Fly Away

Spring day
A child in play
Finds an egg in the road—
Picks it up and
Takes it home.

With gentle care,
A life is born—
Tiny hatchling bird
Cradled in the hands
Of its newfound protector
Peeps helplessly,
Flaps its wings defenselessly.
The protector holds it close,
Keeps it safe from harm.

The hatchling grows,
With time takes flight—
Explores the world around it
With curious eyes.
Feels the wind lift it high,
Sees things with different views.
So beautiful!
So wonderful!
But it never strays from
The safety of its guardian,
Two best of friends,
The child and his bird...

The time goes by.
The child releases the bird
From his hands
Watches it soar into the sky
And smiles at its flight.
Beautiful blue sky
Engulfs the tiny creature
The child hears its melody sing...
His heart sings the same tune.

But the snowfall comes
And the bird falls ill,
Time ticks by so quickly.
And soon enough,
The child asks himself why
Looks at his fallen friend,
Tiny body,
So full of flight,
Forever grounded
Will fly no more.

The child takes his friend
Sets it into rest
Puts a yellow daisy
Upon the bedside
His eyes give warm rains—
Gentle streams
Without words,
But needing none.

For a moment,
Closes his eyes tight
Sees the bird in his mind—
Fluttering and twittering
Singing of happiness and mirth.
He whistles the melody one last time
And looks up to the sky.

Amongst the grey winter clouds,
He sees a small blue opening.

Little child looks at his bird's bed
Whispers softly,
"I miss you so.
I watch you fly away..."