A Vampire's Bite

Summary: A naive vampire, Stephan, dabbles in the wrong blood. What happens when Sylvian decides to teach him a lesson? MxM
There will be dark themes throughout this story.
This story could continue, if you want it to, but I'm unsure about it so tell me what you think. Thank you, and if you want to beta that would be so amazing!

I know I'm being watched. A cool breeze blew through the window making Sylvian shiver. He stayed still on the couch. Gooseflesh rising on his pasty skin. His dark red hair hung limp around his head. He didn't want a fight.

Sylvian liked this neighborhood, it was quiet, and no one pried. Of course they talked, all people talked, but they left him alone. Normally noisy neighbors, or his own stupidity got him kicked out of neighborhoods, but that was not going to happen this time.

Fear saturated the air, a deep cold feeling that could make the strongest of people shiver. A shrill sound and an acidic taste came with it, making Demetrius smile. He created this fear. Humans. The creatures are so pathetic, they can't even defend themselves. There was something else in the air too, but Demetrius ignored it. All he wanted was his prey.

Demetrius made sure to make some noise, loving every spike of fear he felt. He reached for the door handle of the room he was in, his milky white skin showing in the minimal light. The door creaked and he cursed himself for not knowing about that before it happened. He should have tested everything before, but it was too late now. The boy was beyond scared now, Demetrius could see the back of his head, not moving. His red eyes glinted with a smirk.

Sylvian took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, He needed to be rational. He didn't want everything to change again. His right ear twitched, his senses spiked, and his heart began to calm. He could handle this. Silently he smelled the air, A vampire? He hated dealing with vampires, they thought the world was created for them, and that they could rule over any human, because for them, there were only vampires and humans. Nothing else. He knew though. He knew because he was. Another stab of fear knotted his gut. He knew now that he didn't have a choice. He had to deal with the cocky beast.

Sylvian let his fear ghost over the room, draw the Vampire in. Maybe this would be good, I will teach him a lesson. Before this Sylvian had run from confrontations, but he was tired of it.

Demetrius took another step towards the occupied couch. Still the boy had not moved. He smirked, He must be close to a heart attack. He moved toward his prey, fully intent on playing cat and mouse before he ended it. "Scared?" He whispered leaning down to blow the word right over Slyvian's ear.

Cliffy, I know I'm horrible, but it seemed like a good ending place...