Title: The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away
Words: 572
Warnings: Oddness. Simplicity. Slash.
Summary: Daniel was born with a section of his heart missing.
Notes: I've had this story in my head for around a year now. I have no idea where the initial idea came from, or why it fascinated me so much, but it finally came together today. This story made me incredibly sad to write; I'd hope it didn't do that to you, but, well. That's sort of the point, I think.

Daniel was born with a section of his heart missing.

He'd left it with his mother, who he'd loved first.

"You have to stop doing this," his cardiologist told him.

Daniel looked at her with somber brown eyes and asked, "Why?"

She frowned at him, a little crease forming between her eyebrows, and suddenly he loved her, too.

"Because it's killing you," she said.

Daniel left a piece of it with her, just because she cared.

Daniel didn't have a father, because the man had left when Daniel was newly born, and he had no memory of him.

Even so, research went a long way.

Daniel sent the small package off with crossed fingers and a lighter heart.

"Daniel," his mother said, "this is Joss."

The two boys shook hands, and their touch lingered more than it should have.

"Hi," said Joss. He had dark hair and light eyes and a soft, sweet smile.

What was left of Daniel's heart throbbed painfully.

"Look," said Joss.

Daniel looked. A small brown puppy was crouched on the sidewalk a few yards away. It was thin, wide-eyed, and shaking.

They spent the next hour approaching it and gaining its trust. Within two, they were gently stroking its head and back. They'd named it Coffee, after the darker brown ring around its eye.

"We should ask if we can keep him," said Joss. "Or at least feed him or something."

They got up, and their fingers laced without thought or effort. As they walked away, the puppy stared after them.

"Wait," said Daniel.

"It's okay," said Joss. "He'll follow."

Daniel shook his head and went back. He left a sliver of heart at the puppy's feet who snapped it up at once, teeth gleaming.

Daniel smiled and they left.

"Hey," said Joss, and came to sit next to him.

Daniel's face lit up and he moved closer as Joss sat down. His tilted his chin and opened his mouth to speak, and that was when Joss kissed him. It didn't last long, but it was gentle and warm and right. When Joss pulled away, lips quirked, Daniel stared after him.

There was warmth spreading through his chest, burning like a forest fire. Daniel looked down at his hands, which were cupped in his lap. He smiled and felt tears prick at the corners of his eyes.

"I love you," he said to Joss.

And then he pressed all that was left of his heart into Joss' hands and died.

Coffee, the puppy, was whining softly in a corner of the room when Daniel came back.

His eyes fluttered and caught on the worried face above him. Joss reacted immediately, heaving a sob and locking his arms around Daniel's neck. He was shaking, badly.

"Hi," said Daniel. He cleared his throat some and forced his arms to move around his friend. Then he realized he had something in his hand and froze.

"I hope it worked," said Joss frantically. "I think it did."

Daniel pulled his hand back and looked at the thing he clutched. It was a soft red-purple, and the exact size of the piece he'd given Joss.

"Look," said Joss. "Danny, look at me."

Daniel did.

"You keep mine," said Joss. "You keep it. And I'll keep yours and everything'll be perfect. Okay?"

Daniel nodded and said, "Okay." Then he leaned up and kissed the boy who held his heart.

And everything was perfect.