There's No Such Thing as Fairies!

Chapter Eleven

"V, this is seriously weird. She's real! I so cannot believe this." Izzy said, shaking her head.

"Do you want to go home? I mean, I know this is strange and there's a lot to accept in a short time. I wouldn't be upset." V said sadly.

Izzy stopped what she was doing and looked at V with a shocked expression on her face. "Go home? Are you crazy? Yeah, I mean it's weird sure, but there's no way I'm going home. You aren't getting rid of me that fast chica."

"Good, I'm glad." V said as she got things together. "I'm really glad you're staying, thanks."

"Hey, you're my best friend! And if you have to help out a fairy, you know I'm the one you need to call, okay?" Izzy laughed.

"Okay. But, here's the deal. This is serious, not a joke. Leilira's in trouble and we gotta help her. Tig, you haven't met Tig yet-he's a super smart mouse, he's missing and that's not good. I don't know, but this could be dangerous. You okay with that?" V said gravely.

Izzy looked at her friend for a long moment. "I get it. We're up, you know? We have to help her out, how on earth would we explain this to an adult? They'd want to sell her to science or something!"

"Not all of them. Leilira said she was good friends with my Grandpa, he used to own this house. So, just most adults are crazy. My Mom doesn't even like pets, I don't know how she would deal with a fairy."


Leilira ate ravenously. "It seems like it's been days since I've last eaten, but quite honestly I can't tell you now long it's been."

"Did you find the dwarves?" V asked breathlessly.

"Yes and no." Leilira said with tears in her eyes. "I found them, but not in the state I last saw them." she said as she looked into the distance.

"They're dead?" Izzy asked.

"No, not dead." Leilira answered quietly. "But it's almost as bad." She looked at her food, toying with it.

"And Tig? Is he okay?" V whispered.

"Yes." Leilira said with a smile. "Tig is fine, I left him behind to keep an eye on things you might say."

V and Izzy just looked at each other with questions in their eyes. "O-kay." V said slowly. "What do you mean? None of this makes much sense you know."

"Perhaps another history lesson is in order." Leilira said with a twinkle in her eye. V giggled at this and Izzy raised her eyebrow in confusion. "V does not like classes." Leilira answered her unasked question.

"Not regular classes, but your history lessons I like." V answered quickly.

"Just so." Leilira said gravely. "This goes back to when we arrived on your world." she started.

"I'll fill you in on the other stuff later," V whispered in an aside to Izzy. "her people came from another planet." Izzy's eyes widened but she remained quiet.

"Most of our people were content to stay out of the human's way, some even helping out when they could in exchange for things we weren't able to get for ourselves. However, there were some who hated humans and did all they could to antagonize them. They settled in what you call Northern Europe. You might know them by the name the Irish gave them, the Sidhe."

"The she?" Izzy asked. "They're all girls?"

"No." V answered quickly, then blushed as she glanced at Leilira. "I did some research after I met Leilira. It's some weird gaelic pronunciation, I really don't understand their spelling. Sorry Leilira, I shouldn't have jumped in like that, I should let you explain." V said, still blushing furiously.

"I do not mind. I'm glad you've done your homework." Leilira smiled and continued. "You might be more familiar with another name for them, the Beansidhe."

"Oh, banshees! Yeah, I've heard of them. Weren't they women who let you know when someone was going do die? They yelled a lot or something." Izzy said.

"They cried or wailed that is true." Leilira sighed. "Unfortunately the deaths that followed these sightings were usually caused by vengeful Sidhe. You must understand, this race of my people are very unpleasant and take great delight in the misfortune of other beings."

V sucked in her breath. "This is who we're dealing with?" she said apprehensively.

"Yes. They have taken the dwarves and made them slaves. Now to understand the seriousness of what I'm telling you it is important to know what they do to keep control of their subjects. First, they are fed a fabulous meal, every delicacy you can imagine."

"Doesn't sound too bad so far." Izzy muttered.

Leilira looked at her sharply then continued. "This accomplishes two things, the subject is stuffed so full that they cannot possibly escape, and the food is drugged so they lose their free will. Second, the people were forced to dance, sometimes all night, until they were so exhausted they often lost consciousness while still on their feet."

"But wait," V interrupted. "if your people know all about their tactics, how could the dwarves be tricked by them?"

"That I cannot answer." Leilira said, frustrated. "I do not know how they lured the dwarves to them, or indeed, how they got them to partake of the feast. The only thing I am sure of is that the dwarves have lost their free will and no longer maintain the equipment that is their responsibility."

"This equipment, you've mentioned its existence, but what does it do?" V asked.

"The mountains and ocean combine in a very unique way in this area, in a way that is found only in a few other places on the planet. When we harness this energy, it allows us to use technology to aid us to escape detection by your people. Sometimes when humans say they have seen a ghost or an alien they are really seeing power fluctuations that enable us to become visible for short periods of time. So the dwarves neglecting their duties affects all Faerisna on this continent." Leilira explained.

"Faerisna, is that what you call yourselves?" V inquired. "I can see it you know, we must have corrupted your name like they do with the Indian's name for places now."

"I saw a fairy once then." Izzy volunteered. "Mom said it was my imagination, but I knew it couldn't be. I was 5. There was this little guy, kind of like you see pictures of gnomes? Anyway, he looked really mad." She stopped, remembering. "One second he was there, and the next, he was nowhere to be found!" She flung her hands out to illustrate how he disappeared.

Leilira nodded. "Yes, that sounds right."

V rubbed her head with her hands before she spoke. "So, you said Tig was there, keeping an eye on things what does that mean? Don't we need to go save him or something? I just feel so helpless!"

"First I need to rest, and you two also. In the morning I will gather my information and decide what to do. As for Tig, I outfitted him with a small camera so I can see what we're dealing with. That is some of the information I will go through, after I have had some real sleep!"

Izzy raised her hand tentatively. "Um, I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but how are we supposed to get to where ever we need to go? In case you haven't noticed, V and I are only 15, we don't even have learner permits yet!"

Leilira laughed. "It's not far in human terms, I think you can ride your bikes there easily." she sighed. "I hate to involve you in this danger, but I need someone for backup and there is no one in this immediate area who can come to my aid in time!"

V squared her shoulders and nodded at Izzy. "We talked about this, we're here for you."

Izzy added her support. "Yeah. Whatever you need us to do." she paused, then continued. "At least it's the weekend, and there's no school tomorrow."

V laughed. "Yeah, can you just see us convincing our Moms to call us in sick? 'Hello, this is Mrs. Coleridge, my daughter has to help out an "imaginary" creature so she won't be coming in to school today.'"

Izzy laughed. "My Mom probably wouldn't think twice about it."