August 7, 1893
12:37 pm
Olney, MT
Third Quarter Moon

The incessant crying grated on my nerves. We had picked up seven children already... I think that meant there were fourteen more to go? Whatever, there were too many. But one of them... One of them was my child.

But hell with it, I don't know which. Which child was mine had just been lost in the memories of the past 10 years. What number would this one be, anyway? At least number twenty.

We were preparing. I don't fully understand why... But we were going to take down the vampires. 13 more years. That was it. Then we attacked.

Finally, we reached the next house. The captain motioned for me to go forward, and I went up to the house. The bell next to the house rang loudly, much more so than I expected. Suddenly, the captain yelled at me-

"Skyll! Be careful. There's been some trouble in another part of the city. I have to go see to it. You take the next few houses; we'll meet up with you."

Before I could say anything, they took off. I took a few steps after them then-

The creaking of the door made me wince slightly. I turned to see a woman with wide eyes. Why the hell should she be scared already? Her gray-rimmed pupils flicked everywhere, checking to see if I was alone. She knew something was wrong... And it was just possible she might know what.

"Five years ago last week... you had a child, am I right?" She began to deny it, but I cut

in. "We know you did. Where is the child?"

"...We? Theh-there are m-more of you?" I nodded. "Y-yes, I had a child, l-like you s-say. Five y-years ago. B-but the ch-child is no l-longer h-here."

I began to growl at her. "He w-was adopted."

The door slammed in my face, causing my anger to flare. I broke the door in half with a single punch, then entered. The woman was standing not twenty feet away, frozen with fear.

I felt my conscience grab at me, but my anger was too great. I was on the woman in a single bound, grabbing her throat and slamming her head against the ground. In less than a minute I felt the life slip out of her and let her go, all too satisfied.

Then I realized what I had done. I fell back to my knees, the shock painted across my face. Nothing registered. Not until my captain returned. 50 lashes. That's what the unnecessary death of a civilian meant. 50 lashes. I thought I could bear it. What I couldn't take was being demoted. Now I wouldn't even be allowed to leave the den for at least three years.

But this mission would be finished first.