Your Hate Killed (Grandma)

The path I took
Was what you booked
For you might disagree
But its plain to see

The words you spoke in vain
Caused more then just pain
It shaped me into the me i am
The one you always dammed

The harshness you dealt
Was more then felt
I saw your hate
But by then it was to late

For i didn't uderstand
How you could deal me such a harsh hand
Never knowing why
Just trying to to please and get by

Then the flood gates burst
With the last thing you cursed
I said the hell with it
And wham it went

I started doing things
For the pleasure it brings
Avoiding the pain
From your words of acid rain

Sex and alcohol was the cure
Then as time went by
It soon lost its allure
Making me feel the whore, you always called me before

I loved you
But now i pity you
For all you blieved
Was ill concieved

For you might have killed my confidence
With all the words you didn't mince
But time healed
Even as your hated killed

Even now that your gone
Your vioce still rings
Delivering its usual
Harsh stings

Everyone has nothigng but nice to say
Seemingly forgeting all the bad
And remember all the love you had
But for me the sting of your words still stay to this day