"You can't escape me." The sound of his voice is gentle and smooth but it does nothing to hide the underlying message. It is enough to send shivers down my spine but for an entirely different and wrong reason. The words he speaks but more-so the carelessness in which they are spoken terrifies me. "Fate has made sure of it."

How can I believe him?

The confidence in what he is saying scares me beyond the actual words themselves. I don't believe in fate. Fate is nothing more but a state of being stemming from weak human intellect, especially in reference to the mindset of the female gender. Though he is anything but a weak creature, I refuse to believe in such things. It is a ridiculous notion to think that the life of a female isn't complete until she becomes a trophy for a male. This disturbing ideal is fed to humanity from infancy and so it has become second nature for people to give into the idea. Despite what he is, he believes in fate governing our existence. I know full-well the intention of his words and the ideology behind them: fate deems that every human has a predetermined partner, meaning that for every man there is a woman. This definition seems to apply to him even though he himself can't exactly be classified as a human being. It's not like I am holding that against him, if anything I am the defective one out of both of us.

I don't have anything to believe in, yet I am quick to put disbelief in the ideals of anyone. It is a rather selfish thing to do, that much I can clearly admit. But how can he expect me to believe in something so...transparent. The universe seeing it fit to partner every human - like a twisted rendition of Noah's Ark - and we're supposed to happily comply. As human beings, is that all we are destined to find in our existence? Would it seem like too much to ask for something more? I suppose doing so would seem rather ungrateful. It is kind of like the return policy of a birthday gift, we as humans can't resent the special treat fate has given our empty little lives.

Life cannot be that simple. Human beings have the act of choice: we have free will. Have we really no choice once our fate has been written? Luke has lived much longer than I have and has seen much more of this world than I can imagine; if anyone would know the workings of the universe it should be him.

I am not a puppet. The strings of my fate are not being manhandled by the universe. No matter what he says, I do not belong to him. The extent of my life is decided on by me and not by anything else. If I so choose to - without the consent of anyone or anything - I can end my life. Doing so would be proof enough that I do not belong in his so-called fate. But should I do it? Go through such great lengths to defy the defy this boy...

I hate this.

The indecisiveness, the bundle of nerves, the fear at the pit of my stomach...I hate all of this. I should not be feeling any of this. I have stopped being a hormone driven teenage girl a long time ago. The way he looks at me shouldn't make me blush. The way he talks to me shouldn't make me shiver. Looking at him look at me shouldn't make me feel the way I do. Darn it, this isn't who I am anymore.

"Accept it love." Luke seems to possess the ability to read my mind. That isn't an ability of his kind but rather it is more like a quirk in his personality. He can read me like a book and because of that he should know full-well that I can't just accept it. None of this is simple enough to be accepted with such open arms.

No one ever said fate is logical I suppose and it does not have to be fair as is life. But what happens with the bad people - the convicts, the drug dealers, the junkies, the sex addicts, the gamblers, the cutters, the murderers, the rapist - are these people in the equation fate has created as well? No one can control with whom they fall in love with: it would be unnatural to try and do so.

It feels unnatural to try and stop loving Luke.

"You are mine," his voice is a snug whisper as he plants butterfly kisses on the inside of my thighs. The sensation of his cold – wet – lips on my skin makes the heaviest of flutters arise in my chest. "Forever mine."

I can't hate him, no matter how hard I try to do so.

Staring at the blond haired boy in my lap, whose lips are covered in my blood, I can't help but let a smile claim my face. A creature such as him should not exist in this world and I should not have fallen for him. But what's done is done and all I can do is shift the blame on fate. A human being cannot fight against the mighty powers of the universe, not that I plan on putting up much of a fight.

If this boy with pitch black eyes is what fate has seen fit for me, then what choice do I have but to blindly accept?


Author Notes: I want to make it clear from the get-go this is not a vampire story - at least not in the traditional vampire sense. Please leave a review, it will be most appreciated.