A/N: My longest drabble. A bit different than the others, considering only Alex and Remy are in one.


Act Five:

Best Idiots


"You're fired." The words echoed within the minds of Remy and Alex. Remy glared up at Alex, hardly believing her eyes. She couldn't believe her. She swore she wouldn't do this.

Alex turned away guiltily. A pile of her swiped goods lay at her feet before them.

Neither of them spoke. Remy clutched her hands tightly into fists. She felt like punching the taller teen. Her so-called friend broke her promise, swiped stuff from the store she worked at, and, just now, got her fired. Again. Remy didn't do anything though. She just couldn't. Instead, she bit her lip, deciding carefully, for once, what she should do.

"Remy… I…" Alex started.

Remy ignored her, turning away, walking from her calmly, and using all the self-control she had to walk normally.

"I…" Alex started again, slowly walking up to Alex, her arm outstretched to reach her. But, she didn't. Remy just kept walking, only for Alex to watch her leave. She dropped her arm to her side and smiled bitter sweetly. "I guess I couldn't help myself."


A month passed since their fight. Alex's usual outwards smile turned completely upside down and her happy appearance vanished by the end of the first day. No more hiding behind that happy 'perfect' student mask anymore by the end of the week. By the end of the second week she was well known to be a complete sourpuss and very 'emo' looking kid with no hope or care for the future. Plenty have been worried about her, but they tend to stay away because of the bad luck she seems to emit to others around her. It was really "bothersome" in her opinion.

Remy, on the other hand, was fine. Or so it seemed. She became much more involved in her soccer team and became one of their main players, rather than just a mascot. They even jokingly call her "the Little Titan." She rarely ever saw Alex at school, since they had different classes, and she doesn't even bother 'dropping' in through Alex's window like she used to do every day before their spat. She doesn't seem so affected because, well, she still keeps smiling, except when there's a game. It would be best to stay away from her then. Her happy-go-lucky style still hasn't changed except for one thing. She seems to never be out of the funny knee high socks that she uses for soccer. Probably because of her 'fun' little 'game' with knives.

"Hey, Remy, isn't that Alex?" One of her teammates pointed out one day.

"Eh…?" Remy looked up at her confused. "Alex?" She looked out into the bleachers to where her teammate was pointing only to see an depressed looking girl. "Right." She said sarcastically. There was no way, in her mind at least, that her Alex was anything like that.

It happened again and again. Simple moments like that. Her teammates knew what was wrong. Of course they did. She could never hide things too well. Only her very oblivious coach didn't see what was wrong. Their little 'mascot' had a problem that they couldn't solve, but Alex could and Alex had a problem that only she could solve as well. So, you know what they did?

They locked them in a closet.

Two of Remy's teammates held the door closed, another spoke to them by the side of the door. "We're not going to let you two out until you become friends again, got it?"

"You must be kidding me! We've got a game today!" Remy kept up with her rampage, hitting the door with her fits as hard as she could, which was pretty strong, considering that she was revved up for the game that was going to happen in less than an hour.

"So what, do you want us to tell the coach about your habits?" The voice countered.

Remy froze. Alex stared at her stunned. "I do not have a problem." She said through gritted teeth.

"Remy… I…" Alex started.

"Can it." Remy said, trying to find a light in the closet.

"I didn't mean to get you fired." She said softly.

Click. Remy found the light and turned it on. She smirked, only slightly. "What the heck did they do to you?" She said amused yet angry at the same time.

Alex was sitting on her knees. Her feet were tied together and her hands were tied behind her back as well. She looked away embarrassed. "I fell asleep in the locker room." She said with a sigh. "I didn't know that they'd do this."

Remy shook her head, but she still kept from smirking. "You're an idiot."

Alex gave her a viscous glare. "And you're a cutter."


They stared at each other for a moment before Remy broke the ice.

"Lemme untie you." She said before sitting behind Alex, looking at the elaborate knots her teammates made. "You should have learned how to escape from traps instead of stealing, huh?" She teased as she quickly untied the knots.

Alex grinned as she rubbed her newly untied wrists. "Perhaps."

Remy leaned back against the wall. "You're such a mess without me aren't you?" She said with a sigh.

"Perhaps." Alex said again with a shrug. "But so are you."

"And that makes us both idiots, doesn't it?"

"Idiot friends sounds so much better." Alex retorted sarcastically.

"Only if I get to be idiot friend number one." Remy challenged.

The two of them stared at each other again for a moment, before bursting out into laughter. "Friends?" Alex asked a bit cautiously.

Remy ruffled her hair. "What do you think?"

Alex grinned as Remy got up and focused on the door. "Did you hear that? We're buds again, now open this gosh dang door!"

Too bad everyone was already on the field playing and would not be able to greet them until the game was over.

"Hey! Anyone there!"


End of Act Five