WARNING: This is GBLT/LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) themed fiction.

This is written for:

Freak-of-Spade's September Challenge

Theme is 'rebound'. Main character gets ditched, gets into a rebound relationship. Whether the rebound relationship succeeds or fails or the MC gets back with the person who ditches him at first or finds another person or ends up with their rebound is all up to you.


Main action must be set in September.

Must use the words: ocean, reverie, smoke, sulky, nowhere, absurdity and frost in any way you want so long they're in the story.

One character must say: "The thing about Georgette is that she's…she's a widespread kind of woman, you know?"


A kiss that makes the reader go 'WTF?!' (whether in surprise or delight or horror is all up to you)


No excessive angst.

No obvious mention of love by a character. Therefore, no 'I like you,' 'I love you' 'My heart belongs to you' etc. If you need a character to let another character know of his love, find a super-subtle/obscure way to put it.

Things can only get better

Aiden was sitting on the bench on the bus stop, waiting for the big, green monster called public transportation to appear and give him a ride. He wrapped his grey hoodie more tightly around himself. It was cold, too cold for the middle of September, but maybe it wasn't' just the outside cold, maybe he was cold inside too.

Was he sad? Maybe or maybe the more appropriate word would be disappointed. Disappointed over himself, over his naive perception of the man that he could now call his ex-boyfriend.

Ditching him just because Aiden didn't want to have sex with him yet, bastard. So what if they dated more than three months, so what if by all the textbooks and manuals on dating and relationship they have crossed a time limit when upholding sex wasn't tolerated with smile on a partner's face anymore and dividing one legs became obligatory. He wasn't ready yet, period. And the absurdity of his now ex-boyfriend's words when he was telling him that theirs relationship is going nowhere without two of them getting under the covers made him see that Josh wasn't the one. The special one with which Aiden would loose his virginity. So screw him and his cheap ass.

And couldn't Josh ditch him after the concert on which he invited him? He travelled twenty minutes in a bus full of germs and stench of sweat, just for that and that bastard ditched him. He didn't even offered him a lift home or offered a ticket, because as he said he already had a date and that date wasn't Aiden. That, in Aiden's opinion, was a premeditated murder of their relationship and of any tender feelings he might have had for Josh and for that Josh's beautiful, blonde hair, on which he was so ridiculously proud on, should get electrocuted.

Josh could at least tell him before hand that the concert is off or even better, just broke their relationship over the phone.

So now, Aiden had to walk a couple of block to the next bus stop, cause there was no way he was going to wait on a stop across Josh's home, even when Josh wasn't there.

He scratched his nose. If only Josh wouldn't be as a good kisser as he was, he would ditch Josh after their third date, but as it was, Josh's kisses and cuddles and making out were like a sweetest candy and for them he ignored some of Josh's flaws, like the one that Josh even when he had a car never picked him up and Aiden was the one that with a use of public transportation always went to Josh's house or they met in the city. He tucked the strand of brownish hair that was falling on his face behind his ear. The bastard.

"Sorry, do you have a smoke."

Aiden looked up.

A boy, no he wasn't a boy anymore, but he wasn't a men either, not yet anyway, was standing before him, dressed in black T-shirt under a tightly fitted leather jacket and in a baggy, washed out jeans and with his black hair in a mohawk.

"No, sorry."

"Oh, well." The black-haired boy dropped down on the bench beside Aiden and hooked his arm on the back of the bench. "I don't really smoke, so that's ok."

Aiden peeked over to him, he knew him from his school, well, he used to go to the same high school as Aiden. He had this diabolically sounding name that fitted him so well. Damien. And he was sitting awfully close to him. Aiden discretely put a little more space between them. Even though, maybe he shouldn't, cause Damien was hot, really hot, not really Aiden type with that lip ring and that ring on his left brow and that black eyeliner, (Even though Aiden had a crush on him a few years back), but really hot and a little dangerous looking. Sooo yummy.

"Aiden, right?"

"Uhhh, yeah." He knew his name, why did he know his name? Oh, my god, what if he knew that he was that geeky, gay guy from his former school that had this little crush on him and that he pushed a heart shape card with a love song through the slits of Damien locker as a Valentine card two years ago and now he's going to beat the shit out of him. Or even worst. There was this rumour that Damien knew professional hit men and that he was training to be one too. What if he's going to use him as a target?

"You are Ian's cousin?"

"Yeah." Ok, so beating and using him as a target was probably a little exaggerated, which was a relief, but, Alex frowned, from where does he know his cousin? "How do you know Ian?"

"We are in a band together."

"Ah." Aiden knew that Ian was in a band, he was a drummer, if he knew that Damien was a member of the same band, maybe he would go on one of those rehearsal and performance on which Ian was constantly inviting him. Damn it, why didn't Ian tell him about having such a hottie in his band.

"I'm a bass player."

"I see." Was he imagined or was Damien sitting a lot closer than a minute ago. Oh, my god, he was, he was and he was moving toward him, his thigh was now touching his and why was he reaching out with his hands? Oh, my god. Aiden's eyes became two larger saucers and it was a good thing he had eyelids and know how to blink with them, because without them his eyes would probably fell out from his eye's socket in a surprise when a cold metal together with a warm flesh was pressed against his lips and a wet muscle licked the seam of his mouth, demanding a way in. "What-"

Damien slipped his tongue into Aiden's mouth and with his hand cupping Aiden's neck, he started a slow, gentle exploration.

Aiden closed his green eyes and relaxed into Damien's touch. He titled his head, deepened the kiss. This was good. Damn, this was better than good. Damien was even better kisser than Josh. Oh, my god, he was just kissing back Damien, the devil child, the future hit man. He ended the kiss and carefully wiggled out from Damien's hold. He didn't know if he should wipe his mouth with a back of his hand or licked them to see if Damien's taste still lingered there. He peeked up under his eyelashes. He should probably be freaking out right now, but… damn, that kiss was good, no, not good, it was great, amazing and just fucking wonderful.

"What? Should I apologize and say that I'm sorry?" Damien titled his head. "Well, I'm not and I'm not going to apologize."

"Oh." Aiden looked down at the tip of his black sneakers and then up again. Damien had those beautiful ocean-blue eyes in which person could drown, it was a good thing Aiden knew how to swim or else he would need a life-saver. He tore his gaze away from them. "Why? Why did you kiss me?"

"You were looking sulky."

"Sulky? You mean sullen."

"No, sulky. It's all about the y."

All about the y? "Ok." Whatever. No, wait. "You just kissed me." The PDA kiss. He didn't even get PDA kiss from his ex-boyfriend, something about Josh being embarrassed by the fact that he was gay, with which Aiden could relate, he spend enough of time hiding his sexual orientation too, before his mom put a stop to it and said that she knows and that it doesn't change the fact that he was her son and would always stay her son and that he should not hide who he is. Grandma was even better, she patted his back and said, now we have something in common, we both like men. He had to admit the women in his family were amazing and with the family as a backup it was easier to face the world as a gay. He sucked in his bottom lip.

"Yeah." Damien licked his lips. "Do you want another one?"

"Yes. No. Wait a minute. Are you gay?"

"Not really. I'm bi."


"You say that a lot."




"Yeah." Damien chuckled and dimples appeared on his cheeks.

Aidan stared, Damien was so adorable when he smiled, even with that punk or was it rock look he was wearing. He shook his head, like that would clear his mind. What was that he wanted to ask? "Do you kiss every 'sulky' looking guy that you meet?" Please say no, please say no.

"No, just the cute ones."

Aiden could feel himself blushing. Damien thought he was cute. YAY.

There was a sound of horn and an old Xsara stopped on the bus stop.

"My ride is here." Damien stood up. He made a step toward the car, and then turned around. "Hey, my friend's band is going to be an opening act on a Black light's concert, do you want to come? It's free."

To go with a stranger, who is supposedly be a hit man in training and who just kissed him and who thinks he's cute, on the concert. He would so go, but his mom said never to trust a stranger, so even though he was already seventeen and a half years old, you never know were the danger could lay and who know what kind of bad, bad things could Damien plan with him.

"And Ian's going to be there."

Oh, wait he knows his cousin and if Ian is going to be there… "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Damien reached out with his hand. "I'm sure."

"Ok then." Aiden stood up and wrapped his fingers around Damien's.

Damien pulled him toward the car and even opened the door for him. How gallant. After he placed Aiden on the back seat and sat down on the passenger seat, he introduced to Aiden the driver. "This is Georgette," he titled his head in direction of the blonde that was sitting behind the wheel and was steering the car on the road again, "and this is Aiden, Ian's cousin."

She winked to Aiden in the rear mirror. "Hi, there."

Aiden smiled in reply. And then he directed his gaze out of the window, silently listening to Damien and Georgette's conversation. They told him where they were going and told some snippets about their bend and about the Damien's friend Eric's band.

Half hour later Aiden was sandwiched between Damien and Georgette on the small divan in one of the backstage rooms. There were five more people in the room sitting across them and even though Aiden try to remember their names, they escaped out of his mind like a dog's flies before a danger of seizure and before his mind could seized them and remember them they were gone. And beside how could his mind process more than one thing at once when his body was pressed tight against Damien?

"Hi, guys," familiar voice greeted them and Ian mounted a chair across the divan. He gazed around and his brown eyes stopped on Aiden. "Hey."


"What are you doing here?"

"I brought him," Damien said.

"You did?" Ian cast a glance under the wild disarray of brown bangs at Damien and before his eyes were on Aiden again. He put his hands on the table and leaned forward. "Where's the dick?"

Aiden glimpsed down. In his pants, but he had a feeling Ian wasn't talking about that dick. "What?"

"Where's that dick of your boyfriend? You were always with him on Friday's evenings."

"You have a boyfriend?" Damien frowned at Aiden.

Aiden looked down and he fidgeted with the edge of the pocket of his olive cargo pants. "He broke up with me."

"Good for you," Ian nodded. "He was a jerk."

"Why?" Damien put his hand on Aiden's. "Why did he break up with you?"

Should he tell the truth or just make something up? Making something up was definitely the better option, but when he was about to open his mouth and say something Ian asked him "Is it because you didn't want to lose your virginity with him?"

Aiden could feel the redness spreading across his face. He narrowed his eyes at Ian. Well thank you very much. This was a last time when he confided in his cousin, who apparently couldn't keep his mouth shut. Damn, how embarrassing.

"If you didn't feel that he was the one, you were right not to have sex with him. I think that the first time should be really special," Georgette said.

"Says the woman who lost the virginity in her summer break with the receptionist and her two school mates." Damien raised his brow.

"I hope that you wont have a bad opinion of Georgette, but… The thing about Georgette is that she's… she's a widespread kind of a woman, you know." Ian told to Aiden.

"Are you calling me a slut?"

"Like I would dare. But don't you find it hypocritical to say that first time should be special, when you had a first time like you had."

"That's the reason why I can say it. Because my first time wasn't special and I wish it was."

"Hey, does anybody want a beer?" A red-head stepped over to their table and cut their conversation short. After the guys declined or accepted the offer, the thread of the conversation turned toward the music and the upcoming gig.

Aiden gazed around, it looked quite ordinary, he would expect a lot more alcohol and drugs, but all he saw was were people slowly sipping beer and there was one sniffing something, probably koke, and that was all. He looked down on Damien's hand that was still holding his. It was warm and it fitted so well with his. How could a man who he knew only for a couple of hours, well, before today Damien was just a sexy image without the substance, make him feel like he knew him, like he was a part of his life since forever?

"Are you alright?" Damien's voice woke Aiden from his reverie.


"They are going to play soon. We should go to the hall."


They stood up and Damien wished luck to Eric, who was the red-head that was offering the beer before, and to his band members and then they were out through the door, Ian, Georgette and some blond guy following them. Damien led them through the hallway, over the side podium toward the right wall. There was a small space separated from rest of the large hall with a fence.

Damien explained to Aiden that this was the area reserved for the any private guests that bends might have. The second fenced area was for VIP tickets and after the concert their owners had a chance to go and see behind stage, while everybody else who were in the area behind that were just the ordinary people, not special like Aiden and Damien and Ian and Georgette. Yeah, they knew the band, well actually Damien and Ian and Georgette did, but Aiden knew them and Ian was even a family, so he was special too.

So Aiden stood there, leaned on the wall, Damien right beside him, touching him with the side of the body, they were waiting for the curtain to open.

"Aiden, look who's there and is looking in our direction." Ian pointed at the VIP-crowd, at the person who was moving along the fence closer to them. It was Josh.

"I see him." Aiden nodded.

"See who?" Damien was shifting his eyes between them.

"The dick, in person." Ian titled his head in Josh's direction.

"Aiden," Josh said from the other side of the fence. "What are you doing here?"

"So this is the dick?" Damien whispered as he examined the long haired, blonde boy.

Aiden nodded to Damien and titled his head at Josh in why are you asking stupid questions. "I'm standing here, waiting for the band to appear."

"How did you get in and why are you in a better spot than I am?" Josh narrowed his eyes at Aiden.

Damien wrapped his arm around Aiden's waist. "His new boyfriend got him in."

"Your new boyfriend?"

"Yeah." Aiden leaned with his head on Damien's shoulder and put his hand over Damien's.

"I just broke up with you three hours ago."

"I move fast don't I?" Damien intruded. "As soon as I found out that he's single again I took my chance and now we are on our first date and I can promise you, is not going to be our last."

Aiden could see the frost in Josh's green eyes, but instead of chilling him it actually warmed him up and with a soft smile on his face he watched Josh's abrupt turn on a heel and his leaving. He scratched his nose, he tried to remember why he was dating the bastard like Josh in the first place. Oh, yeah, Josh was a good kisser and because Aiden wasn't really the type to go into bars and pick up men, so he didn't really have a large choice to pick from.

Aiden could see Ian and Georgette smirking and he smiled at Damien. "Thank you for that."

"It can be true, you know." Damien took hold of Aiden's hand.


"That this can be our first date. One of many."

"Oh, I would like that." Aiden turned and faced Damien. Well, more than like... Damien was really nice, he was treating him well, was a good kisser and looked really hot. "But, but… didn't you hear why he broke up with me?"

"As long as you are not against blowjobs and dry humping I'm fine with that."

"You giving me blowjob or I you?" Oh, god, just thinking about it gave him a boner.


"I'm all for that."

"Good." Damien pressed a kiss on Aiden's nose, turned him around and wrapped his arms around his waist. "Now, let's listen to the music. I hope you'd like it. If you are good I'd even teach you how to head bang. "

The curtain on the stage opened.

Like he doesn't know how to head bang. Duh. Aiden leaned back on Damien's shoulder. "Hey," he whispered, "are you really a hit man in training?"

"No," Damien's breath was hot on Aiden's ear, "with college, band practice and now a boyfriend there isn't time for that. Why? Do you need somebody eliminated? If you do, I can put on my frilly pink tutu, take my heart shaped wand and kill people with fluff."

Aiden shook his head, he giggled. "I would like to see that."

"Well, if you ask me nicely and if you would be my co-fairy, I'd dress in that for a Halloween, just for you."

"It's a deal." Aiden grinned and looked up on the stage, where the lights flashed in the display of red and purple and the first notes of music started to vibrate in the air. Who would have thought that the day could turn out like this and that maybe, just maybe he had found that special somebody in Damien, at least that what the warmth that pooled in the pit of his belly was telling him, but if it was true or not, only time would tell.

The end

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