Stardust falls like rain

dusting softly across the skin as the caress of a lover

It frosts her moon-drunk hair, glittering with every turn and tilt of her head;

And then she begins to dance

She twists lightly across a carpet of leaves

crunching softly and sending wafts of autumn-tainted air

swirling outward through a static celestial night

She leaps and spins across the sky

a whirlwind of white-blond hair and shimmering fabric

Pale and ethereal as her lithe body bends and sways

to a ghostly rhythm only half-heard by her earthbound sisters

She comes abruptly to rest, near enough to touch;

in Stillness another creature entirely

You reach out to touch her

to capture some small piece of her for your own

but your fingertips plunge instead into an eddy of ice

returning frost-tipped and frozen from the void of her space.