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Once upon a time, or early last year, there lived a girl Aurora Nap. Aurora was a princess, and with her princess status came a princess attitude. Aurora was a snob. Completely stuck up. But she was beautiful, and she knew it. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and she was tall. A classic beauty. Everyone at Ever After high school loved her. Except one person, Malefecint Eevill. She hated her and all her popularity. Malefecint was the opposite of Aurora. Where Aurora was blonde, Malefecint was raven haired. Where Aurora liked pink, she liked black. Where Aurora had a sporty tan, Malefecint looked whiter than print paper. Malefecint also had a problem, she smelt terrible. Her body odour was a curse. Literally. Only true loves kiss could cure it. Like anyone could get close enough to kiss her. Why is it always true loves kiss? Why can't I roll in a field of clover? She thought. It is so typical. The curse casters are such romantics. They think they're doing you a favour, saying things will only be broken by true loves whatever. But it cancels itself out. You smell, you're ugly, you've got blue skin or whatever for half your life, and then you have to pash some random to break the curse. The curse casters are totally messed up. The need help. Professional help. As soon as possible. Anyway, this is the story of Malefecint Eevill and Aurora Nap. And a boy called Phillip.

Ugh, another day at Ever After high, I thought as I rolled out of bed. High school mightn't be so bad if I didn't smell like old meat and a cow's backside. But I did, so it was. I got up and dressed in my usual gear. A black shirt with a band on it (the Three Little Pigs, today), black Tripp pants and black boots. I put on my black eyeliner, acid green eye shadow and black lipstick was smeared on as a last touch. Yep, I was a Goth type. The only one at my preptastic school. Not that I needed to stick out more than I already did, but oh well.

Ah, school is finally over. It was horrible as usual. Princess Aurora and her dedicated minions threw food at me. I don't know why, bread and celery sticks don't actually hurt. It wasn't even that annoying. Just kinda… weird. But you get that. When you're an outcast, life is bound to be a little odd.

I walked home as usual to my empty apartment. My parents had dumped me in there the moment I was cursed. I haven't spoken to them since I was twelve. I'm seventeen, now. Oh well, I'm better off alone. If no one is there, no one can leave.
I put the key into the lock on my wooden door and unlocked it. As I went inside I took a look at my apartment. My walls were a bright cherry red. I had different shapes stencilled on the walls as well. Most of the shapes were guitars, musical notes, stars and guns. I dumped my bag in the lounge room and wandered into the kitchen. It was the same as always, pristine white tiles on the floor and walls and stainless steel appliances. I walked into my bathroom next. The walls were a deep cream and a bronze clawed bathtub sat on the opposite wall. I crept slowly to my bedroom. Black walls with green kick boarding. A black iron bed with green sheets sat in the middle of my room in front of the full length shutter windows. Everything was the same as always, so why did I feel like everything was about to change?

I was at school again when it happened. The new kid found me. His name is Phillip Prince, and he was a babe. He had dark black hair, nice muscles, and great fashion. It was his eyes that were the stand out, though. They were a startling shade of red. They were amazing. I was pretty sure it was a curse as soon as I saw them. Then, he started to walk over, so I couldn't ogle him anymore.

"Hi, I'm Phillip," said hottie.

"Malefecint," I replied. "Um, not that I'm complaining, but why

aren't you bothered by my smell?"

"Cursed people can ignore other people's curses if they involve touch,

taste, scent or hearing," he informed me.

"But not sight," I said, feeling for him.

"No, not sight."

"So, your eyes are cursed, yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah, not only are my eyes red, but everything has a red tint to it. Like wearing sunglasses with red lenses," he answered.

Again I walked home, thinking of Phillip, and the fact he could ignore my curse. I was also thinking about my feelings. I mean, I liked the guy. He was a lot like me, and I could understand what he meant about curses. We were both dumped by our parents and made outcasts through magic. I had no idea why the curse casters feel the need to put these awful spells on us. All for petty reasons, too. For example, I was cursed because my mother said something nasty about a spell caster's daughter's husband's ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a good friend. I mean, could you get anymore obscure? Phillip was cursed because he was a better looking baby than the curse casters son. I mean what the heck? But anyway. Like I said, I liked the guy, but I'm not sure how much. Sure, I'd thought guys were attractive before (hello, have you looked at the lead singer of The Fairy Godfathers? Actually, look at the whole band, they're all gorgeous!). But Phillip, he
wasdifferent. I was more than attracted to him. I felt like I belonged with no one but him. It was like… magnetism. I was drawn to him like no other. I don't think I've ever felt so compelled to be with someone. I think I loved him. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn't see Aurora and her faithful posse heading towards me. I was so lost in my mind I almost ran into her.

"Oi, stinky, watch it!" She screeched.

"What do you brainless monkeys want?" I questioned.

"Hey, hey, none of that Malefecint. We're here to make a deal. You keep away from Phillip, and we'll stop bothering you," she bargained.

"Sorry guys, no dice. Now, go away before I share my natural perfume with you. Go on, scram," I shooed them off by waving my arms near their faces, effectively spreading my stench. Ha! Take that blondie!

As soon as I got to school the next day I went to my usual haunt. A table and chairs at the back of the school. Phillip was already sitting there.

"Hey, Phil, just so you know, Aurora is coming up with some form of evil plan," I informed him.

"Hi to you too, Mally. And what sort of evil plan?" He asked.

"Well, she has set her sights on you. You're the latest chase. She just wants another trophy to add to the wall of schmucks."

"Well, that's nice. Too bad for her, I don't like her."

"Wow, resisting Princess Prep. How do you do it?"

"Eh, it's a talent. One of many, actually." We both laughed at his show of self satisfaction.

My class had just finished and now I was walking to my next. Aurora had been shadowing me all day, probably planning her next move. I could see one of her minions beside her. I think her name was Cadence. But it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that more of her friends were coming, and they were making a large, loose circle around me, slowly closing in. The only thing on my mind was that they were slowly shepherding me into an alcove behind a building, and there were far more people than I originally thought. Aurora leaned into me, with an awful sneer on her face. She was saying something, and pointing to two large, burly boys, then at me. Then everyone was laughing, and I was standing there, doing nothing more than seeing. I was looking through someone else's eyes as the first boy threw a punch. It wasn't me doubling over as his fist hit my stomach, and it certainly wasn't me that was knocked to the ground. It couldn't be me about to pass out, could it? And then everything went black. I guess that answers my question. When I came to I found a note pinned to my shirt. I ripped it off the safety pin and read it.


Keep away from Phillip. He's mine. Go near him again and see how much worse my friends can do.


Those three little X's were not friendly kisses. If Aurora gave you three X's, she was basically telling you to back off or die. Literally die. She had people that would do anything for her, and she wasn't afraid of exploiting that fact. Unfortunately for her, I wasn't afraid of death. It was merely a stop on the train line. One more station to pass through before getting to the next one. Nothing big. Phillip was the only one capable of being my friend. I was not going to give that up in fear. Huh, speak of the devil, here comes Phil now. He looked at me worriedly, before spying the note and snatching it out of my hands to read. He frowned as he finished it.

"She has no right to dictate your life like that. No one has that power, not even a princess. I'll deal with this tomorrow. Right now we need to get you home. Address," he ordered. I told him my address and he walked in, plopping me on my bed as he went to find the medical box.

"Nice place," he commented as he walked in carrying medical supplies. He patched me up as we chatted, and we got to know a little more about each other. By the time had had put a bandaid on the last cut, I was fast asleep.

The next morning as I got ready for school, I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen. Phil had said he'd handle it, and I trusted that, I just didn't know how he was going do that.

My question was answered as soon as we set foot on campus. Aurora and company were gathered around the front gate, ready for a littlen early morning confrontation. She glared at me before turning her makeup caked face towards Phil. She busted out her signature smile. The one with so many white teeth, that if she's in the sun when she does it, anyone within a ten metre radius goes temporarily blind.

"Phil, can you please just get over you pity of Stinky and come hang out with me already?" She asked.

"No, I can't. And I don't pity Mally, she's a great person. You just

have to get to know her," he answered.

"But everyone loves me! You can't turn me down! I'm the princess!" She sulked.

"Sucks to be you," I said to her.

"You don't talk to me! Don't ever talk to me! You don't deserve my time. Now go away, you're breathing my air. Maybe you should just stop breathing, that'd solve everyone's problems," she said rudely.
That was the last straw. I curled my hand into a fist and began to raise it. Just as I was pulling back there was a loud smack, and I could see Aurora staggering back. I looked at Phillip and he grinned. Aurora and her group stayed out of our way for the rest of the day.

After those two horrible days, things only got better. Turns out Phillip had no place to go, so he moved in with Malefecint. It was now, as they sat in the living room that it happened. Malefecint was talking when all of a sudden Phillip put a hand over her mouth. He angled his face towards her and gave her a soft kiss. Malefecint lifted her head and looked at Phillip.

"Your eyes…" she said, amazed. They were the most beautiful shade of green-y blue. But that meant…

"You smell nice. Like outdoors and rain," said Phillip. After a moment he added "That made me sound kinda creepy, didn't it?"

"Only a little," said Malefecint as she smiled.

Phillip's reply was to pull her close and kiss her head. Maybe the curse casters aren't so bad, after all.

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