A Lifetime of Troubles

A Prologue

A social outcast, a mere smear of a man - Ranz has been all over the city, everyone knows him, he has a not-so-sterling reputation. Ranz has been cast out of several schools, and now in the "Mental Cranny" or Metallurgists Creek United Elemental School (MCUE).

He is a social outcast, the local bitch, the piece of shit everyone hates but can't do without. He is hated by anyone his age or older - His normally adoring young friends leave him as their big brothers, sisters, and parents shoo Ranz off.

Today was the first day for Ranz, even though it's already been a few days into the school year,his hole in society just keeps getting deeper, and to top it off his step-mother seemed to hate him with a vengeance so far. This poor young soul, who turns the age of ten 'morrow, is the sad individual who seems to stick to the city like a burr.

This young man is destined to be a courageous hero he is, and he will live to be mighty, and strong. He doesn't believe in survival of the fittest. To him society is a lethal net lined with poison, of which he must avoid. Avoiding confrontation with anyone, everyone.

He wanders his mind aimlessly... with only his book to comfort him..