Author's Notes: 'Nother random idea. Hehe.

Summary: Yes, I am a klutz. But, you know, there are advantages. As in tripping, pulling the guy you just so happen to be in love with along with you. Oh, the embarrassment!

Disclaimer: I own nothing you notice. I do own things you don't.




"You!" I shriek, almost incoherently.

"Me?" he asks innocently.

I turn to look at him, arms crossed over my chest. "You know I hate it when people poke me."

"I know."

"Then why'd you poke me?"

He shrugs, and I fight the urge to touch the shoulders that were just oh-so-tempting.

"Cause I wanted to," he replies simply.

I glare at him. He almost seems immune.

With a slightly strangled growl, I step forward and, with one look at his slightly confused eyes, it's my turn to poke him.

His eyes meet mine, and I see the unconcealed amusement there. "That was your comeback?"

"Yes," I huff. And, for added measure, I slap his shoulder as gently as I can, taking one step back, and, in the process, catching my foot on a stray rock.

I trip.

"Oh!" I say, grabbing onto the closest thing by me: his wrist. And then I landed on the slightly wet grass, knocking myself breathless.

In a simply bashful moment, I catch his gaze with mine. My breath catches, my heart racing as I see resolve flash in his eyes.

"Sor—" I start to say, only to be cut off as his lips press, almost hesitantly, to mine. It took me a while to respond, but soon my hands are in his hair, my heart accelerating every second his mouth moves with mine.

"Sorry," I finally say, a few blissful minutes later. "My fault."

His lips are on mine once, twice, three times before he replies.

"Actually, I'm glad you're a klutz."



Author's Notes: Very random idea, yes, but I like it. Though it's not one of my best oneshots—especially since it's so short, and so fast-paced!

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