That Bloody Desert

That Bloody Desert

Beaten troops lie on the ground,

Their comrades moving past.

Showers of metal and dirt pound down on them.

The tanks explode not knowing what destroyed them.

Their crews…try to see the sun. That Bloody Desert.

As the tanks reach the top, more have gone.

Smoke and lead is the air they breathe.

The beaten troops fire onto the village below.

The shells make the showers that once hit them,

Making the enemy share their pain. That Bloody Desert.

The Brits are trying but there is no use.

The panzers are too many.

They move up the hill.

Fire! Shells shroud them with dust and debris.

They should have known they couldn't be stopped. That Bloody Desert.

Their battle is lost; the Brits are retreating.

The last crew scrambles, coughing and hacking.

They run east, grasping for life.

Bullets fly all around them,

The soldiers fall to the ground. That Bloody Desert.