Floating, weightless,

Suspended between Earth and Sky

in a world awash with blue and gold,

You drift.

Rocking gently within a cocoon of muted silence,

You are anchored solely by the ceaseless tempo of your own heart,

And by the cool and gentle pressure enveloping you

as a liquid second skin.

A lazy gesture sends you spinning aimlessly,

And with salt-stung eyes you watch as the sunlight ripples above you in response.

A twirl, a kick; you glide almost effortlessly,

across and through and over and under and everywhere with the power of a thought.

Infinity surrounds you,

contains you,

molds itself to you even as it seeps into your pores

Fluid, ancient, adaptable and ever-present.

And for that breath in time that you are one,

You are at peace.