chant. Chant. CHANT.

"We will not be ignored. We will not fall back. We are here to stay." That's what we said, those in the picket line. That's what we believed. All of us, several hundred strong.

What were we protesting? I forget. Something about rights or oppression - it's always about things like that. Which were we? We're not the bad guys are we? The police are right there, down the street. The mob got closer to the barricade-line. Not good.

All around, people were tensing up, gripping their placards or holding their cocktails close to them. Keep the fire away. Keep the momentum up.

chant. Chant. CHANT.

"We will fight back. We will prevail. We will kill you." The riot police were almost within spitting distance. They were tensing, too. See their batons get gripped harder and shields swing in front. They are ready. Am I?

We are closer. I draw back my fist and thrust it out again. The War is on.