I had just rode my own horse straight into the town of Happydale,Arizona and placed my four legged friend in front of the local saloon,where I had just discovered that a certain venomous rattlesnake known as Jesse James was sitting in there with his entire gang and enjoying himself like he has done nothing wrong in his whole life.

And as soon as I had gotten myself off of my horse and taken a good enough look at Jesse laughing his fool head off,I had pulled my six gun out of its holster and checked it to make sure that it was fully loaded before I had placed it back inside the holster and stepped into the saloon.

But as soon as I had sat myself down on a stool at the bar and I was about to order a drink for myself,one of Jesse's drunken gang members had stood up,turned his blood shot eyes toward me and yelled at a really high voice,"HEY,JESSE!LOOK WHO'S HERE!IT'S THATSLIMY BACK STABBING SNAKE,JED CALAHAN!WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE,JED?TRYING TO GET YOUR GRIMEY HANDS ON THAT BOUNTY THAT EVERY MARSHALL IN THE ENTIRE WEST HAS PLACED ON JESSE'S HEAD?BECAUSE IF YOU ARE,THEN YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET YOURSELF READY FOR ONE HELL OF A SHOOTOUT RIGHT HERE AND NOW!"

But then,as soon as that one drunken gang member had pulled his gun out of its holster and slowly pulled back the hammer with his thumb,he was about to aim that gun of his straight at me and pull the triger,only to have me quickly pull my gun out of its holster,turn myself around and shoot that stupid stinking drunk straight in the heart.

And after that one drunken member of the Jesse James gang had dropped himself down to the floor of that saloon and laid there dead,one of the girls who were willing to sell themselves for money to all of the fellas inside that saloon had turned her angry eyes toward me and let out a loud inhuman growl before she had let fur to grow hair all over her body and sprout fangs out of her mouth and claws out of her fingers.

Then,after she had let out a terrifying howl that had caused everyone else inside that very saloon to clear out of there,I had looked at the eyes of that freaking werewolfand noticed how totally ticked off it was,I had let out a small devilish smile and said,"Howdy,Darling!Care to dance?"

And of course,that had caused the werewolf had let out a blood thirsty growl and lunged itself towards me,I had taken a second gun out from behind my back and shot that critter five times before it had drop itself down to the floor,changed itself back into that human girl and died before I had closed my eyes and said,"Now,that bounty is mine."