The Legend of Tel'Emur

In the year 1657 l.l. a now infamous city destine for greatness was founded on the Isle of Tel'Emur in the Southern Stars, or as some call them, the Southern moon islands. In about two decades, the city had grown from twelve-hundred inhabitants to over twelve-thousand. The city soon bustled with some of the most revered minds of the Western Continent, and the new technologies and ideas began to flow out. By the year 1700 l.l. the city had reached a population of seven hundred-thousand inhabitants and some great innovations had been made, such as the steam engine and a device that could send messages over hundreds of miles through a little wire. Many theories and mathematical ideas were also coming out of the city. Professor Irimeshi developed a theory that he called the theory of attraction, now known as the law of gravity. It was truly a golden age, and industry boomed.

But with that industry came the destruction of the island's natural forest. The wild animals were being killed off for food and sport, and the water supply was being filled with poisons. The air was thick with the smoke of the steel mills and lumber yards. The people didn't mind, however; they were living the high life of society because that industry was bringing in a great deal of revenue. But not all enjoyed this prosperity. Eremu, the Dragon of Life, who made the Island her home, didn't like the destruction of the forest one bit. She asked the other dragons for help, but all were indifferent to her plight, saying it wasn't worth bothering the mortals over one little island. So Eremu took matters into her own hands.

Eremu first cursed the entire city and by 1711 l.l., the factories of Tel'Emur began to fail; people were dying in accidents that should never have happened, and not a single baby had been born in two years. Virulent diseases spread uncontrollably through the city, killing thousands. The citizens prayed for change, and Eremu heard their pleas, and she grinned a wicked grin.

Eremu then decided to punish the wicked humans even further, so she used all her power and sank the city in a great lake that engulfed it. By 1713 l.l. the city of Tel'Emur had sunk beneath a mile of deep blue water. And so the island began to heal and Eremu once more went dormant. Those few humans who survived prayed for the dead, and built a new city, dedicated to higher learning. The people of Der'Emur outlawed any heavy industry and they did their best to hide the horrible truth about Tel'Emur. And people began to forget, and life slowly returned to normal, and in 1789 l.l. the Der'Emur Institute of Higher Learning was established. A team of explorers and archeologist went to the lake to try and revisit Tel'Emur, but what they found was an enigma too horrible to report. One report was written about what had been discovered and was hidden away in the University library.

The year is now 1890 l.l. and no one remembers the horrible tragedy of Tel'Emur, anyone who hears the story dismisses it as fantasy, a legend to scare industry away from the beautiful island. But there are a few who still believe that Tel'Emur is there, and they still wish to find it and uncover it's secrets.