Consequential Love Ch. 2

It was late and hot and the music from the radio across the room gently strummed in my head. It was soothing, quiet, and I was tired. I could feel a strong, hard body beneath mine, an arm wrapped lazily about my waist.

Why had I woken up? I didn't know. The clock glared a red, angry "3:31" at me as if to admonish me for being up past my bed time. I looked up and stared at the peaceful Julius sleeping on his back, his head resting on his bent arm. I sighed and wished that I could do as he did, falling asleep so very easily, but somehow even the energetic and tiring sex we had had somewhere closer to midnight or one hadn't been enough to force me into a deep sleep.

I moved a bit, running a hand through my hair and slowly I realized I felt dirty, in the literal sense. Julius' cum was still clinging to my legs, sweat covered my body, and my hair felt greasy. I decided that there was no point in letting myself lie in filth, bored and staring about the room and so I slipped from Julius weak grasp and headed down the hall to his bathroom, glad that Julius was a fairly deep sleeper.

Julius had an apartment of his own, much like I did, but unlike me he had stayed in his mother's large estate until it had come time for his senior year. His mother had little care whether he stayed or went, Julius having conned her into believing he was a responsible, mature young adult. Little did she know that he was a smoker, a fair drinker, and was having gay sex any night that it was possible to get some, though whether she would actually care or not was to be seen.

Course that isn't to say that Julius wasn't responsible or mature, in fact he was quite a bit of both. He took care of his bills, kept his place clean at least for the most part, and was quite capable of doing his own laundry and cooking for himself. Not that he liked to, if he could, he would have a maid here cleaning up after him, but Julius also had a serious thing for privacy and, while he wouldn't be embarrassed in the least by it, he knew that I would be very upset if someone walked in on us during sex.

I stepped into Julius' rather luxurious bathroom, but wasn't the least bit impressed by it. Not only had I seen it many times before, I had been around such splendor ever since my uncle took me in. My feet went across the cold red and white checkered tiles, the bathroom done in various shades of red and white with black marble countertops and I shivered lightly.

Julius had quite the eye for interior decorating. Not necessarily in the way that a woman would, after all he couldn't make a floral arrangement to save his life, but he knew colors and ways to make a statement. I picked up one his big black towels with a golden "J.S." embroidered into it (see my point?) and went to the glass shower and turned the water on.

I listened to the gently humming of the water as it landed on the bottom of the shower, slowly drifting to and down the drain. Steam rose and the hot spray fell on my back in a pleasant rush of pressure that relieved some of the ache from earlier night.

I remembered my first time with Julius. I had only been fourteen and I realize now that it had been stupid to lose my virginity so early. I think even Julius regretted it to a point, knew now that there had been no need to be so impatient. It had been enjoyable, I came, but we didn't really have actual sex very often, preferring to just play over actual intercourse. Maybe we were just too young to really feel it properly, but it didn't matter now. Our sex life was healthy and happy and didn't seem as stupid any more, it had meaning now.

"Just going to hog the shower all to yourself huh?" said a voice that made me jump. Julius was yawning in the door way, slowly walking over with no hurry in his step. He got into the shower and wrapped his arms around me. "I was worried you might have left," he said, kissing my neck.

"You know I wouldn't do that, besides why would I want to leave you just to go back to an empty house?"

"No idea. Couldn't sleep?"


"You have an appointment with your shrink tomorrow."

"Yeah, I know. I was just going to wash up and come back to bed when I was clean," I said as I reached out to get some soap and start cleaning skin. As I washed my arms, Julius grabbed the bottle of soap and began to rub it against my back, massaging gently.

"Well then I'll help you and then we can switch the sheets and go back to bed, alright?"

I nodded my reply and we washed up. Clean, dry, and both dressed in boxers we went back to Julius' room. Changing the sheets didn't take long with the both of us and before bed I went into the kitchen for a drink of water.

At the sink I grabbed a glass from the cabinet up above and I filled it with water. I lifted the glass to get a drink but, in the dark I hardly noticed the edge of the glass still being under the faucet. It caught and slipped, falling into the sink and breaking into several pieces and the water simply seemed to explode into the air. Julius heard and came running.

"What the hell?!" he shouted as he glared at me. "Edgar! What the fuck did you do?"

I glared at the man. "It was an accident! It's not like I did it on fucking purpose!" I shouted and quickly regretted as Julius' hand went up into the air to back slap me.

I cringed and waited, but it never came. He was still glaring, hand still in the air, but he sighed. He reached out and took my hands in his.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry baby. I just…you're alright aren't you?" He asked reaching out and turning on the light to take a look at my hands. Seeing no blood or cuts, he turned to the sink to clean up the pieces of glass, they having, luckily, broken large and not very sharp or pointed.

"I'm…fine," I said, taking a step back and staring at my feet as I let Julius clean, deciding not to get in his way.

I didn't know why I didn't angry with him. Why didn't I scream or shout? I didn't care about kicking ass or speaking my mind or even running to save my scrawny ass, but for some reason I didn't ever do anything of those things with Julius. I figured part of it was because I loved him, but I knew there had to be something more.

Julius finished and walked over to me, handing me a fresh glass of water. He wrapped his arms about my waist and kissed my cheek.

"It's alright baby. It was an accident, like you said, I'm sorry," he nuzzled my cheek. "We need to get back to bed."

I nodded and kissed him in return, giving a weak smile, which he returned, before he led me back to the bedroom. We cuddled up together after I had finished off some of my water and I lay down, staring at the clock. "4:25."