Well, I always wanted to write a song about one of my favourite topics. It's a topic thats been under debate for a long time, when there's really nothing to argue about. Ghosts. They clearly exist, but I believe the question isn't wether or not they exist, but why they're here. This song is one of the possible explanations. When someone's ripped away, sometimes they don't leave. Sometimes they live on for you.


Alone in this place, but not entirely...
Broken silence of this house, who is here with me?
How can these handprints on my window be found?
Twenty feet above the ground!
Girl, are you behind these sounds?

I hear you breathe, even though you're gone!
I smell your hair on the pillow beside me!
I see your eyes as I drift to sleep!
What secrets do you keep, in death?!
I remember, every word you said...

I can't seem to be myself!
Bound by memories of this personal hell...
Just a drive down to the morgue,
Being forced to close the door!
That leads to you, and all that I lived for!

I hear you laugh, even though you're gone!
I feel you laying, here beside me!
I see your face, as I turn to leave!
Why can't you sleep, my friend...?
Is it you or me that's dead!?

Why are you, haunting me?
I'm sorry!!
I'm not the one who took your life!
Though I should have been there,
That night!!
I should have moved to stop the knife...
Maybe then I'd see you alive!

Your lipsticks, still on the mirror...
I'll never clean it off!
Your ghost it, brings me no fear!
It's part of you and that's enough!
Did you know just who it was?
Was it someone you could trust?
Until the blade entered your throat!
The only girl I've ever loved!
Are you haunting me because?
I, just won't let go!!

I hear you breathe, even though you've gone...
I feel your arms around me!
I see you smile and I finally believe!
You're only here, to make me happy!
And I'm still alive, to say I'm sorry!
Baby, goodnight...
I'll be alright.