Music notes fly through the air,

Music notes fly through the air,

bouncing down the hallways and ricocheting off the walls,

sinking into my skin, causing my heartbeat to sync up with this incessant beat,

everything together

My boyfriend and I hold hands and for a second maybe we are one person and not two

We collapse to the ground with a bunch of other kids,

sitting in a circle, singing, playing a guitar, the source of that music filling the air,

all these voices singing together, not with any talent, just with passion, and it's enough,

more than enough

To send me spinning dizzy my head falling in his lap,

looking up at the ceiling the world is so fucking beautiful, isn't it?

There is so much good in this world, so much good

We start a new song,

living in our own little world, a house tucked away past closed down stores with windows boarded up,

abandonment and emptiness all around us,

in the midst of it all this little spot of vitality so intense I can hardly stand it

Just blocks away from quiet suburbia

with their rules and their expectations and their standards and their picket fences and their bullshit,

we exist without any of that

We exist with music