Consequential Love Chapter 1

I stared at the paper in front of me. I chewed on my pencil and placed the tip against the paper, set the pencil down, picked it up again, then threw it against the table, letting it hop across the table and roll on the tile floor, glaring at it as it made its escape from my torture, my hand nearly pulling out my fire-red hair in frustration.
I growled as someone opened the door to the small dining area in the bowling alley, it being closed off so diners didn't have to listen to the sound of the balls hitting the lane with that annoying clunk and roll.

"Somebody's in a mood," a voice said, I looking to see Sera, a girl I knew from around school though I rarely spoke to her.

I watched her place a basket of spiced fries in front of me and the cup of nacho cheese that was necessary for me to eat the fries, fries needed cheese to be complete. I looked to Sera, trying to calm my annoyance to speak civilly to her.

"Sorry, I have an assignment for my English Honors class and it's driving me nuts. Vocabulary thing," I said reaching out for a fry. "I wanted to go out with the others tonight, but I got stuck doing homework, so while everyone else is having fun, I'm having to stay here and make sure I maintain my "A" average so my sadistic uncle can proudly show me off," I explained, rather stupidly, to Sera. Sera wasn't a friend, I had talked to her on the odd occasion, if only to fight because her best friend was constantly hounding after my boyfriend, Julius.

"Whatever," she said before heading for the door. "Oh, and there's a hole in your hoodie, rich-boy," she said, maliciously.

I found myself even more disgruntled for her lack of sympathy and her comment, but she wasn't my friend so I couldn't really blame her. I looked down at the hole in my hoodie, sticking a pale white finger in the hole and feeling somehow disheartened by it. When did this tear?

My eyes trailed down my body, blue hoodie that engulfed my torso and arms, black jeans that swallowed my legs, tennis shoes that looked scuffed up and old and they should since I haven't grown in years and haven't needed any new ones and this thought only reminded me of how much being a 5' 3" sixteen year old boy sucked.

I looked across the room to the pencil that seemed to shiver in fear at my glare, hiding under another booth a few feet away. I could have gotten up to get it, but I didn't, instead opting to look inside my messenger bag and dig out another pencil.

Why did I have so much crap inside my bag? A MP3 player, two books, as many pencils as I could stuff in there, mints scattered around, three tubes of Chap Stick, a bottle of aspirin, a bottle of zyrtec, a watch and a set of keys. Where did all this stuff come from? When did girls start having tiny purses and guys having huge packs?

I shook my head, grabbed a pencil and began writing down the word "crap" over and over and over. I drew it sometimes, embossed the letters, and underlined it, made it rather pretty for a four-letter word. Crap, that's what was cluttering my head, making it impossible to write, the assignment was due tomorrow, and all I could turn into the teacher was this page of crap.

The door to the dining area opened again and I grabbed my soda, seriously ready to throw it on the person who walked through that door when I stopped. I blinked as I saw my two best friends, pretty much my only friends and my boyfriend of a few years walk into the room and slide into the booth around me.

"I thought you were all going out to get plastered," I said, knowing that was a usual fun chore for the three of them.
"We were," said Ally, or Alexandric, the tall, blonde seventeen year old.

Alexandric was an 5'9" and fairly muscular with short chin length blonde hair that he kept tied back most of the time. He wore thin-framed glasses and dressed mainly in dark flannel shirts, t-shirts, and pants. He was rather laid-back, often the voice of reason that stopped all the fights in our little group, though he was at least adventurous enough for several piercings and a few tattoos.

"Instead, I decided that if we couldn't laugh at you getting drunk Edgar, we should go shopping," E, or Emmandra on the few occasions when she'll allow the name, Ally's sixteen year old sister said.

E was much different than her brother. She was hyper and loud, pushy and forceful. She was nice and could be very caring when it was needed. She was also rather flashy, the type of girl who would where a tutu over her jeans and go to school like that without a hint of embarrassment. She had blonde curly hair and vivid green eyes and horrible sense of color, after all, her favorite shoes were ones she had drawn a blue and orange checkered pattern.
She stood up and pulled her shirt up to show a huge belt buckle in the shape of a rainbow, to which my eyes grew wide before shaking my head. If anyone was brave enough to wear it, the ever adventurous E was.

"It's glow-in-the-dark!" E stated proudly.
"I told her it was a bad idea, I don't even think her parents could explain that away as being expressive," Julius said, wrapping an arm around me.

Julius was Ally and E's 18 year old cousin and looked nothing like them with expressionless green eyes and long brown hair. Dressed, as he often was, in a green turtle neck sweater and black slacks, he looked sophisticated, like the son of the CEO that he is.

We had been together since I was thirteen and he was fifteen. His mother hadn't been quite too happy to find out that her son was gay, but she accepted it, if only for the fact that her son wasn't the "bitch" as she said.

We had a pretty good relationship, though we fought a bit and we often rushed things a bit too much. We starting fooling around when I was 14, that was too soon, and we actually had sex when I was 15 and still do and this was probably too soon too, but I didn't care. I'm in love with him and I'd do just about anything for him.
We were privileged teenagers. My uncle was the owner of a large trading business that I never really understood, though he often tried to make me understand, possibly in hopes that I would succeed him since he had no children of his own. Ally and E's mother and father were painters and had made quite a name for themselves here in New York. Then, of course, there was Julius' entrepreneur mother who owned several businesses.

Julius' mother, Silvia, was an extreme feminist who near seemed to believe men should be in chains and I know what you're thinking, but no, she isn't a lesbian. Julius was one of the few men in her life that she cared for instead of just manipulated and she had conceived him with the help of doctors and a sperm bank, having chosen from only the best D.N.A. money could buy. She had named Julius, rather appropriately, after Caesar and seemed to believe that he would be the take over her empire one day.

Despite the fact that their parents and my guardian were rich, we tried our best not to be snotty. We didn't want to flash our money around. Granted we used it to get fake I.D.s so we could get into night clubs, but we didn't treat anyone different, we weren't better, we were just better off and not even because of our own hard work, and trust me, being better off financially, doesn't mean we were better off in any other areas.
"So what is this big assignment that's kept my little red-headed cutie so worried?" Julius said staring down at the page that I had written crap on.

"I have to write a short story for my English honors class and be creative with vocabulary, hence the very big dictionary I have," I said picking up the large book and setting it down in the center of the table.

"You have an A average in your English class, why is this assignment giving you so much trouble?" asked Ally.

"I don't know what to write about! If I had to do a report or an essay, I'd get an "A", but I have no imagination. I whittled that away on video games and cynicism," I said placing my face in hands in despair.

"Just don't do the assignment," E said as if it were that simple. Then again, to E, it was that simple, she didn't really care about her grades. Doing poorly in school was her way of getting attention from her parents as they were often busy and had little time for their son and daughter.

"Oh yes, and when my uncle kills me, will you weep on my grave and admit that it's all your fault?" I asked.

"No," she said rather unapologetically.

"Then it wouldn't be worth it not to do the assignment," I said and looked down at the paper, tore off my "rough draft", and threw it into a nearby trashcan. I then looked at the blank piece of paper in front of me and I felt like I had walked straight into a brick wall.

"Well do you think Mr. DeKeyser would give you an extension?" Ally asked, being the ever calm and thoughtful one.

"He might, but really I don't want him to. I kept putting it off because I didn't know what to write. If he gave me an extension it would just be a repeat of what's happening now," I sighed.

"Well then what are you going to do?" Julius asked.

"I'm…going to go home," I said, putting my notebook back into my bag.

"Aw! You're going to leave us all alone?" E pouted.

"Enjoy the fries, they're already paid for," I said slipping out of the booth with Julius, the tall brunette following after me towards the door, passed the lanes, and outside, walking me to the car.

"Are you alright? You seem a little stressed out," Julius said.

"I am! I am about ready to take this dictionary and shove it down DeKeyser's throat. He wants two pages! I don't even have a single word!" I shouted a little too loudly.

"Calm down Edgar, it's alright. You need to calm down. Go home, take a shower, get a little something to eat,-"

"I just ate in there," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Oh please, those fries are probably all you've had all day. You need to eat something warm and with less grease. Heat something up, eat it, and then go back to your assignment. Then write down a sentence, any sentence at all and keep going," Julius said.

I shook my head, it felt impossible, but I nodded. I would do what Julius said, surprisingly obedient to him and only him. I smiled to him and stood on my tiptoes to give him a soft kiss.
"Okay, okay, I get it. Eddy needs to get off the pity pot and do the work," I said, taking my keys out of my pocket and unlocking the door to my car and slipping into the driver's seat.

"Before you go, I got you something while we were out," Julius said.

I blinked as he pulled out a velvet box and popped it open to show me a heart-shaped mood ring.

"So seventies, I love it," I said giving a chuckle, enjoying the smile on Julius' face as I put the ring on my finger.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow after school," Julius said and I nodded, gave him another kiss and then started my car and slowly pulled out of the driveway and down the city streets.

I went home. Home was the penthouse of an apartment building. My uncle paid for it, it having been my thirteen birthday present after the two of us had a huge argument and I told him I wanted to move out. He gave me what I wanted and sometimes I regret the choice, though I would never admit that aloud and especially not to my uncle.

I did as Julius said, went to the bathroom first and removed my clothes, looking at myself in the mirror. Skinny and pale, bright blue eyes staring back. I looked down at my hand and looked over the mood ring again, then turning my arm to look at the lines of my veins in my arms.

I remembered, as I stepped into the shower, Julius' arms. He had big strong arms and one night after we had spent hours making love, I had stopped to look down at his arms and saw the lines of his veins. He had pale skin and the little green lines that flowed up and down his forearm made me feel so very comforted for some reason.

I had lied there tracing them slowly and I remember hearing him give a little grunt in his sleep as it tickled. He didn't like to be tickled. It had been a nice memory and it made me feel warm inside to think of that night.

I turned off the shower spray and stepped out of the shower. I dried off quickly and moved into the living room area where I had left my bag. I stopped though and went into the kitchen so that I could warm up some Hamburger Helper, if only because I had practically promised Julius that I would eat something proper for dinner.

I then stepped back into the living room and after pulling out my notebook, I began to right about Julius's arms. About the way the veins flowed like branches on a tree, about how the muscles in his arms felt strong and reminded me of protection, about how his embrace felt powerful and safe.

I then remembered how destructive those same arms could be. How they could make me feel powerless, how they could hurt and betray. How they could snap me in two and I touched my shoulder where I knew a bruise still rested painfully on my skin.

I filled two pages easily and made an "A."