashcan to dispose of the granola wrapper. Opening it, he started to toss out the small trash bit but froze in both shock and remembrance.

Staring back at him, almost in an accusing manner, were all of the empty beer bottles he consumed. He stumbled back, flashes of memory assaulting him:

"Champ, what did you do?"

"Lemme go. You hate me!"

"Baby bro, I don't hate you."

"I'm afraid."

"Please don't leave me! I'll be good, I swear!

"Pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise."

"This okay little bro?"

"We're so sorry."

Dropping the granola wrapper, Chris turned and ran into the hallway. There it was. Next to the coat closet was his instrument case – one of his most precious possessions. Grabbing it, he quickly moved to the front door. He needed to escape, to find his ground once more. Things were spiraling out of control and he was honestly scared. Last night was full of confessions and he didn't know what to do. His father and brother had said they were sorry, but Chris couldn't deal with them now. He wasn't sure how to act around them. He needed room to breath, to think…

The front door opened and closed, banging as though it were a gavel in a courtroom, sentencing final judgment.

Jake snuggled closer to the center of the bed, subconsciously searching for the body he just knew should have been there. Reaching blindly, he felt away further and further until he grasped his dad's hairy forearm, not his little brother's smooth skin. Opening his eyes, Jake realized that Chris was no longer between him and his lover. "Dad, wake up!" Jake yelled, shaking his older lover. Rick moaned and opened a bleary eye. "Chris is gone!"

It took Rick a second to process the information, but once that tidbit of data had passed, he was leaping off the bed, searching his son's bedroom in panic. "Where-where did he go?!" cried Rick. He had hoped last night their issues would have started to become resolved, but now this problem had arisen. Looking around, he noticed that Chris's shoes were gone. Jake went into the hallway and into the bathroom to check on it. Noticing the telltale signs of someone who had showered and cleaned themselves up, he also spotted the headache pills containers was open. "Dad, Chris was in here!" Rick rushed in. Chris's towel was hanging on the wall rack, drying innocently. His toothbrush was leaning over the sink, doing the same thing as the towel. Rick groaned and ran downstairs, Jake following him. Both were still wearing their clothes from the previous day, yet they were totally oblivious to this fact as they searched desperately for their seemingly 'lost' relative.

Jake reached the kitchen and saw the granola wrapper on the floor and the trashcan lid still open. Chris must have seen all the beer bottles Jake threw away in there last night and remembered what happened since then. But why would he run away then? Wouldn't his little bro be happy that things were finally working out between him and his no longer distant family?

Rick was on the phone, desperately trying to get in contact with someone who could help. The police were no good; they said that a missing person's report couldn't go out until that person had been missing for over 24 hours. Rick couldn't shake the case of chills he got after hearing that. Anything could happen to Chris in that span of time! Rape, mugging, being beaten, Rick could feel his heart start to overreact; he needed to calm down damn it! He called all of his co-workers next. They had yet to start their day since Rick himself wasn't there. Quickly explaining the situation to them, he had his crew members split up and start combing the city. Rick promised them a day's extra pay, but they refused – all of them would do anything for Rick. He was a hard worker, and he wasn't afraid to do the same tasks he required of his workers. Plus all of them were glad to see him finally coming to his senses about the whole Chris situation.

He hung up on his assistant and started to dial the school. Maybe Chris went there, showing up late? It was highly unlikely. The boy should have had a hangover this morning the size of a damn bull, but here they were; no Chris and a frantic Rick and Jake about to lose their heads. Rick listened to the office secretary, saying that Chris hadn't come in. She assured him though that if he did, she could contact him as soon as possible on his cell phone. Rick thanked her and hung up, practically vibrating with worry. Why would Chris leave, after all they said last night?

"What now dad?" questioned Jake. Rick looked at his son and lover. They had been through a lot, both growing up and becoming stronger, leaning on each other for support and care. And now when they faced the possibility of expanding and finally becoming a family, and maybe something more, Chris disappears on them without a word. He spoke with a tone of command, "We go out ourselves and start combing the neighborhoods and parks. He couldn't have gotten that far on foot."

They left, quickly locking up the house and piling into Ricks battered truck. They sped off, windows rolled down and eyes peering about in frantic scrutiny. Road by road, they drove up and down, Jake scanning in between homes and within the trees, watching for any signs of his baby brother. Rick was on the phone, constantly checking up with his coworkers on their statuses. So far none had found Chris. Snapping his phone in exasperation, Rick slammed his hands against the steering wheel when the two reached a stoplight. "Where could he have gone?" he roared, both in anger and in fear.

Jake sat next to him quietly, silently going through all the places he remembered Chris playing at when they were kids. The memories were fuzzy, and some of the places Jake couldn't remember at all. Suddenly another memory came to mind. A park that the entire family used to go to when they had their mom still. Chris had loved it because it had the best swings and there was a hill that was perfect for rolling down. And at the top of the hill was a gazebo where one could sit and quietly look out at the rest of the park. Jake was almost positive that Chris would be there.

"Dad, make a left here." Rick looked over at his oldest son in question. "I think I know where Chris went." He nodded. They drove quickly, skittering just above the speed limit. The last thing they needed was for a cop to pull them over. Finally, after a few minutes, they approached the park. Driving into the parking lot, both Rick and Jake leapt out when the truck was still. Rick followed Jake, who seemed to know where Chris was. "Remember this park dad?" asked Jake as they ran across a field, in between Frisbee throwers and other families. Rick nodded after a while. "It was your mom's and Chris's favorite place to go." he responded. It had been forever since he had been here. Well before Lindsey's death.

"There!" cried Jake, pointing at the swings. At them sat a lone figure in one of the swings. The body's language spoke volumes; the shoulders were drooped, the back was hunched over, and the head was hanging down in sadness and loneliness. As Rick and Jake moved closer, they could definitely tell it was Chris, sitting there next to his instrument. Slowing to a walk, the two of them drew near the front of him. He didn't look up yet; his feet were on the ground, slowly pushing himself back and forth on the wood-chipped ground. Rick was struck by nostalgia; he remembered how they had come here and used these exact swings when his boys were younger. Lindsey would push Chris back and forth and he would push Jake. Jake had always wanted to go higher than the other kids, while Chris was perfectly happy being pushed at a slower rate. How many times, Rick pondered to himself in misery, did Chris come here, escaping form his house?

Chris's voice broke the silence. "So now you know everything. My running away, my attempted suicides, my dreams." His voice was weak and scratchy, as though he had been crying again. He looked up at them, his eyes were a little pink and his cheeks were red from the cool wind that was blowing around them. "Where do we stand now, now that my secrets are all out?"

Chris just sat there, staring between the two of them in passive silence. He didn't say anything afterwards, patiently waiting for a response.

Rick moved to sit on the swing to Chris's right, and Jake sat his left. Neither said a word for a while. The three of them were quiet; Chris looking back and forth between his family. Finally Rick spoke. "Chris, I don't know how to say this and have you believe me, but I am truly sorry for what we did to you." Chris tensed, being reminded of that night where he screamed at his father and brother. "I know what we did was wrong, I know that we hurt you, that there is no excuse for our behavior. But please," and here Rick paused, trying to control the emotion in his voice. "Please let me and Jake tell our sides, so you can understand. Just listen, that's all I ask."

Chris felt the stiffness leave his body. Slowly he relaxed and nodded his head, looking down and not at his parent. Rick gave a sad smile. "When your mom died, I was devastated. I worked so hard for her, so that we had a roof over our heads when the two of you were born. I gave up my college dreams for her and you and Jake, and I have never regretted that. Because I was blessed with two amazing sons. So when I learned that she had died, I felt as though reality had crumbled around me." Rick felt the emotions start to bleed through into his voice. "Every time I saw you Chris, I saw Lindsey. You looked so much like her then, you still do. I know that you thought I blamed you for your mom's death, I could see it in your eyes. That was never the case." The tears started to fall, and Rick's shoulders started shaking. "I took the coward's way out Chris. I never stopped loving you, I just never got over the hurt of losing my wife. So I used you as a focal point for my grief; I figured that if I ignored you, then the pain of my loss would fade away. I never saw you as your own person since the funeral." Chris was now looking at him with wide eyes. "I'm so sor-sorry Chris. I know I'll never have your forgiveness, but please, don't h-hate me-e. I co-couldn't handle that." Rick finished, practically bawling next to his youngest.

Chris was stunned. What he had been led to believe for the past 6 years hadn't been true. His father didn't hate him, he was just afraid and Chris constantly inadvertently reminded him of his loss. It wasn't Chris's fault; it was just how things played out. Chris awkwardly took his father's hands in his own, and gave them a gentle squeeze. He saw how small his hands were to his father's; his practically dainty compared to his father's massive mitts. His father – no thought Chris – his dad looked up at him in wonder. Finding his voice, Chris whispered, "I have never hated you these past years. No matter the silence, or the disregard, I have always loved you and Jake. I did however stop calling you dad. You were just 'Father' to me when I spoke about you, because I felt that our connection had withered away. So I tried to distance myself from you, just as you were doing to me. But I never hated you."

Rick stared at his youngest, shocked at both the level of maturity Chris was showing and the revelation that he didn't hate him. Rick nodded in understanding, unable to do much more after hearing what he had just heard. Hearing a throat being cleared, Chris turned around and looked at his brother Jake. "Well I guess it's my turn, huh bro?" said Jake, trying to make light of the situation. Chris wasn't sure if he could handle any more surprises like the one from his dad.

Jake looked away from Chris, staring up at the cloudy, grey sky. "I'm the same with dad, about you looking so much like mom. I would look at you, but I would see mom, but I knew she was dead and you were there. I was angry, because I actually thought that it was your fault she had died." Jake closed his eyes in personal anguish. "But I grew up a bit and matured, finally realizing that it wasn't your fault. You loved mom so much. But by then I saw how dad was treating you so I copied him. Looking back, I know it was stupid of me to do." "You idolized him Jake." Chris interrupted. "It makes sense that you would copy him." Jake shook his head violently, "But that doesn't make it right or justified. You were hurting because you saw mom die, and we were terrible to you. For 6 years Chris, I would lay in my bedroom and here you across the hallway crying yourself to sleep. It hurt me to hear that, but every time I mustered up the courage to try and talk to you, my resolve would crumble. Or you would look at me with your expressive eyes and I would retreat."

Chris opened his mouth to reply, but Jake cut him off. "I'm not saying that it was your fault. I would just look at you and see the wrongs that I committed and I would be ashamed. But I never stepped up to fix this gap between us. I can handle physical things Chris. Football, wrestling, I excel at those sports because they're problems that I can solve with my hands. But you, you were something that I didn't know how to fix, despite me being desperate to!" Jake broke down with that exclamation. Sobbing, he curled into himself on the swing. In any other situation, it would have been comical seeing a huge man like Jake trying to hide within himself. But Chris wasn't laughing. He stood and forced Jake to unfold.

Jake looked down at him shock. Chris was holding onto Jake's clothes like they were his lifeline. "Please," he mumbled into the fabric covering Jake's expansive chest, "Please don't say such things." Jake felt the tears soaking though his shirt, hot and moist. "It is never too late. Between you and me, or between dad and I. I want to be a family so badly, so please, please don't give up, not now when things can finally get better." Chris stepped back, looking at his dad and Jake at the same time. "I am willing to give both of you chance, if you're willing to still have me still."

Rick and Jake rushed forward, grabbing Chris in a desperate three-way hug. Tears were spilled, of happiness, relief, and forgiveness.

Rick cleared his throat, trying futilely to clear away his choking voice. "Champ. I know about Berkley…"

Chris tensed. "What do you mean? I don't know about Berkley yet! How do you already know?" Jake looked between them in confusion. Rick replied, "Chris applied to the University of California at Berkley." Jake paled. Just when things were getting better, Chris was going to leave them? "He was accepted, with a full ride there, if he chooses to do so. And we won't stop him." Those last words were hard for Rick to say, but it needed to be done. Chris needed to spread his wings and find his place in the world, away from the shadows of his dad and brother.

Jake nodded. "Chris, little bro, no matter what you choose, you will always have us as your family. That will never change."

Chris looked at him, really looked at him. "And if I want more, like what you and dad have? I remember what happened last night, what was said. Would you accept my desires, not because you want them as well, but out of pity?" Jake snapped his mouth shut. Now that was unexpected. He smiled and pushed Chris back a bit with his pelvis, letting his little bro feel what was hidden underneath his pants. Chris flushed in embarrassment. "Does that answer your question, little bro?"

Chris gave a little grin back, and quickly snapped out his hand at Jake's crotch. Jake reeled back, quickly avoiding the unwanted physical abuse on his crotch. "You big dork, I was being serious!" he said. Their behavior, Rick saw with a smile, was finally becoming like what brothers should always have between them.

The two older Resen's sobered up and pulled Chris back into the hug, sandwiching him between them. Rick spoke first, with strong conviction. "Chris, I won't lie. When I looked at you growing up as a teen, I saw you as very desirable. You're different from Jake, but that doesn't make you any less special. You're just tall enough to fit perfectly between us like a puzzle piece as well. Surely you saw that when you woke up this morning?" Chris flushed, remembering the sensation of fitting perfectly between the two hard-bodied men. Jake picked off where his lover stopped. "Bro you're definitely hot. When I saw people checking you out at school, I would get jealous. I knew it wasn't my place to do anything, but that didn't stop me from having my own fantasies about you."

Chris held his family closer. "Do you both mean that? I don't want you to do this out of pity. I don't care if it doesn't work out between us, I'm happy enough knowing that I have a real family again." Rick shook Chris a bit. "Champ, don't say that until we actually do it!" he said with a lustful grin. Chris blushed when he heard that and saw an identical look on Jake's face. He pressed his face into his dad's jacket, trying to hide his red face. "Are things cool between us bro?" asked Jake, sparing Chris any more embarrassment.

Chris nodded, still not showing his face. The tips of his ears were still a little red, but he was smiling. "I love you guys so much, and I have never hated either of you. I hate the circumstances that were forced upon us though. And I can't forget these past years that we lived through. I forgive you, but I just can't forget them. Not yet."

Jake nodded. "Yeah, it was wrong for us to talk to you like we did that night. We came across as though we did nothing wrong, and that's probably what upset you right?" Chris nodded, confirming their suspicions. "Now where do we go from here?" Jake asked.

Rick gave them a leery look. "Well we could go back home, back to bed, and see how real we can make Chris's dreams…" Chris elbowed him in the ribs, turning red all over again. "Actually, I came here to play my saxophone at the gazebo on top of the hill. It's what I did when I got really lonely or depressed some days." He picked up his instrument case and began undoing the latches. Pulling out the large brass instrument, Chris began tuning it, testing the notes as he blew into it. Satisfied, he reached for the case, only to have Rick bend over and grab it for him. He smiled at his dad, still getting used to this new relationship. Walking, the three of them went up the hill and entered the gazebo. The tall wooden hut had benches around it for a crowd to sit on if someone was performing in it. Chris walked into and began crooning out a blues song. Jake and Rick could almost here the words, they recognized the song. Humming, they followed along with Chris on his instrument…

At last, my love has come along

My lonely days are over. And life is like a song.

O yeah, at last. The skies above are blue.

My heart was wrapped up in clover,

The night I have looked at you

I found a dream that I could speak to.

A dream that I can call my own

I found a thrill, to press my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known, oh yeah

You smiled, you smiled, oh and then the spell was cast

And here we are, in Heaven

For you are mine at last.

At last.

The Resen family left the park afterwards, silent in their words, yet deafening in their feeling for one another.

The house was as they left it. The trashcan lid was still open, the television was silent blaring its programs, and the couch pillows were still splayed about haphazardly. Chris took in all of these minor details, while simultaneously trying to not think about what was about to happen. His dad and brother had talked to him on their way home after his performance at the park. They questioned him about his dreams, what they did and what he liked and how he reacted. It was beyond embarrassing for him, his voice kept squeaking in mortification. Jake and Rick seemed to have no shame at all, both kept looking back at him with lustful eyes and knowing grins between them. Chris honestly feared for himself while he was with his family now.

Cleaning up the area, Chris pointedly ignored the two bigger men that were shadowing him closely; each staring at him like ravenous wolves would do to a helpless sheep. Or in this case, two sexually charged men over a virgin 17 year old. Chris kept clenching and unclenching his muscles, both in agitation and excitement. So when he felt a massive paw pat him on the shoulder, he would have jumped a foot in the air if he hadn't been held down by said paw. Turning, he looked up his brother and father, soon to be lovers. They each had a face on filled with lust, longing, and above all, love. Chris looked down, blood flaming across his cheeks.

Rick lifted his son's face with a couple of fingers, "Hey champ, why so tense? We're going to make you feel good in a moment." Chris nodded and looked back up. "I know. It's just, I can't believe that all of the things I have dreamed about all these years is about to happen. I'm just a bit jumpy." Jake moved in front of their dad, cupping Chris's head with one of his hand. "No worries little bro. This will be more than you have ever dreamed." Leaning forward, he began kissing Chris. Chris's mind was suddenly blank; he fell into the kiss passionately, responding almost as if on instinct. He opened his mouth to groan in pleasure, only to have Jake's tongue shoot in like a coiled snake. The two tongues battled for dominance, but Jake eventually won with his height and sexual oral skill. They broke contact, each gasping for air.

"Aww!" moaned Rick. "I wanted his first kiss!" He play-pouted. Jake looked at him and gave a wink. "No worries dad, I got his first kiss, but you can get his first elsewhere, if ya know what I mean that is." Chris clenched his butt unconsciously; already he was anticipating what was to come. If his dream was anywhere near the truth about his family physically, he knew that he was in for a sexual adventure that not many had the pleasure of experiencing. "Well then," purred Rick. "Let's get started shall we!"

With that exclamation, he quickly bent down and snatched up Chris. Yelling in surprise, Chris clung to his dad's neck as he was carried bridal style. Rick ran across the living room and up the stairs, down the hallway in into Chris's bedroom, Jake giving chase right behind them. Chris was laid gently down onto his bed. He heard the door closing. His curtains were still closed from this morning, thus the room was blanketed in darkness, adding a sense of mystery to the occasion about to take place. He stared at his family, hearing a gentle murmuring between them, him being unable to decipher what was being communicated between them.

Suddenly, Rick and Jake stepped away from each other, putting about a foot of distance between the two of them. They were equally close to Chris, who laid motionless upon the bed, gazing at them with owlish eyes. Jake made the first move. He slowly unzipped his sweater and tossed it behind him in a sexual manner. He crossed his forearms before his stomach and grabbed the lower hem of his tight muscle shirt. Slowly, ever so excruciatingly slowly, he moved his arms up and revealed his prized chest that made women faint and men jealous. Pulling his head loose from the fabric, Jake stood before Chris, nude from the waist up. Chris could feel his mouth start to drool and his pants tighten uncomfortably. Now it was Rick's turn. One by one, keeping eye contact with his son and soon to be lover, Rick popped open each button on his coat individually. Shedding the unwanted garment, he then tore away his work shirt in a show of raw masculinity. Chris actually moaned when he took in the sight of his dad and brother standing side by side, each displaying their bodies in a testament of male beauty and perfection.

Simultaneously, they reached for their zippers. They moved them down, unzipping their pants together and then unbuttoning them. Chris moved to start removing his own clothes, but Rick leaned forward a gently slapped away his hands. "Not yet." He whispered huskily. "We'll do everything for you now." Chris nodded, having not spoken a word yet since all this had started. In synchronization, Jake and Rick slowly moved their jeans down, displaying massive quads and firm calves. Jake's legs were hairless, while Rick's had a slight dusting to them. Kicking them off, each reached for his respective man pouch. Both were well endowed; more so than himself Chris noticed. But that was okay – he was different from his family, but that only added to his unique beauty.

In chorus, the two men grabbed at the elastic bands to their briefs and slowly pulled down. Chris gave off a moan/growl/whimper at seeing what was with a few feet of him. He wished he could move each eye independently, so he could stare at each cock continuously. Both his brother's and dad's cock hung down, like a long thick hose. Their sacks as well were heavy, judging by how low they hung as well. The sheer male potency these two gave off right then was beyond intoxicating to Chris. He could smell the pheromones that his lovers were exuding and he was once again reminded of the tightness in his own jeans. Gasping in pain, he kept his hands at his sides, obeying his parent's command to not do anything.

Jake and Rick were completely naked. Now all that remained was Chris, who was far too overdressed in both of their opinions. Moving in tandem, they approached Chris who gazed up at them in awe. His eyes were lidded, heavy with sexual need. Both men could see how Chris was gripping his messed up bed sheets, trying hard to not do anything yet. Jake leaned forward and began moaning in Chris's neck. He flipped his younger brother so that Jake was laying on the bed with Chris on top of him. Taking the tip of Chris's ear with his teeth, Jake began nibbling at it. Chris gasped in surprise, completely unaware that his ear was so sensitive. As Jake kept nibbling and listening to Chris's moans, he slowly moved his hands underneath his brother's shirt and started to push up with his arms. Chris lifted his own arms above his head as he felt Jake's finger's ghost across his skin, sending wave after wave of goosebumps across his skin. Finally, Chris' shirt was removed, Jake only pausing once in his actions on Chris's ears when the cloth separated his mouth from Chris's head.

So caught up on his ears being tended to, that Chris forgot about the other man in the room. Rick was hovering over him in sexual deviancy, ready to pounce and to collect what he had once gotten from Jake years ago. Chris felt rough hands slide down his back, tracing subtle muscles of his own beneath the skin. He felt rather than saw his dad leaning over him, the space between them being mere inches at best. He arched his back up, desperate to feel his dad as much as he was feeling Jake. Rick chuckled, seeing what his youngest was doing. He placed on hand on the side of Chris to help him keep his balance as his other hand rubbed across Chris's smooth stomach, down to the catch on his own pair of jeans. With nimble fingers, Rick unbuttoned and unzipped his son, and slowly began maneuvering the containing article of clothing down, off of Chris's legs. Chris moaned, feeling the rough material scraping across his erection. He felt his dad rip away his boxers as well, leaving nothing between the three of them except sweat and skin.

Shifting a bit, Rick picked Chris up and moved the two of them to the bed. Jake moved over and kneeled in front of Chris, with Rick doing the same behind him. Jake whispered, "Now don't do anything little brother, we're going to do everything you saw in your dreams and then some." Chris opened his mouth to question Jake about what he meant only to have his lips taken captive by Jake. Their tongues rolled together, caught in a dance of sexual fervor, leaving nothing to chance. Rick started to kiss Chris's neck all over, leaving trails of saliva and love. He slowly moved down, marking his path with hickies, all leading to the treasure chest on any male virgin. He placed his calloused hands on Chris smooth cheeks, slowly kneading them into relaxation. He knelt lower and started to tongue for that entrance that he knew was there. Finding it, he stuck his tongue into it, pressing forward mercilessly.

Chris jumped and gasped when he felt his dad doing that down there. Jake broke the kiss and chuckled, mumbling, "Guess it's my turn now." With that being said, he started leaving his own trail of kisses down Chris's chest, suckling each nipple until Chris squirmed wantonly, grazing past his stomach, tonguing his bellybutton, and finally reaching his own true goal. With a sly grin, Jake opened his mouth wide and took his baby brother into his mouth, swirling him around, tonguing him, and sucking on him without a care.

Chris felt like he was dying. In front of him his brother was giving him his first blow job. No, that sounded wrong. His brother was showing him a lover's affection. Chris was no stranger to self-gratification, but never before had his cock been so sensitive! Jake had all of him in his mouth, while his tongue would snake out every now and them and tickle his ballsack. Behind, Chris felt his dad whetting his opening, his tongue probing deep within him, searching for something. Chris knew what his father was looking for. If his dad found his prostate with his tongue, it would mean either Chris's was closer than normal, or his dad had an extremely long and pliable tongue. Suddenly Chris lurched forward, sensing his dad moving deeper, if that was possible. It seemed the second possibility was the more plausible one. He glanced over shoulder and saw his dad leaning between his ass cheeks, deep within him. Sure enough, Rick still had some tongue left over, slowly moving its way in deeper.

Chris reached down to keep his balance. Gently grasping his brother's head, Chris lightly scratched Jake's head, stimulating the skin. Jake moaned in appreciation, sending the vocal message into his cock, stimulating Chris even more. Chris threw his head back, releasing a moan of his own. Suddenly Rick disappeared from behind him. Looking back, Chris saw his dad shuffling through his pants, looking for something. He gave a noise of discovery and moved back to Chris. Seeing what it was, Chris gave a sigh of longing and appreciation. It was a small tube of lubrication. Rick placed his head on Chris's shoulder and whispered, "You're still a virgin right champ?" He nodded and Rick continued. "Then I'm gonna lube you up extra nice. Once you get broken in, it will get easier. But until then, feel these fingers boy."

There was a quick intrusion down there. Before Chris had the sense to tense up, one of his dad's fingers had already slipped into him, down to the base. It wiggled around, with Chris shuddering at the alien feeling of it all. He felt it moving around in a circular motion, slowly expanding and relaxing the muscles. He could feel another finger tracing the outer sphincter muscle, waiting patiently for admittance. Suddenly Jake gave a deep suck and Chris's entire body flared up in stimulation. Before he knew it, another finger had found his way into him. They were scissoring him, prepping him for something much larger and thicker than mere fingers. Jake began gently tugging at his little bros sack, moaning as well. The double stimulus made Chris bend over Jake's head, exposing more of his lower backside to Rick. As Chris was trying to hold off his ejaculation, he felt Rick shove two more fingers in, quickly and roughly.

The only noises any of them were emitting were moans, gasps, or groans. Rick wanted nothing more than to just plunge into the body before him, but this wasn't Jake he was fingering. This was Chris, who was still a virgin; Rick would need to be gentle. But he had to find that spot inside his boy if they were going to get further. Digging in firmly, he felt around with his fingers for Chris's special spot. Abruptly, Chris gave a wordless cry and stretched out his body. There it was! Jake began working faster in front, coaxing out the first of many loads from Chris. Rick began to brush that spot and spreading his fingers, opening up Chris even further for him.

It was too much. Giving a horse yell, Chris came. Jake began suckling, swallowing his baby brother's essence quickly. Amazingly, some flowed out of his mouth. Seems the youngest Resen shared the same potency that his brother and dad were blessed with. When Chris came, Rick could feel his rectum muscle clenching around his fingers like a vice. He could only imagine what that would feel like on his dick.

Slowly, Chris came down from his carnal high. Blinking away the dots that danced across his vision, he looked down at his brother. Jake was licking around his mouth, catch what seed had managed to escape. Jake sat up then and brought his mouth to Chris's before a word was said. Chris tasted his seed; surprisingly it wasn't as bitter as he thought it would be. But underneath was the taste of Jake that Chris had come to crave. As the two embraced and kissed, Rick coated his own pressing need and moved behind his son. Chris felt the large tool against his flesh and willed himself to relax. Jake began massaging his brother's body, easing him into a calm state. Slowly, Rick moved himself into Chris, easing the journey by adding more lube to his massive length as he continued further and further. Chris began to grow uncomfortable; squirming between the two mighty bodies. His father was just too big; he would never be able to—

WHAM! Chris saw real stars and he gave another voiceless scream. Rick's tool had found Chris's prostate finally. Now the passage would be easier. Pushing the rest of himself in, Rick rested his head against Chris's backside. He began licking at the sweat that had accumulated there, sending more pleasure to Chris. He began moving back, making sure to scrap against that small bundle of nerves within his child. Chris kept switching between gasps and moans while Jake kept kissing at him and nipping his lips. When Rick was almost out, only the head remaining within Chris's body, he moved back in at a quicker pace. Soon, Rick was pumping his shaft in and out of Chris in a steady manner, Chris moaning, and Jake capturing those moans within his own mouth.

Jake loved how Chris was feeling all of this pleasure from the two of them. He was proud of his brother in so many ways. Suddenly he saw Chris get a devious look in his eyes. Before Jake could react, Chris pushed him backwards suddenly, him landing on his back with his own erection standing tall. "Now it's your turn." said Chris in a throaty manner. Leaning down, he slowly started taking Jake's impressive manmeat inside of his own mouth while their father kept pounding at him from behind. Jake leaned back, letting what was occurring just wash over and upon him. His brother had just lost any sense of virginity and he was now giving Jake a blow job that was worthy of a professional.

Rick couldn't help but speed up his thrusts even further, completely laying it out into Chris ruthlessly. The sight before him – him fucking his youngest while his oldest was receiving oral gratification – was just too much. Clutching his son's hips, Rick began slamming into him over and over again. Chris choked on his brother's cock while he was being abused from behind. He kept pushing himself to take more and more of Jake, doing what he thought would bring Jake pleasure. From the sounds that his older brother was producing, Chris summarized that he was doing a good job. He was also giving off his own moans as his dad laid it into him from behind. He could feel a pressure building inside of him, different from before. He kept sucking and enduring, prolonging the sensations as long as possible. Finally, the inevitable happened. Rick exploded within his youngest son, filling him past the brim with his seed. Jake came in waves, nearly drowning his baby brother with his own potency. Chris tried to match them; he clamped down on his dad, trying to hold in both the cock and seed from it without either escaping. He swallowed as much of Jake's load without choking. His brother definitely had a strong musky scent to him, something Chris wanted more of. He shot his own load too, him not touching his erection at all. He slumped against his dad in exhaustion.

The three of them collapsed on the bed. Chris tired, having come twice already. But Rick and Jake were just warming up it seemed. Giving the youngest son duel devilish grins, they moved him and twisted him 180 degrees. Now his back was to Jake and he faced Rick. Chris looked down at his father's slightly soft erection. His eyes widened when he saw how large it was. It was just slightly bigger than Jake, with a few hairs surrounding it near the root. Cum dribbled out of it still, leaving a slight trail down alongside the shaft. Feeling the bed shift behind him, Chris felt Jake move closer to him. It felt as though Jake had softened a bit as well, but he was still hard, his erection demanding more attention. "Ready for more little bro?" he heard.

Chris gave a small laugh. "What more can there be? You have already fulfilled all of my desires; I have nothing else to want for." Rick smiled and gave his son their first real kiss of the day, the first of many. "No worries champ. We may have fulfilled your fantasies, but now it's our turn." Chris's eyes widened in surprise and anticipation. "No one is leaving this bed until all three of us are sated and can't do anything anymore. Is that clear boy?" Chris nodded in eagerness. "Now where were we?"

Rick laid down on his side, bringing Chris with him. He moved so that he and Chris were inverted with each other; his head near Chris's feet and vice versa with Chris. Without a word, Rick took his son into his mouth. Chris gasped. He already came twice, and his cock was extremely sensitive now. Yet Rick was gentle in his ministrations, slowly lapping up the cum that had gathered around his son's crotch. Chris began reciprocating on his dad, taking the large tool in front of him within his own mouth. Soon, the two found their rhythm and began to 69 each other, moving in perfect motion.

Jake snuck behind his brother. He spotted Chris's opening; it look slightly red and puffy, with cum leaking out of it in a steady stream. Gathering some of the spilt ejaculate on the bed sheet, Jake lubed himself up and positioned himself behind Chris. Easing in slowly, Jake began filling in his little brother's end. Already Chris had begun to tighten up, letting Jake experience a sense of euphoria around his cock. Chris was adequately lubed up already, what with their dad's large load shot deep within him. He started pumping in and out, slowly letting Chris get used to his own member. When he felt that Chris was sufficiently loose, he began pumping his dick at a fast pace.

Chris moaned around his dad's cock. Jake was wasting no time in screwing him into their father's mouth. He embraced the sexual environment, allowing himself to get lost in the coital expressions. He sucked Rick's cock as deep as possible, but like Jake's, Chris just couldn't get it all the way down. He wasn't used to such a large item in his throat just yet. But he knew that he could do it, he just needed practice. His cock was losing its sensitivity, but that just meant that he was approaching another climax soon. Already Chris could feel his scrotum tightening up into his body. He didn't know how he was still able to shoot; he never came this much this quick, let alone in one night! He graoned as he felt himself tighten up, bring one more load out of his own member and into his dad's mouth. Rick didn't let up for a second; he drank down the healthy load and prepared himself for his own release. Jake also started to speed up even more, urging his own climax to approach. Chris just laid there, gently sucking on Rick's cock while tightening around Jake. Soon he felt both men start to grunt and moan. Chris was rewarded with a hot load deep in his throat and a steamy river within his bowels. He drunk up as much as possible, savoring the difference in his dad's sperm from that of his brother's. Each had a different taste to it, yet both were equally desirable and potent.

Rick pulled out of Chris and sat up on his haunches. Jake did the same, keeping his cock within Chris as the both of them sat up together. Chris sunk deeper onto Jake's impressive tool, moaning in ecstasy. The two older Resen's smiled. It was now time for the coup de resistance for Chris, something that would make this occasion much more memorable. Jake leaned back a bit, slowly stroking Chris into hardness one last time. Rick knelt straight up, holding Chris in place. "Ready for the last event champ?" Chris looked at him with questioning eyes. He glanced down and saw Rick's hardness making a beeline for his hole, the one that was currently occupied by Jake still. Chris suddenly tensed up, and began to struggle a bit. "N-no! I can't it. Dad please, you alone were almost too big for me! Both of you inside will kill me!"

Jake locked Chris's arms behind him and began murmuring into his ear. "Little bro, we knew we were going to do this to you. That's why we lubed you up and shot our loads into you. Plus when we made love to you, we made sure to move around to stretch you even further." Rick nodded, slowly kissing Chris to placate him. "I'll go slow. I know you can take it, just relax and remember to breath." Before Chris could object further, Rick silenced him with a kiss and lifted up his legs over his shoulders. He felt his cock brush up against Chris's hole and Jake's own dick, and slowly, he began to push in. He felt Chris initially tense up, then attempt to relax.

The pressure was building. Chris thought in desperation that his dad was going to rip him in half. He was going to bleed! Something was going to give, and there was going to be pain! Pressure. More pressure. Suddenly Rick's head popped in.


Chris screamed, throwing his head back, clenching his eyes tightly in pain. Tears started to fall, only to be quickly lapped up by either Rick or Jake. Both made soothing noises, trying to calm Chris down. "Son, look at me. Look at me Chris." demanded Rick. Chris opened his eyes, trying to control his breathing. "Do you want me to pull out? I don't want to hurt you anymore. We'll stop if you want to."

Shaking his head, Chris whispered. "No, you're in already, the hard part is over. Can you just add more lube to yourself? That should make it easier." Rick nodded and complied with his son's wishes. "I'm sorry for screaming. I don't want to ruin this for you guys." Jake gently smacked his brother's butt, eliciting a gasp from Chris. "Chris, you have never been a disappointment to me or dad. I mean, just look at us now; you're sitting with two cocks almost completely within you and you're worried about letting us down." He shifted a bit, rubbing his cockhead against Chris's prostrate. "Now, less talking, we're gonna make you scream in pleasure next time."

Rick took advantage of Chris's distraction and pushed the rest of himself inside Chris. The pressure was great and difficult before, but with the added lube, his cock slid in much smoother. He now rested alongside one son's cock while being inside another son's body. The three of them paused, resting, letting each other gradually acclimate to the sensations they were experiencing. Rick made the first move. He slowly moved down, taking Jake with him. Soon the duo was moving in a slow and steady pace, taking their lengths almost out before moving them back in slowly, in synchronization. Chris gasped and writhed between the two, sandwiched between muscles and sweat. He clawed at both men, crying out in sheer bliss at what he felt. No words could adequately described what he was feeling. He felt like he had left his body and was floating in a sea of pleasure.

Gradually, Rick and Jake began losing their shared consistency. They started moving against each other within Chris, each seeking his own pleasure while aiming for Chris's at the same time. Every time one of them struck Chris's prostrate, he would gasp and throw his head back, leaking small tears of bliss. They continued like this for some time, this final stretch of their shared sexual exploits. None of them wanted it to end, each caught up in his own feelings and gratification. Eventually though, all good things must come to an end.

Jake was first this time. He felt his body building up, gathering the last of his seed for one final touchdown and throwdown within his brother. Giving a loud roar, he shoved in one last time and dumped his essence within Chris. Rick, upon feeling the increased friction from Jake, felt his body respond accordingly. His nuts pulled up, bring upon the end for him. Giving a shout of his own, he slammed into Chris and shot his sperm deep within his youngest, breeding him like a true stallion. Chris was pinned between the two, unable to move. He couldn't touch himself. Instead his cocked rubbed in between his dad's abs. When Rick pushed into him one last time, he lost it. His body gave one last heroic effort, and all that remained with him came spilling out.

Breathing heavily, the three of them disentangled themselves slowly, Rick and Jake pulling out of Chris gently. When their cockheads popped out, a small river of cum flowed out of Chris, soaking the sheets beneath them. When the river flow slowed down, Chris's sphincter closed up, keeping what remained deep within him. He laid there, not moving, but breathing with the biggest smile on his face. "How was that champ?" asked Rick, breaking the silence of their post-coital paradise.

"Amazing." was all Chris said.

It was more than I expected. Hell, it was beyond anything I had ever dreamed!

After we collapsed on my bed, dad and Jake moved me to dad's room, or should I say our room. They snuggled around me on the large bed again like they were this morning. Although they did promised me that I wasn't escaping this time. Just to prove their point, they got as close as possible to me, wrapping their arms and legs completely around and in between me and them. Needless to say, I couldn't move, let alone squirm without alerting one of them.

Later on I told Jake and dad what I decided. I won't leave for college across the country. Instead, I'll attend a college that's a few hours drive away. I'll still get a full-ride scholarship, and I can visit them whenever I wanted to. I told them that I loved them and that I would visit every weekend; that nothing would stop me. Dad and Jake just looked at each other and gave me an identical sly grin. Dad announced that he was transferring construction crews. Jake said that he was gonna work under dad as well. Seems college life wasn't for him just yet. And the best part was that they were going to be working in the same town as my college. So we'll be living together still!

Dad showed me the apartment he plans on buying. It was nice, with all the amenities and a large master bedroom. Dad says that the space will be necessary with the king sized bed he plans on buying for the three of us.

Jake and I are graduating in a few months together. People are still amazed at the change in our relationship. We smile at each other, we sit together at lunch, and instead of sitting quietly at one of Jake's competitions, I scream and cheer as loud as I can. Both of us are near the top of our class, with full honors and recognitions.

As soon as I walk off the graduation stage, the three of us will start packing and getting ready for the move. I thank mom everyday for what is now my life. I shudder when I look back on those bleak years. Sometimes I get a far away look in my eyes as I remember them, and usually Jake or dad hug me and whisper words of love and plead for forgiveness. They know I have already forgiven them, it's just taking a while for the wounds to totally close. Sometimes I wake up in the night and think it's all been a cruel nightmare; their love and the amazing relationship we now have. Usually my whimpering awakens one of my lovers and they coo against me and slowly calm me down. The nightmares are becoming more and more infrequent, thank God.

Gotta go now. I promised my lovers and family that I would play my saxophone for them at the park again. Only this time it will be something much happier, a piece that promises better days and peace for us. After all, I think it's about time we were all finally happy.


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